The third “Social Organizations in Shenzhen” list released 35 “5A” level

The third “Social Organizations in Shenzhen” list released 35 “5A” level

Source: Shenzhen News Network release date: 2019-01-09 09:41 Pingshan News network


Shenzhen news network on January 8, 2019 – (reporterthird怎么读 Yu Lijie didn’深圳地铁线路图t haverelease的用法 the correspondent Ma Xian) late Janorganization是什么意思英语uary 8, the third “shenzhen societ深圳地铁线路图y’level翻译s annual festirelease等于什么词组val” was held in shenzhen poly theater, grand ceremony for the list of the third social organization and to make and ceremony, among them, 35 city奥迪-lorganization是什么意思英语evel social organization nrelease的用法amed “5 a” class.

The activilisten1手机版下载ty was hosted by Slevel是什么意思henzhen Federlevel翻译ation of Social Organizations, mreleased翻译unicipal Standilevelng Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Lin深圳 Jie, deputy director of the Municipal Peoplereleased翻译‘s Congress Liu En, vice chairman of the Municipal CPPCC Wang Pu, ththird怎么读ethird什么意思 city’s old leaders Li Tongshu, Daytime, Zhou Changhu, Xu Yang attended the activsocial什么意思ity.

The ceremonthird什么意思y focused on reviewing the ach爱情和战争ievements of the association in political and social communication, official functions, capacity building of social organizations, intern奥特曼al governance and Party building in 2018, as well as the highlights of the brand activities such as corporate culture micro-filmorganizations是什么意思 competition, cloud list recommesocialize翻译ndation activit安卓手机如何打开.bin文件y, “Four W深圳疫情最新动态alks in”, and famolevel2us teachers’ lecture hall. At the ceremony, the paorganizationsrticipating leaders presented awards to the “2018 Innovation Cases” listed in the third “Shenzhen Social Organization List”, and a深圳疫情最新动态wardleveled badges to thelevel怎么读英语 35 soc爱情和战争ial organizations that were rated “5A” in the municipal s安居客ocial organization rating assessment in 2018. The ceremony alsrelease的形容词o announced the city’s social organizations annual influence深圳 eventsocial clubs.

As of Decemrelease的名词ber 31, 2018, shenzhen had 13,180 social organizations, 6,783 private non-enterprises, 6,042 social organizations, and 355 foundations. Party building is one of the key points and highlights in the field of s安全教育平台ocial organization in recesocializingnt years. The ceremony also for the “Shenzhen Social or深圳大学ganization Party School” school members issued a letter of appointment. The Party School of Social organizations of Shenzhen City w深圳疫情as founded and promoted by the Party Working Committee of the two new organizations and the Municipal Party Committee of social organizations in order to strengthen the education and training of party members in social organizations of shenzhen City and further improve the quality of party construction of social organizations, marking that the party construclevel翻译tion of social organizations of Shenzhen City is about to enter a new stagelist啥意思.levels

Wilevelth award and opening links, good music, singing a new era – the annthird什么意思ual gala opened poetry concert, reporters learned that this is by the ovreleased是什么意思中文eralsocializel planning, performing arts association of s安全教育平台henzhen, shenzhen people’s culture and so on a large number of social organ安全教育平台izations wrote, dlist背单词irected, since trelease的名词he original special evening party, athird的基数词ll crew are from深圳市最新疫情 all kinds of social organizatioorganization是什么意思英语ns at all levels, Fully demonstrated the elegant demeanour of the social organization of our city.



Thirty-five were named to the “5A” list

Shenzhen Individrelease的用法ual (Private) Laborers Association

Shenzhen Polymer Industry Association

Shenzhen Gold jewelry Industry Association

Shenzhen Enterprise Evalualevel怎么读英语tion Associalevelledtion

Shenzhen Software安徽疫情 Industry Association

Shenzhen Institute of Foreign Economic andlist Trade Statistlist啥意思ics

Shenzhen Lions Club

Shenzhen Society osocial什么意思f Mass Culture

Shenzhen Staff Education and Vocational Trainin深圳疫情g Association

Shenzhen craft and G安卓手机如何打开.dwg文件ift industry Association

Shenzhen Maoming Chamber of Commerce

Shenzhen Charity public welfare network

Shenzhen Charity Association

Shenzhen Geriatric Photography Society

Shenzhen Associationsocial怎么读 of Social Workers

Shenzhen Wenzlisthou Chamber of Commerce

Shenzhen East west Social Wolevelrk Service

Shenzhen Shengyang Shengsocial Worklevelled Service

Shenzhen Xiekang Rehabilitation Ser深圳疫情最新消息vice Center for the Disabled

Shenzhen Dingcheng Technical and Economic Evaluation Centthird怎么读英语er

Shenzhen Renda Love Nursing Homlevel2使用技巧e

Shenzhen Riyue Social Work Service

Shenzhe深圳风险等级n Warm Social Work Servi安卓手机如何打开.dwg文件ce Center

Shenzhen Ciwei Public Welfare Development Center

Shenzhen Chaoshan Chamber of Commerce

Shenzhen Enpai Non-profit Organization Development Center

Shenzhen Sign Industry Association

Shenzhen New Material Industry Associa深圳天气tion

Shenzhen Jiangxi Chamber of Com深圳地铁线路图merce

Shenzhen Health anlevelsd Family Planning Information Association

Shenzhen Women E安全教育平台ntrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce

Shethird是什么意思英语nzhen Watchman Fthirdamily Care Association for Persons with Mental Disabilities

Shenzhen Taothird怎么读英语huayuan Ecological Protection Foundation

Shenzhen Pre-school Education Asso深圳风险等级ciation

Shenzhen Smarlevel怎么读t Seorganization是什么意思curity Chamber of Commerlevel2ce

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