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Badges are symbols worn on the body to indicate personal identity and position. They have a long history and have been carried by clans and legions since ancient times. A badge is a noun that refers to a badge or emblem of honor bestowed on a person of merit.

Badge customization

1. Precious metalsBadge customization, generally refers to the precious metal badge stamped by the coin making process mold, which is made by the combination of advanced current coin making process and badge making process. The materials mainly include 999 platinum, 999 pure gold and 999 pure silver. Exquisite precious metal badge customization is widely by the party’s official organs, enterprise groups, institutions, administrative associations love.

2, general stamping processing badge customization, refers to the metal badge by metal element mould stamping processing, can take a combination of a variety of processing processes, such as enhanced material electric gold plating, silver plating, copper plating, copper plating, paint, laser, color printing, metal glue, etc.

3. Spray paint badge customization, the texture is very clear, the three-dimensional texture is strong, the tone is bright, has a very strong metal texture, a good touch, can also be coated with a layer of transparent protective resin (Polly) on the surface, commonly known as “ Drop glue; After dropping glue, the surface of the signature stamp will have a reflection to make its surface brighter, but the spray paint signature stamp loses the original three-dimensional sense, but it has a good protective effect on the signature stamp.

4. Enamel signature seal, high-grade signature seal manufactured by the processing method of enamel coloring. The key is to use red copper as raw material, with enamel powder similar to bean paste, through the high temperature of 850 degrees above the burning surface.

5, color printing badge customization, divided into network color printing and plate color printing. Generally, we are used to calling the glue signature seal. The production process is to cover the surface of the signature seal with a layer of transparent resin (Polly). The key raw materials are stainless steel plate, copper, iron and alloy.

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