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Imitation enamel:Imitation enamel, also called soft enamel or fake enamel, is a color material that closely resembles enamel in appearance. The texture and color are similar to enamel, but not enamel, the surface luster is delicate, the color is more bright than enamel. Imitation enamel uses resin pigments, colors are much richer than enamel, the surface can also be gold plated, nickel plated and other metal colors. Commonly used in the production of military, state official organs and special commemorative badges, MEDALS, commemorative coins, MEDALS and so on.

Enamel process:Drawing & mapping; — Print printing. — Bite template — — Die cutting — — Cutting die — — Pressure punching — — Welding fittings — — Color in. — Medium temperature baking — — Millstone — — Polishing — — Electroplating — — Quality inspection — — packaging

Enamel advantages:High-end color entry process, showing metallic luster, like jewelry texture and color; Natural pigment, environmental protection, safety and non-toxic; The color is stable and can be preserved for a long time. The color can be preserved for 100 years without changing color. The color is fixed and there is no chromatic aberration.

Points to note:1. Enamel has to go through 850 degrees of high temperature firing, so it is not suitable to use alloy substrate materials, suitable for copper substrate materials; 2. Enamel color is very fixed, there is no color difference, because there are only dozens of conventional colors, please consult IMK gifts for details; 3. Although the surface of enamel is stable and hard, after high temperature firing, the surface of enamel will be bent, and there will be a risk of breakage after collision; 4 compared to the color of baking paint will be dim, and there are pitting points on the back of the metal, this is because after high temperature baking, due to the formation of impurities in the red copper.

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