Forward | shenzhen: a solid season epidemic prevention and control work

On October 23, the Standing Committee of shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPC and the Meeting of Shenzhen COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group (Headquarters) was held to convey the spirit of the commendation Conference on the fight against COVID-19 in Shenzhen, listwork翻译en to tsolidworks教程he report osolidworksn the epidemic prevention and control work in Shenzhen, and discuss and plan the next step. Wang Weizhong, Secretary of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee and leader of the COVID-19 Prevenseasons歌曲tion and control Leading Group, prescontrol键是哪一个ided over the meeting.

General secretary of thsolidworks教程e meetinforward怎么读g stressed that to seriouslyseason怎么读 implement the jinping attended and inspection of the shenzhen special economic zon深圳地铁线路图e set up 40 anniverseasonsary of guangdong, shenzhen’s important speech, important indicshenzhenator spirit, fuepidemic品牌rther improve the politi深圳风险等级cal stance and deep understanding of shenzhen across the country, guangdong anepidemic是什么意思中文翻译 important position and role in the prevention and control of epidemic深圳地铁线路图 prevention and control thforward英语怎么说is alert, We must resolutely overcome paralysis, war-wearinepidemic怎么读音ess, fluke mentality and slackening our efforts. Wwork的过去式e must work tirelcontrolsessly to consolidate the hard-won achievements in epidemic prevention and control by strengthening the network of preventing imported cases and rebounding cassolidworks是什么软件es at home.

To v深圳疫情igorously carry fosolidworks怎么卸载干净rward the grepidemic翻译eat spirit of resistance to disease, in-depth publicity around the disease resistance of typical advanced deeds, care fosolidworks和cad区别r the aprevention翻译dvanced ind深圳ividual of resistance to disease and advanced collective, the great spirit of disease resistance into strong driving force to promote wforward什么意思中文翻译ork, fully motivate tcontrol游戏he whole city clerkstaseasons英语怎么读rts, oveworkoutrcome the difficult fight, the historical mission of shenzhen special economic zone explorations for this new era condense power.

Matter at outside input risk does not relax, strictly implsolidworks和cad区别ement the closed loop management measures, strengthen the regulation of cold chain link, give play to the role of froz深圳en products imported concentrated superviepidemic是什么意思sed wareforward翻译house, frozen products imported all implementation of sampling observation of nucleic acid detection, outer pasolidworks是什么软件ckiepidemicsng all full sanitizers, flow to the full trace “three full” regulatory measeason复数sures, strengthen the farmsolidworks2020安装教程er’s market, cforward什么意思中文翻译old stor深证指数age, catering service units such as routine moniforward什么意思toring in keworkplacey sites, We will crack dforward怎么读own on people smuggling and build a solid defense line against foreign imports.

It is necessary to continuously optimize the safety management services ofepidemics centralized isolation sites and home isolawork是什么意思tion, tighten the responsibility of compaction, and constforward怎么读antly improve the scientifisolid是什么意思c and standardized management of isolation sites in the city.

We will continue to carry out dynamic analysis and precise responseprevention是什么意思s, strengthen security management at深圳 Shenzhen and Hong Kong ports, strecontrol键是哪一个ngthen heasolidworks和cad区别lth managemseasonent services for peoforward英语怎么说ple entering Hong Kong, and opticontrolmize and impcontrol歌曲rove shenzhen-Hong Kong joint prevention and control in light of thprevention翻译e changing situat深圳地铁线路图ion.

To ShenZhongRuShi normalized and epidemic prevention asolidnd control in the fall and winter of each work, adhwork的过去式ere to the psolidworks新手入门制图revention深圳天气 and control loopholes to sepidemic和pandemic的区别creening, prevention and control keycontrol的过去式和过去分词 reinforcement, preventionforward什么意思 and control measures to grasp the real again, continue to play a fevecontrol什么意思r clinics, community深圳大学 health center, clinic, pharmacyseason复数 and so on “the sentinel” mworkdayonitoring function, strengthen key place key personnel screening normalized monitoring, strengthen the special place and key personnel protection, a solid sense of the courtyard, We will actively carry out emergency training and drilcontrol游戏ls, co深圳天气ntinue the patriotic publicprevention翻译 health campaign for the new era, and make evsolidworks新手入门制图ery effort to ensure the safety and hesolidworks和cad区别alth of the people.

Shenzhen: We will take solid steps to prevent and control the ep深圳大学idemic in awork的过去式utumn and winter

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