Pengqin Co-education lion Friends sharing — The lion affairs exchange forum between Shenzhen Lions Club and Shaanxi Representative Office was held smoothly

On March 22, 2021, The Lions Club of Shenzhen and the Shaanxi Representative Office of the Lions Association of China gathered in xi ‘an, the ancient city of Xi ‘an, to hold a lion afflion复数airs exchange forum, share service experience and talk abouteducation可数吗 lion love and friendship.硼氢化钾 Lu Zhiqiang, President of Shenzhen彭清 Lions Club for 2020-2021; De从封神开始的诸天之旅ng Yi, General Manager; Zhfriendshipang Zheqinsharing怎么读的, Wei Xinxin, Li Li, Zhao Hui, Gao Ling, Zhou Zhihfriends用英语怎么说ui, Regionfriendship的英语作文al chairmen; Li Xiaofeng, Yu Hexchange短语ui, regionaffair是什么意思al chairmen; Supervisors iwslt good, foreign exchange and cooperation committee chairman Ye Ning, branch group before Eva static, dahuang seexchange造句rvice captain Du Jie, happiness GFS captain Lin Xiaoyi, central service captain Xie Yan, bagua lingexchange翻译 service captain zhang wei, the relevant service captain Yao Li, child service caforum鞋款式叫什么ptain BaoRenJie, fairy l从炸掉魂环开始的斗罗ake GFS captain Lifriends是什么意思 Zhou, ch硼氢化反应eckpoexchange账户密码不正确int service captain guang-yu fan, such as 36 people, Sun Ye, director of Shaaffairs是什么意思anxi Representative Office, Qiang Gang, first deputy director, Geng Xiaodong, second deputy director and oth52sharinger leaders of lion Friends, more than 60 peopeducationalle attended thefriends翻译 symposium. The meeting was presided over by Qin Kang, chairman of SHAforum84ANXI Representative Office GLT.

A group photo. JPG

Lu Zhiqiang, President of ccPIT Xiamen, and Sun Ye,彭青 director of ccpitlions Xiamen raeducationng the bfriends美剧eleducation可数吗l together to anexchange服务器怎么填nounce the official start of从炸掉魂环开始的斗罗 the exchange meeting. Chairman Qlionelin Kang and Chairman Wei Xinxin respectively inaffair是什么意思troduced shaanxi lion friends and Shsharing怎么读的enzhen lion friends wforums是什么意思ho attended the symposium.

Lu Sun rings the bell

JPG this paper.

Mr. Qiang Gang, the first depuforum84ty director ofsharing怎么读的 Shaanxi R从离婚开始的文娱epresentative Office, delivered a彭青华 welcome speech, expressing warm welcome a硼氢化钠分子量nd deep gratitude to shenzhen Lion Friends who have been workin彭庆国g in the depths of The Qinling Mountains f彭青or two consecutive days. Shenzhen Lions Club is a good teacher and helpful friend of shaanxi Reprlionelesentative office on the road of public we硼氢化钠lfare. Pengqin this timlionkke becafriends怎么读英语单词use从离婚开始的文娱 of service and together, it islions英语怎么读 rare. He hopepengqind tsharing翻译hat through the lion bus从炸掉魂环开始的斗罗iness forum, in-depth exchanges, learn frosharing英语作文m the old district successful management experience, share mature service projaffairs怎么读ects, vigorously promote the development of pengqin and lion business.

Strong just. JPG

Deng Yi, Director general of Lions Club shenzhen, delivered a speech. The friendship between Shaanxi Representative Office and Lions Clionkklub Shenzhenfriends是什么意思 goes back to ancient times, and thefriends翻译y have both made great achievements in the field of public welfare and charity. Through this joint “Lion love clean dust从封神开始的诸天之旅 sunshine educatioeducational翻译n” activity, for the two districts to carry out lion affairs exchanges opened a new chapt从离婚开始的文娱er, has great significance. I hope that threxchange账户密码不正确ough this forum, lion clubs from both sides will have in-depth exchanges, discuss and learn from each other’s excellent li从亮剑开始崛起on service experience, and promote the healthy development of lion clubs fro从炸掉魂环开始的斗罗m both sides.

Deng Yi JPG.

Zhao Hui, chairman of the fouforum怎么读rth zone of Shenzhen Lions Club, shared his experience dulionelring the sharinaffairsg session. He said that the district chairman is one of the important nodes in the implementation of the district councibdsharingl’s one-year work guidelines andsharing英语作文 plans. Through vivid cases, he explaineforumsd how a dforum怎么读istrict chairman’s efforts, dedieducation是什么意思cation, responsibility and accompany thlions英语怎么读e actual action; With the rich lion service experience, the sectlionsion chairman as liaison, server, supportlion复数er, praise, guidance of various roles. Everyeducational是什么意思 shaanxi lion friend preexchange短语sent lforums是什么意思istened carefully and took notes in detail.

Kevinbales JPG.

Xin Zhangfeng, chairman of the first disexchange翻译trict of Shaanxi Representative Office, and Zhang Tong, chairman of the third district, respectivelyaffair是什么意思英语 introduced the general situation of the distriforums翻译ct, the service team and bra从木叶开始逃亡nd service projects, and consulted shenzhen Lions cexchangedlub about the operation of the district and the follow-up construction of weak teams.

XinZhangFeng (2). JPG

Zhang tong. JPG

Lin Xiaoyieducation怎么读英语, leader of the Hfriends怎么读英语单词appy Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club硼氢化反应, introduced the excellebdsharingnt service彭青 projectexchange邮箱 “Lion Sharing” born due to the epidemic. Sweet Lake service team leader Fan Guangyu used humorous laneducation可数吗guage to show a service team established 18 years olion是什么意思f operation experience and brand service projects; Xie Yan, cap硼氢化钠分子量tain of the central service team, shared the “Lion Love Courier Station” service project. Wang Xin, chairman of the sixth district of Shaanxi Representative Office, shared the service projeexchange邮箱ct of “Lion Love clean dust and Sunshine for Education” of Minglion的中文意思de Service Teforum和conference的区别am, aexchange账户密码不正确nd expressed his heartfelt thanks to shenzhen Lion Friends who participated in the 18th joint service of the project. Thfriends美剧eyeducation not only donated money for education, but also brought new ideas and experience worth learninlionsg. Liu Yanrong, leader of transcendence Service Team, shared the g硼氢化钠eneral situation of service team and brand service projects such as “Lion Forest”education and “Sunshine Tour Lion Love Lecture Hall”; Zhang Jin, leader of the Great Love Hope Service Team, shared the team overview, “Light up the Blue Light”, “Childlionelren’s Market” service project and shaanxi Rep彭清玥resforums是什么意思entative Office brandfriends怎么读英语单词 service project “Lion into the community warm with the Spring Festival” activity through taffair是什么意思英语he video. In the in-depth communicatioforums是什么意思n of lion affalions英语怎么读irs, GMT of Pengqin and Pengqin discussed how to better carry out membership renewal work and how to foforum鞋款式叫什么rmulate and revise rules and regulati硼氢化钠上市公司ons in the construction of the orgaforums是什么意思nization. GST discussed how toforums翻译 inspire the service team to carry out district service activit彭清ies and how to package service从亮剑开始崛起 projects, expand publicity and imfriendship可数还是不可数名词prove influence. GLT has an in-depth discussion on how to make llionkkecturers grow up quickly. Rong Jing, former head of shenzhen Lions Club teacher group, Zhang Zheqin, chairman of Zone 1 and Li Li, chairman of Zone 3 shared with Ssharing是什么意思haanxi Lions freducation是什么意思英语iends.

Lin Fan xie Yan. JPG

Wang Xin liu Zhang.jpg

Rong Jing zhang Lili. JPG

Lu Zhiqiang, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, concluded that this trip to Shaanxi was the first visit and exchange activity of this year, and it was also the first time for many Shenzhen lion friends to set foot on sanqin land, and the first trip for pengqin lion business exchange in 11 years. From the warm and thoughtful reception of Shaanxisharing是什么意思 lion friends, I felt a deep sfriends用英语怎么说ense of liforum和conference的区别on love. The lion business exchange also opened a new chapter of continuous communication between the two pl从姑获鸟开始aces. I hope we can enhance communication and learn from each other in the future, and constantly burst out more wonderful sparks.

Roh made a speech

Director Sun Ye delivered a speech, thanking shenzhen Lions Club for its support and help tsharing是什么意思o Shaanxi Representativefriends用英语怎么说 Offifriendsce, and bringing rich lion service experience to shaanxi Representative Office. At the same time, she looked forward to tforum和conference的区别he opport硼氢化反应unity to lead shaanxi Representative Office t彭清o visit Shenzhen Lioneducation是什么意思s Club in the future to deepen the learning and communication between the two sides and enhance the friendship of lion friends.

Sun Ye speaks. JPG

After the meeting, Director Sun Ye and Chairman Lu Zh从木叶开始逃亡iqiang gave each other lion glion翻译ifts and arranged an exchange activity. I wish the friendship beforum读音tween Pengqin and Pengqin lions clubs will last foexchange服务器怎么填rever, and there will be more e从姑获鸟开始xchanges and cooperation in servicefriends是什么意思 activities and lion service construction, so as to make greater contributions to the public welfare and cheducational翻译arity work together.

Shaanxi Representative Office

[Photo] Ye Ning

[Editor] Ma Huijuan and Hu Lei

Ke Wuyue

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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