Stay true to our original aspiration — Follow the development path of a new type of social organization with Domestic characteristics

On September 19, 2019, in accordance with the spirit of “Staying true to the original aspiration and firmly following the development path of a New Type of Social organization with Donew balancemestic characteristics”, Lidevelopment是什么意思ons C欧若拉lub shenzhen held a seminar on “New Type of Social Organization wtrue是什么意思中文翻译ith Dtrue是0还是1omestic Characteristics” in its office. Guo Keli, party brnewsanch secretary of Domestic Lion Association, explained the course of “New Social orgaournization wipathwayth Domesstay怎么读tic characteristics — Domestic Lion Association”, and the lion friends attendfollowsed the meeting discussed the contenoriginallyt of the relevant meeting.

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Mr. Weng Hua, president of Lions Club of Shenzhen, expressed his gratitude to Mr.followed Guo Keli for attending the lecture and hoped thattrue all of you would actively participate in the discussion and have a destay upeper understanding of “new social organizations with Domestic characteristics” through thipathogens meeting.

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Xiao Xifollowing的意思ngping, chairman of the education and Traiourselvesning Committee of the Lipatheticons Club in China and former president of The Lioourplayns Club in Shenzhen, said that the development of the Liour怎么读ons club in China has its distinctive domestic characteristicaspiration和ambition的区别s, and only by better clarifying responsibilities and goals can the sustainable development of the Lstay的过去式ions Club in Shenzhen be promoted. She hoped that through this seminar, everyone could understand the true meaning of “staying true to the onewspaperriginal aspiration aourselvesnfollow翻译d building a new type of socistaycational organization with Domestic characteristics”, and lay a solid foundation for the next step of lion work.

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Secretary Guo Keli explained the course of “New Social Organnew的反义词ization with Domestic Chstaycationaracteristics — Domestic Lion Associatoriginal软件ion”. He made an in-depth analysis of the lions Club’s distinctive fepath什么意思atures in terms of fund raising, service activities, service activities management, election system and cultural inheritance. Henewly called on everyone to stand at the starting point of the new era, firmly grasp the right direction of the development of social organizations, and never forget to repath什么意思crudevelopment的用法和搭配it new people in inheritance and innovation. , he said, the development of domestic lion federation is at a crucial moment,newly in this “inheriting and continuinew的反义词ty,” the history of theaspiration的用法 intersection, the lion friends to firmloriginal什么意思y grasp the historical transition, with new spirit, new attitude, new deoriginal翻译velopment concept, in the new journey, more brilliant historical picture scroll, compose a brilliant luster.

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Fronew怎么读m analyzing the developmentpathetic situation of social organizations at homenew balance and apathon语言broad to exploring how tstayingo build a “new type of social organization with Domestic characteristics”, Secretary Guo Keli’s explanation was simple and brilliant, which made everyone benefit a lot and have a lot of feelings. Later, the lion friends actively participattrue是0还是1ed in the distayingscussnewlyion and asked questions, and Secretary Guo Keli answered tpathogenhe lion friends’ doubts in depth.


Weng Hua, President of CCPIT Xiamen, made a concludevelopment是可数名词吗ding speaspirationech, expressing his appreciation and thanks to Secretary Kwokley for horiginal的名词is profounfollow翻译d and highly expressive speech. He podevelopmentinted out thourplayat “the road to the develotrue是什么意思pment of a new type of social organization wistay upth Domestic characteristics” is a major propodevelopment翻译sition, which rourselvesequires lion friends to understand its basic connotation and requirementstayedathome中文意思s, and usdevelopment怎么读英语e it to guide practice, and constantly expand the road in theoretical research and practical exploration, so that the road wilnew是什么意思英语laspiration和ambition的区别 become wider and wider. He hoped that all of you will remain true to your original aspiration and keep your mission firmly in mind, not be arrogant or impetuous, have the courage to take responsibility, be innovative and never stop,news可数吗 and make new strides in building a “new type of social organization withstay怎么读 Domestic characteristics.”

Domestic lion federation party branch secfollow什么意思retary Guo Ke, educationpathon语言 training, chairman of the committee, shenzhen federatiotrue是0还是1n of domestic lion lion of tiaoriginal和initial的区别n wangtrue翻译 xing, XiaoXingPing, Prefollowing的意思sident of sheaspiration的所有变形nzhen lion, long ShiJianYopathng WengHua and supervisors, the lastourselves President Ma Min, deputy secrdevelopment是什么意思etary-general zhang jian, secretary general Du Hengkun, finance long Peng Daojian, dean of general affair Liao Ronghui, third Cai Min, chairman of the zone, Yi Shumin, li xiaofeng, chairman of the partition, Tan Fei, secretary general of the Board of Supervisors, Wang Daoming, Li Caspiration是什么意思英语hunchang, He Xinru, chairmen of spath什么意思pecialized working institutions, backbone lecturers of the teaching group, captains of service tpathologicaleams and representatives of monew是什么意思re than 50 people attended the meeting. The meeting was cfollowhaired by Wu Zijian.

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[Text] Zhou Wenguang

[Photo] Qiu Peng

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Liooriginal造句ns Club Offifollowsce


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