South China Sea Service team: The inaugural ceremony for the 2018-2019 election was held smoothly

South China Sea Service team: The inaugural ceremony for the 2018-2019 election was held smoothly

On Augustteambition 8, 2018, the inaugural ceremony of shenzhsouthplusen Lionservice和serve的区别s South China Sea Service Team for 2018-2019 was held in Port Binhai Tourism Resort, Huidong Coceremonyunty, Dongguan City. Cao Yingwang, the 2018-2019 chairman of the second district of Shenzhen Lions Club, Li Fengzhou, the captain of the South China Sea Service Team, Ma Feng, the last captain, Liansouth什么意思g Peilin, the first vice caseasonptain, Lei Sichengserviceman, the third vice captain, Cao Husouth africaajun, he Yuanzhen, Zhou Haisong, Qiu Wenliservice的名词n, the former captain, Xie Wenfei, secretary, Peng Huisouthamptonyu, Picket Zhang Wanchun, Captain team members Xu Jun, Chen Zhixiang, Li Yong and osouth翻译ther lion friends and their families a total of 48 people attended the ceremony. In the leadership of the lion frienchina读音ds witness, Ma Feng willservice的名词 captain ribbon and scepter handed over to Li Fengzhou. The ceremony was chaired by Mr Leuinaugural翻译ng Pui-lam and officiated by Mr Chow Wai-wai.

Mr Leung Pui-lam, Chairman, delivered the welcome speech. Mceremony用什么介词a Feng, the former captain, summed up the work of the souservicemanth China Sea Serviseafoodce Team last year and said that he would support the lion work andsouthwest activities of the South China Sea Service team as alwsouthays. Liu Jie makes financial reports.

Then, the last captasouth africain of Ma Feng praised the outstaservice和serve的区别nding lion friends of the prteamsevious yesouthamptonar, and presented the outstanding lion friends award, outstanding lion friends award, special cseatoservice翻译ntributioceremony复数形式n award and other awards, and the lion fchina翻译riends of the scene expressed congratulations.

Captain Li Fengzhou made a speech, thanking tteamworkhe lion friends for their support to the South China Sea Service Teamsouth怎么读, achina翻译nd said that he would lead the new team members to devote themselves to the service of Shenzhen Lions Club with a new look and a new state, staying true to his orsouth翻译iginalservice的名词 aspiration and setting sail.

By Li Yong

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