Shenzhen Lions Club “Red Lion costume? The concluding meeting of the “Handicap Station” phase was held smoothly

Shenzhen Lions Club & LDquo; Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standing throughout the &; The plions是什么意思hase summing-up meeting was held smoothly

            Novemlionber 13, 201lions是什么意思2, Shclubmed官网预订enzhen Liomeeting的音标ns Club & LDQUO; Red lion suit & bull; Assistive stand深圳疫情ing throughout the &; The final sessimeeting是什么意思中文翻译on was held successfully in the Creative Park of HAU. Ten people attended the meeting, including Su Zeran, the director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Lin Ziyu, the second deputy director, Gao Zheng, the chairman of the Community Service Accostume怎么读音tivity Committee, LAN Ling, Wlion的音标ang Jiao,lions翻译 huang Cheredng, the chairman oclub是什么意思f the Education and Poverty Alleviation And Disability Assistance Committee, Feng Yuan, the second vice prredisesident ofmeetingyou是什么意思 Tailions怎么读 ‘an Serclubmanvice Team, Sun Jun, xinxing Service Team, Wang Yue, manshuwan Service Team, etc.
            The meeting was chaired by The Chairman of the Community Service Activities Committee, Mr Gao Zheng. At the meetinglions英语怎么读, the chairman of each committee, the executive chairman andlion是什么意思中文翻译 the lion friends of the servicostumece team reported their recent work situation respectively. Director Su Zeran, the second deputy director Lin Ziyu delivered a speech at the meetin深圳大学g, the second deputy director Lin Ziyu said that under the guidance of the leadership of shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, under the leadership of the distlionkkrict council, the strong support of the two committees, under the efforts of all lion friends, & LDquo; Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standingcostumer throughout the &; The work is goin深圳风险等级g very well. In the future, she hopes that the committee will list those who have not yet signed uclubmed官网预订p to support thelionsgate disabled and urge the service team to sign up as soon as poslionelsible. The disabled statlion怎么读ions that h深圳疫情最新消息ave been signed and listed should continue to follow up and ensure two service activities this year. At tredishe same time, the office is required to produce momeeting腾讯会议nthly & LDquo; Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standihandicap翻译ng throughout the &; Monthly report ocostumef service activities, and sent to the two colion的音标mmittees to facilitate their tredmiimely follow-up and supervisionredmi of work. Director Su Ziran expressed his appreciation for the partihandicapscipcostume翻译ation of lion Friends.meeting Red lioreducen suit & bull; Assistive standing throughout the &; Is one of thcostume怎么读音e five key projects of this year, the work in the early stage has achieved remarkable results, the work in the laterlion是什么意思 stage is also very important, I hlions怎么读ope all lion friends actively coophandicap是什么意思erate, will “ Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standing throughout the &; Pass it on. December 3 is the Internationcostume partyal Day of Persoconcludingns with Disabilities. It is hoped that the service teams who have been paired will actively clions英语怎么读arry out service activities.
      &nbsmeetingp;     At the meeting, the chairman, execuredundanttivehandicap翻译 chairman and lion friends have saiclubmedd that they will follow &LDquo; Red lion suit & bull; Assistive stconcluding翻译andingred throughout the &; Work objectiveclub是什么酒s and standards formeeting的音标 this year, timely completion of this year’s work.

Photo by Zhang Lichen


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