Lions Club of Shenzhen sends “light” to Guangdong

The Lions Club of Shenzhen in Guangdong province & LDquo; Light & throughout;
150 & other; The lion flion是什么意思中文翻译riends & throughout; 300 cataract operations were performed in Meizhou aguangdongnd Haifeng

Shenzhen Business Daily reporter Hu Boyang intern Hu Baiqing

            A red shirt, is their most eye-catching symbol, is also their.light是什么意思 Helping others and servclub翻译ing the society; The purplightroom手机版ose of the embodimenlightroom手机版t, they are “ We serve. For the spirit of the Shenzhen Lions Club. Recenlions英语怎么读tly they wen深圳地铁线路图t to the east of Guangdong to send cataract patients. Liglight是什么意思ht & throughout; .

            Lion brother lion sister ten years enthusiastic public welfare

&深圳地铁线路图nbsp;       &nlightningbsp;   Founded in 2002, shenzhen Lions Clsend什么意思中文ub is a public welfare and charitable servclubman是什么牌子车ice organization that drlightningaws on the operation and management model of Lions Club International. It has gone tlions读音hrough ten years, with more than 2,000 members and more than 90 service teams, it is an important force that cannot be ilions的音标gnored in the field of public welfare and charity.
            In the Shenzhen Lions Club, membeclubmed官网预订rs of the club aresends怎么读 known as “ The lion brothers & throughsendsofdestructionout; , & other The lion sister & throughout; We are friends, friends and comrade-in-arms, which also reflects the values of Shelighternzhen Lions Club of unity and civilization, love and tolerance, sharing and inheritance, alight翻译nd standardilightroomzed growth.
    &nbssend是什么意思英语p;     &nb广东工业大学sp; Over the years, Shenzhen L广东ions Club has carried oulightt a series of social welfare and charitable service activities in medical treatment, disaster relie深圳疫情最新动态f, disaster relief, assistance for the disabled, students, orphans, youth educlubman是什么牌子车cation, poverty alleviation, e广东海洋大学nvironmental protection, community servi广东海洋大学ces and other fields for more than 6,000 times, leaving its footprint not only in the streets of Shenzhen, but also across China.

            “ Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standing throughout the &; Service Occupational Health Centre

          &nbsclub是什么酒p; It is understood that “ Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standing throughout the &; Established by Shenzhen Lions Club for the purpose of serving the community, the service team provides one-to-one designated services with the Community rehabilitation Center of the Disabled Persons’ Federation of Shenzhen. There will be at least two themed activities every year, iguangdongncluding holiday visits,lions是什么意思 travelions读音l organization, rehabilitation training, etc. Tlightning接口hrough multi-dimensional coopclub是什么酒eration, not only insends翻译 the material aspectlion是什么意思, but also from tlions翻译he psychological counseling, industrial therapy, rehabi深圳疫情litsends翻译ation training and other aspects to provide various kinds of help.
&sendsbsth翻译nbsp; &广东外语外贸大学nbsp;         A staff member of shenzhen Lions Club office told reporters thatlion是什么意思中文翻译 shenzhen Lions Club has reached a cooperation agreement with 57 Zehealth centers in Shenzhen, and it has also been on tclubmed官网预订he agesend什么意思nda, iclub用英语怎么说ncluding广东海洋大学 42 red Lion & Bull; A handicap stalions翻译tion has been set up.
  &nblightsp;         On the eve of this year’s International Disability Day, 18 red Li深圳疫情最新消息on outfits will be held in cities around the city. In the station, many lion friends from differ深圳风险等级ent service teams carried out a variety of service activities. According to statistics, the total service funds广东疫情 ofclubs the day exceeded 350,000 yuan, whlight是什么意思ich was raise广东地图d by the lion friends themselves. They provided a great gift for the disabled at their own expense.

            “ Attended & throughout; Shine on guangdong

            &llightning接口dquo; When I see a lion friends carefully to the patient coated with anti-inflammatory medicine water, holding c深圳大学ataract pati广东外语外贸大学ents into the operating room; When I saw the white gauze on the patient’s eyes after surgery, the lion friend who was so happy to see the patient agaisend是什么意思英语n at that moment, my tears could not help but flow out. … ”
            This is a lion frienlions的音标d in “ Attended & throughout; A fragment of his diary.send是及物动词吗 Light wasend是什么意思英语lk is a traditional brand service project of Lions Club, which aims to restore sight to cataract patients in poor and backward areas through surgery. Over the years, Thlight是什么意思e Lions Club of Shenzhen h深圳疫情as organized several medical teams to go to poverty-stricken areas all over China, as far away as Inner Mongolia and广东地图 Xinjiang,club怎么读 providing free cataract surgery to more than 16,000 poverty-stricken cataract patients in hundreds of counties and cities across the country.
            On the morning of Dec深圳天气ember 1st this year, 150 lion friends from 12 service teams, including thelightning接口 Committee for Education and Poverty Alleviation and Tclub是什么酒he Disabled, Donghai, United and Huangga广东工业大学ng, went to Meisendszlions翻译中文hou and Haifeng for a two-day bright trisendsofdestructionp. The company performed 300 free cataract operations in Meizholion是什么意思u and Haifeng respectively, with a total slight是什么意思ervice cost ofsend sb sth 350,000 yuan, wlighthousehich was also funded by lion Friends themselves.

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