Certificate card lanyard custom how long appropriate

All the time. Custom lanyard customers have been struggling with a question: how long should I make my lanyard?


Xiaobhowdoyoudo什么意思ian today is a silanyardhole是什么意思mple explanation:


Gecustomized是什么意思nerally speaking, we cut the mcustomized是什么意思aicustomaryn part of the rope belt according to the requirements, and the size of the cutting varies with the acertificate是什么证书ltitude of people, but gene蓝牙rdarally it is between 80-90cm.


Certificate card lanyard custom how long appropriate news 图1张


Generally speaking, according to the southern head, generally do 80CM circumference on the line.


Northcustomer什么意思中文erners are tall and wear thick clothes, which can be lengthecard智能锁怎么改密码ned to 86CM.


And export to western foreigcustoms怎么读的ners wearing words, 90CM to go.


Therefore, when the general guest asks how long is appropriate, I wilcustom是什么意思l ask who is wearinglanyard loop it and give him corresponding suggestions. Also some cappropriate副词ustomecustomudonrs require the samelanyard pull handle batch of goods, do two lengths, men alanyards什么意思nd women separate. If the quantity is large, this is also a good way to divide.

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