The stamp club held its second regular meeting of the year

From December 3 to 4, 2020, the Lions Club of Shenzhen will organize members to visit heyuan, a historical and cultural city known as “Hyearningakka Ancient City, Greenstamp Heyuaclubmann”, the birthplace of Lingnan culture, for exchange and study.

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Onheldback the afternoon of 3rd, memitsbers of the club arrived at heyuan farmhouse by minibus, came to the countryside, breathed the cool air and tasmeeting是什么意思中文翻译ted the rich heyuan farmhouse dishes.

In the afternoomeetingsn, under the careful arrangement of heyuan liclub是什么酒on friends, the club members came to the teahouse of six feet Lane to hold a regular meeting. Shenzhen lion supsecondlove日剧ervmeetingsisors WuYuQiostamp怎么读ng, collecting stamps, xiao-wstamp音标eimeeting腾讯会议 sun, executive President Fu Wenqiang, lions clubs international fund committee, executive chairman of TongXin, national philatelic cstamps什么意思orporation division li-xin huang guest lecturer, shenzhen associationyear翻译 of stamp cosecond什么意思llectingitsm, luyear怎么读ohu Liang Xiaoqing post office stamp club members, such as office and guangdong lionheldens heyuan wai kiang yeap, zi-junclubman Chen guests including a total of 15 people to attend the meeting.

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The members reviewed the work of the pstamp复数hilatelic club in the first half of the yearclubman是什么牌子车 and listened to tregular是什么意思英语he fisecondscreen下载nancial report of the philatelic clubclub怎么读. President Tong Xin shared his experience of organizing a group of lion friends to visit the Stamp Club of the China Lions Association Beijing Representative Offits翻译ice, and his experience of visiting the 600th Century Exhibition of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Mr. Huang lixin summarized and sorted out all aspects of social politics, economystamps什么意思, people’s livelihyearningood and culture in 2020 with the comprehensive stamps as the carrier, which made everyone find it refreshing and admired Mr. Huang’s professional knowledge of stamps.

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At the meeting, Mr. Ye Wemeeting腾讯会议iqiang and Mr. Chen Zijun from Hyear函数eyuan Represeclub翻译ntameetingyou是什么意思tive office also made enthusiaitselfstic speeches respectively. They appits翻译reciated the standard meeting, friendly meeting style and cultural learning atmosphere of shenzhen Lions Philately Club, and hoped that the two lions would strengregular翻译then the communication and learning.club是什么酒 Fu Wenqiangmeetings and Zhu Mingjuan presented exquisite tea sets madeits是什么意思 in Jingdezhen. Huang Xiaofen, a native of Heyuan, prepared a heyustampedan spmeeting是什么中文意思ecialty for eyear怎么读ach lion friend and guest.

In thheldene evening, heyuan Lion friends organized everyone to eat an unforgettable fish feast, eyearningveryone prsecondaised the delyearcon是什么牌子的icioclub怎么读us river fish.

On thesecondhand morning of the 4th, the club organized members to take a boat trip to the wanlu Lake and feel the beautiful environment of green mountains and clear waterhelds. During this period, the club’s health master, Brother Zhang Guoping, also demonstrameetingyou是什么意思ted his “loosen and shake skill” which he had practiced for many yeyearlyars. Simple and practical movement, long-term pitselfractice is benefisecondhandcial tregularo physical and mental health. In the afternoon, we came to heyuan Dinosaur egg Museum to visitregularly意思中文翻译 the dinosaur egg fosregular是什么意思英语sils hundreds of millions of years ago, to explore the mystery of dinosaurs.

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Good time is always like water, just two days of heyuan trip to bring you is knowledge, & NBSP; It is the culture, the pleasure of scenery, and the friendship between club lions. Looking forward to thclubmede next wonderful gathering, looking forward to the next wonderful sharingstamp!

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【 Texsecond缩写t 】 Sun Xiaowesecond缩写i

Photo courtesy of Stamp Club

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

【 Compositclub用英语怎么说ion 】 Qiu & NBSsecondP;       peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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