Stop at the best and achieve the best — a different Shenzhen Lions club 2021 New Year charity Gala

With the Shenzhen Lions Club2021As the New Year charity gala draws near, lion friends are eager to donateThe popularity of “Huashi Awards” continues, a深圳疫情最新动态nd it is imperative to raise funds for social services in the Nenews可数吗w Year. For lion friends, it has become a “habit”. The lion friends of Sclub翻译henzhnew的反义词en Lions club always keep in mind the purpose of “helping others and serviachieve的形容词ng the society” and do their best to contribute to the public welfare cause ofachieve3000登录官网 Shenzhen Lions Club.

The “Huashi Award” is an epitome of lions club’s conlionstribution to lions Club and the cohesion and cohesiven深圳大学ess of Shenzhen Lions Club. This year, shenzhen Lions Club wilbest怎么读l relions翻译turn 70% of the total amount of donations to the service teams that have pledged more than 5 Lion awards to support the service activities of the team, and all the membdifferent翻译ers of the teamlions是什么意思 will donate1 “Huashi Award” willdifferent怎么读 be awarded to the servistop是什么故障码ce team of “100% Hustopc00021a蓝屏ashi Award”.Enbest是什么意思courage more service teams to become100% Huashi Award service team.

As of press date, three service teams have become theachieve current year100% Huashi award service team, respectively happiness service team, Yitian service team, Mingjia Shanpin service team. Let’s follow the footsteps of the reporters from Shenshi News Agency and walk into these three service teams to understand their original intentiondifferently of sticking to public welclubmed官网预订fare.


Happy s深圳天气ervice team captain Lin Xiaoyi: benefit heart Interestop是什么故障码sting service

It’s been seven years since the happiness Service team was foundedAlong the way, laughter.Movistop什么意思中文翻译ng is always there. happinessService ofLion friends have been quietly working, low-key public welfare深圳疫情最新动态,In addition to carrying out the services of the service tbest怎么读eam, I also actively participate in the brand services of the district Council, such as“Red Action”, etc. servicecontinuousCarrishenzhened out sixYears of“Teaching scholarshipbestow的意思是什么 anbestied Gardener Hand in hand” adifferentiationnd so onserviceAction,alsomadefruitfulOf the public good and societybenefits.

thisThe annual, IPut forwardThe service concept of “beneficial heartnewgrounds, interesting service” unitlions翻译es manyThe sestop什么意思中文翻译rvice, with the official, greenIn cooperation with other social organizatidifferentlyons, juvenile organizations set up moral education programbestdoris for adolescentsThe project of “Run Heart Action Parent-child Sinology Class” has received strong support and positive response from lion friends; At the same time, we have also teamed up with five disabled associations in Shenzhen todifferent怎么读 carry out public welfare projects such as the “Technology Carnival” with disabled teenagers as the core audience group, to empower disabled teenagers to grow up healthily and happbestwishesily, to jointly transmit positive energy and advocate new public welfare trendstop怎么读s.

Behind the h深圳疫情onor of “100% Chinese Lion Award Service Team” is the dedicastop的用法tion and adherence of every lion friend to public wlions的音标elfare. Guo Yongyonstopc00021a蓝屏g, the fstoppedirst vice president of Shenzhen Lions Club and the founding leader of Team Happiness, took the lead in p深圳市最新疫情ledging20 Huashi awards, Executive deputy secretary general of Shenzhen Lions Club, happy service teamFormer team leader CAI Min pledged the donationfiveChina lion prize,Zang Ruilion是什么意思xin pledges2China lion prize… Lionbestseller friends are eager to donate, in a short timecreatedThe 31-member snewspaperervice team made a historic breakthrough by pledging 54 Huashi awards. To borrow the words of the lion friend of the service team, “Every day we do service, everlions的音标y month we do public welfare. Every day we can see our love in the places in need, whistop的过去式ch makes us renew是什么意思altoFeel the need, feel the value of public welfstop的用法are.

I give, I am happy. Everclubman是什么牌子车y happy Service lion, isinTo do public welfarelion是什么意思 with ordinary aspiration,inGiving an深圳疫情最新消息d pursuingIn the transferlove,passTo be happy.. 


Yi Tian service team captain Sun YulinThank you for having you Put your shoulder to the wheel

The Masuda Service Team has been established15years, current membership 37Name, lion friends ten years as a day to adhere to the service. As Masuda’s slogan goes:“Gathering is a mass of fire, scatteachieveourownred is all over the s深证指数ky stars”, we do not change the original intentstop翻译ion, trust each other, work together, march forward, for the development of Yitian service team dedicated their own wisdom and strength.stop的过去式

Yitian service team has a lclubmedarge number of talents. Whether it is the service project advocated by the district Council, or the brand project suachievedch as Ruilin Ophthalmology clinical assistanclion是什么意思中文翻译e, Yitilions翻译an family always adhere to the front-line service and strive todifferent advance. Speaking ofThis isachieveourown the third time that Yitstop的过去式a Service team has won this award. This year, as soon as the donation notice was issued, Brother Xu jianfeng immediately expressed his strong support and took the lead in pledging 2 Huasheng Awards. From the call for donations to the confirmation of all meachievementmbers, in less than two days, 37A lion friend has made a donation43 Huashi Awards.club翻译

The lion friendshenzhens of The Yitian Service team higdifferentiationhly recognize and support the Donation of the Lion award, especially in the past two years, the district council has increased the amount of thedifferentiable return of the donation, so that the lion friends of the donationdifferent翻译 won the honor at the same time, but also raised the service funds for the service team, especiallybestow thanks to the Lion Club of Shenzhen launched the Lion Award annewgroundsd the strong support of the Yitian familyachieveourown. In the future of Lion love to travel, Yitian service team wilstop现在分词l continue to maintain the unique service spirit and watch for love. Lion frienachieve是什么意思ds willion是什么意思l also know the most real desire of themselves and others and practice their own life value in the action of being kind to others and helping others.


Mingjia Good Product Service TeamThe captainZeng LijunGood love is always in the heart New tomorrow

Minglions的音标jia good product service team lion friendsThe interpretation of “four out” is not only reflecnew balanceted in this “100% Lion award”, but also reflected in two “100% lion award”, with thlionse support of the lion friends, The Ming Jia good product service team has been awarded “100% lion awar深圳疫情最新消息d service team” in the past two years, the lion friends with practical action to promote the Ming Jia good product service team to a new stage.

In support of the Shenzhen Lions Club Hua Lion Awards, and considering the total amoustop怎么读nt of donations70% will be directly relion是什么意思turned to the servic深圳e team. All the members of the service team respnewlyondifferent什么意思ded positively and quickly received the dragon, especially the fidifferently是什么意思中文rst vice captstop是什么故障码ain Xie Luhong who took the lead in pledging 5 Huashi awards. 33 members gave full support, pledging a total of 37 Huashi awards, realizing the breakthrough of “100% Huashi Award service team”.

stop的用法Educabestdoritors, develop the cbestowause of humabest怎么读n nature”, in recent years, Mingjia shanpin service team in-depth in Sichuclubman是什么牌子车an, Yunnan, Jiangxi and other places to help students, shiyou personally participate in finews可数吗eld trips, project landi深证指数ng, the cohesion of the service teambest怎么读 is getting better anew balancend betlionsgateter. May the lion f深圳地铁线路图riends of mingjia Good product service team make concerted efforts and keep the heart of good lnewsove forever, and walachieve翻译k more steadily and farther on the road of lion love!


Can say,“Huashi Award” is the pride oclubsf all shenzhnew的反义词en lion friends. For the good lion causebestseller, fodifferent什么意思r the “we serve” ideal, we are eager to donate. Every little makes a micknew balancele. Every little makes a mickle. Thanks to the suppclubmed官网预订ort and dedidifferentiablecation of many lion friends, shenzhen Lions Cl深圳市最新疫情ub is where it is today. Let us continue to uphold the purpose of servibest怎么读ce, give, contribute, attend, personally participate in charity深圳大学 services, selfstop是什么意思啊less dedication o深圳疫情最新动态n the road of adstoppedhering tbestieo the public welnew怎么读fare and love cause, forachieve名词ge ahead, and contribute love and strength to build a betterachieveourown and harachieve名词monious soci深圳疫情最新动态ety.


On December 29th, the 2021 New Year charity gala will be held. The gala will be held for winning the “Hclub用英语怎么说uashi Outstandi深圳疫情最新消息ng Service Team”,“Huashi Outstabestsellernding Service Team Award”, tonewlyp 20 individlions英语怎么读ual pledgestop什么意思中文翻译s and otherachievement是什么意思英语 awards of service teams and individuals to give a grand recognition.

Lion frlionsgateiends, come and pledge to be the Lion of China award“100% Huashi Award Service team”, become “Huashi Outstanding Service team”, become 2021The brightest star atbestie theclubs charity gala!


[Text] Shen Shi News Agency Gao Rui

[Picture] Providedbestow by each service teamnews可数吗

[Edit] Annie Zhao, Sbestdorihenshi News Agency

The office is Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shedifferentiationnzhen Lions Club Office

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