Notice | typical action on 18th shenzhen love love, excellent project

Service teams:

In order to practice socialist core values, promote caring spirit and set up advanced motypicaldels, We now start the selection work of the 18th Shenzhen Care Action, including “Top ten Caring Figures”, “Top Ten Caring Enterprises”, “Annuanotice用法l Promoters”, “Annual Caring Events”,typical的用法和搭配 “Top Ten Creative Projects” and “Top 100 Citizen Satisfaction Projecttypicals”. Shenzhen Lions Club plans to participate in the recommendatitypical造句on work of thenotice用法 18th Shenzhexcellent怎么读en Caring Aactionablection for projects and awards, and hereby informs as follows:love

I. Recommendation categories

(1)深圳疫情最新消息 Top ten love figures

He has been enthusiastic about public welfare undertakingtypically的中文意思s for a long time, and has made outstandingthough contribaction是什么意思英语utions in disaster relief, helping the elderly, helping the disabled, helping orphans, helping the poor, helping students, helping doctors, and environmental protectactionsion. Or the deeds of dedication of love touching, to promote the spirit of care, build a harmonious society, promote the development of care hasaction a model role; Or doing voluntary acts of courage, selflessly helping otherslove直播软件安卓下载, and showing outsnotice作文tanding performance in rescue and disaster relief.

(iiprojects怎么读) Top ten Caring enterprises

Abide by national policies, laws and regulations, care about the life of employees, gradually improve the working and living conditions of employees, improve their welfare benefits, protect their rights and interests, and timely solve problems童话故事 for employees; Paying attention to humanistic care, harmonious labor relations, and remexcellent是什么意思英语arkable achievemen深圳市最新疫情tsproject是什么意思 in spiritual civilization construction; Enterprises that actively participate in social public welfare undertakings, help the poor, giexcellent中文翻译ve generouslynotice的固定搭配, and fulfill their social responsibilities with remarkatypically的中文意思ble achievements.notice过去式

(3) Annual promoters

It has made outstanding contributioexcellent的名词ns to the organization and launch of car深圳天气ing action, cultural communication, information exchange, project incubation, resou深圳rce integration and other aspects,excellent的名词 innotice用法novatively solved people’s livelihood problems, improved the cactionsonstructionotice作文n of public slovely什么意思ervice platform, and significantly promoted the development and gexcellentrowth of shenzhen Caring Action and the city’s public welfare undertakings.

(4) Annual care event

Or ocexcellent和perfect的区别curred in 2020, high public involvement or influence is big, the re-descripti桃花源记on and in improving people’s livelihnotice翻译ood and promtypical造句ote social innovation, promote the improvement of t褪黑素he social and public policy or development, carry forward the innovative and influential care concept, to promote the construction of shenzhen city of “love” have a demonstration effect or boost.

(v) Top ten creative projects

The projects to be heldactions or launched in 2020 aretypical造句 substantial in content, in line with the purpose and theme of Shenzhen Caring Action. Compared with previous caring projects, the content and form of the projects are innova同花顺tive, forming a good demonstration and leading role.

(6) 100 Best Citizen Satisfaction Projecttypical的名词

The projects to be held or launchedexcellent翻译 in 2020 ar深圳疫情e subst深圳疫情最新动态antial in content, in line with the purpose and themetypical怎么读英语 of caring action,lovely with good overall effect, active participation of unit l桃花源记eaders, strong interaction of the masses, high satisfanoticection of citizens and good social responprojects怎么读se.

Two, recommendation requiremnotice同义词ents

(1) Application matlove直播手机版app下载erials shoullovealarmd not only have vivid and touching stories, but also be based on accur深圳疫情ate data. No falsificalove最新版官方下载tion, ambiguity or exaggeration should be ensured, and the theme should be prominent, the story should be true, the description sh深圳地铁线路图ould bactionscripte clear, the data should be accurate and the format should be standard;

(2) The main deeds of all kinds of charity mlove直播手机版app下载odels and projects declared by each service team should b退婚后大佬她又美又飒ethin mainly in the recent one to two years;

(3) Those who have b童话故事een elected as “Top ten Caring Figures” (” Most Caring Figures “) will ntypical翻译ot participate in the selection of “Top Ten Carin同花顺g Figures” this year;

(4) Please fill in the recommendation form according to thtypicale selection requirementypical的名词ts, and mail the origiprojects怎么读nal paper version to the Office of Shenzhen Lions Club before 2:00 PM on January 15, 2021 (Friday), and send the electronic verstypical的用法和搭配ion to

Shenzhen Lions Club will hold a standing board meeting to selexcellent的名词ect all kinds of awards according to the application situation, and report toexcellent the municipal Love and Care Oftypically怎么读fice.

Contact person: Yang Xin 25688typically怎么读590

Mailing address: 13 / F, Build退婚后大佬她又美又飒ing D, Huaqing Garden, Luosha Jinger Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen  noticed  


Notice isnoticed hereby given.



Appendix 1: The list of the top ten Caring Pthineoplovelyle of the 18th China International Conference

Anproject软件nex II: Thnotice是什么意思e 18th top ten Caring Enterprises relove直直播appcommended table

Annex III: List of recommendations for the 18th Annual Prolove最新版官方下载moter

Atypical的用法和搭配nnex IV: Recommendation form of the 18th Annual Care Event

Annex V: Recoexcellent 什么意思中文mmendat童话故事ion table of the top 10 Creative Projects of the 18th Session

Appendix 6: Recommendation form of the 18th Top 100 Citizen Satisfaction Projects



Shenzhen Liexcellent是什么意思英语ons Club & NBSP; &shenzhennbsp;

Jaaction的动词nualovealarmr通货膨胀下什么最保值y 8, 2021


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