Right Way Service Team: Hold the fourth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2020-2021

On October 29, 2020, the fourth regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Service Team for 2020-2021 was successfully held in Gotenghui Golf Club, Tabulus Pine Cultural Innovation Park, Longhua District. Zteambitionhengtao service team captain Chen Gang, the first vice captain Zhangright now Aiming, the second vice captain he Yajun, former captain Li Shuai, financiafourth用英语怎么说l Liu Peiyan, picketing Cui Shuangyan, captain team members Zhu Wenwen, Han Honghua, Liu Jun and otfourth缩写her 16 lion friends attended the meeting.service是什么意思中文翻译 The meeting w瓦窑堡arighteouss chaired by Cui Shuangyan and presided over by Zhang Zhihui.


Before the meeting, Mr. Zhang Zhihui, head of Longhua Goteng Hui Golf Club, arranged the meeting place early and waited for everyone to come.

Cserviceaptaimeeting是什么意思中文翻译n team meeting, financial Liu Peiyan incaptaindarkformed the finanright的反义词cial revenue and expenditure of the service team. The participants discussed the budget of the service team andright怎么读英语 the discipline of the reway是什么意思gular meeting,teamo hoped to reduce the temporary absence or latenemeeting怎么读英语ss of the meeting through relevant regulations, and requiserviceablered the executive chairman of the regular meeting to inform every member to attend tfourthhe meeting as far as possible before the mhold翻译eeting, so as to improve the cohesion of the team.


At the same time, we reviewed and summarizedright the Inner Mongolia financial aid. During the activities, lion friends felt deeply that activities should not be limited to material help, but also pay atcaptain什么意思中文tention to hteamworkumanismeetingstifourth怎么读c care, exchange of educationfourth造句al ideas and proteams手机版ject planning.

Then, the regular meeting formally began.hold on New members introduce themselves and their compteam是什么意思翻译anies in turn to improve their underservice是什么意思standing of each other.

Lion friends share their experience of helping students in Inner Mongoliaservice翻译. A heated discussion ensued. Li shuai, fservicemanormer team leader, said that public welfare needs to be reformed to adapt to changing social needs. He hoped that they could poolfourth翻译 their ideas to explore the direction of future social servicteamses and create new service projects. Wang yan said school facilities need to be improved by social forces, and he propoteamprosed susservice是什么故障灯tainable service programs. Fang xiaorong proposed to provide educational resources for quality educationcaptain什么意思中文 and aesthetic education to help children improve their comprehensive quright的意思中文alitcaptainonthebridgey and broaden their horizons. Lion friends have said that they will introduce thfourth的音标eir own reservice是什么故障灯sources to the right path service team to serve the project.

Captain Chen Gang made a summary speecteamh and thanked everyone for their contributions to the Inner Mongolia Educational aright nowctivities. He hoped that everyone wocaptain泰国演员uld remember his original intention of joininserviceableg lions Club and continue to benefit more children and help tfourth怎么读heservicemanm grow up healthily.


Article/photo & have spent Contribution by The Right Way Service Team

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