Notice | about shenzhen lions leadership training enrolment notification from 2019 to 2020

Notice | about shenzhen lions leadership training enrolment notification from 2019 to 2020


Dear Captains,

Everybody is good!

B深证指数ased on “gives volunteers have the ability to seleadership的中文意思rve their communities” mission, to better conotice作文mplete with “with services, harmony” as the theme of the annual target, branch wonderful cours深圳市最新疫情e feast for you, 2019-2020 annual leadership training began to sign up, let everybody in the ascension of lions club leadership at the same time, promote the lionnoticeable friendship and love, enjoy the happy growth. The relevant mattersabouttime免费观看 are hereby notified as follows:

I. Training Time:O深圳疫情最新消息ctober 11-13, 2019 (Friday to Sunday)

Ii. Training Location:Around Shenzhen (shenzhento be further informed after confirmation)

Iii. Training Costs:1000 yuan per person, the rest of the expenses will be borleadership翻译ne by the Shenzhen Lions Clutraining衣服品牌b. If you need to live in a single room, you need to apply in advancenrollment是什么意思e and pay 200 yuan for the single room difference/person/night.

Iv. Degree Setting:60

V. Reaboutcg网站g深圳疫情最新动态istration requirements:

1. Only current service team leaders are accepted;

2. Applicants who have participated in preabout后面动词什么形式vious leadership training sessions of Lions Club shenzhen are not accepted.

Vi. Admission Methods:

Seats are limited on a first served basis.

Vlions怎么读ii. Registration Time:

12:enrollment00 noon, September 9, 2019 to 12:00 noon, Septem深圳疫情最新动态ber 12, 201abouttime免费观看9.

Please fill in the attached application form in detail, sign your name, take a photo or scan the applicattraining是什么意思英语ion form, anlion是什么意思中文翻译d send it to our email address:leadership的定义

(Note: use oleadership英语作文f unofficial registration form will not be accepted. I深圳大学ncompltraining是什么意思英语ete information may affect the admission, please complete. D深圳疫情uring the registration period, the email address of the Semtraining怎么读inar will be jointly managed by深圳大学 thleadership英语作文e Admissions Office of the Seminar and the director oleadership的定义f the District Committee. Download and filetraining造句简单)

Viii. Special Tips:

1. Enrollment is limited.

2. During the training period, full particleadership需要具备哪些能力ipation is required, otherwise it will affect the graduation.

Ix. Payment Method:

After receiving the admission notice,leadership翻译 please transfer the trnotifications是什么文件夹aining fee to the account of the district Council. Fees ca深圳疫情最新消息n be paid in cash, huashi online or by transfer.

Account name: Shenzhen Lions Club

Bank: Shannotification中文意思ghai Pudong Development Bank, Shennan Middle Road Sub-branch

Account: 7913 & have spent 0155 2600 0017leadership英文解释8 (Please specify the purpose of payment in the postscript)

Fnoticedinancial contact: Yang Lili, tel: 25688550

X. If you havnoticee any questions, please contact:

Head teacher: Li Xiaotao, deputy head深圳风险等级 of the lectunotification下载re group, Shijie, tel: 13554930822

Deputy head teacher: Last healeadership是什么意思英语d of the lecture Group Rong Jing Shi Jie: telephone 13312964055

Eleven, warm reminder:

In order to avoid the waste of resources, captains who have been admitted and cannot attend the whole course for some reason should apply to quit before September 3notifications什么意思0th, so that the replacement can join in time. Otherwise, part of the personal fee (¥1000) will be charged and recorded in the training credit file of the instructor group.


Thank you very much fnotice的固定搭配or your uleadership是什么意思英语nderstanding and support, and please contileadership需要具备哪些能力nue to pay attention to othenotice过去式r types of training activities we hold in the fuenrollment和register的区别ture.

Notice is hereby given.


Attachment:Notice | about shenzhen lions leadership training enrolment notification from 2019 to 2020 news 图1张19-20 Shenzhenotifications翻译n Lion Leadership Training Application Form 20190909.docx


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