Lion Love Sunshine Dream Green — Lion Love Football Service Team held the launching ceremony of public welfare football education and disability assistance project and the inauguration ceremony of 2019-2020 annual election change

Lion Love Sunshine Dream Green — Lion Love Football Service Team held the launching ceremony of public welfare footgreenball education and disabilitceremony的音标y assistance project and the inauguration ceremony of 2019-2020 annual election change

On September 26, 2019, the launch ceremony of the “Lisunshine组合on Love Sunsgreenhousehine, Dreaceremony的音标m Green” large-scale public welfare football educteams手机版ation and disabilifootball是什么意思ty assistanceremony造句ce project and the inaugurdream是什么意思ation ceremony of the 2019-202dream图片0 annual change of leadership was held in the Harbor Banquet Hgreen加速器all of Futian Districtteamviewer. A total of 199,300 yuadreamingn was raised.

The original domestic football associatdream怎么读ion vice chairman, the original guangdong province sports budream我的世界大逃杀reau chief Dong Liangtian counselor in guangdong proviceremony复数形式nce, shenzheceremony造句n perimeter Hu, vice President of Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC), the Ministry of Education, directosunshine歌曲英文歌词r of wei-fu li, shenzhen disablefootball造句d personsunshine怎么读s’ federation group XuanQuan bartendgreen翻译er Luo Qiwei, deputy director of theceremony翻译 meizhou city people’s officialove is gone英文翻译l in deep Lu Xiaoming, director of the office, fadreammous master thangka paintings sanjay this autumn, director guitarceremony怎么读, writer Li Chuchi painting masters, the chief captain, Guangdongteampro huadu football association secretary-general wu Wen Bing, the original main deep enough, the original main SiTuFei south China football club of Hong Kong, Hong Kong famous film stars Yfootball和soccer区别ao Luoming, miss world pageant commercial director Xiao Re Joe, writers, actors, Lyon Huang Yuxuan Internet sensation, film and television star, Hong Kong Asia television host, Mr Chlion怎么读ampion coating, the United Nations conference champion jin-ling li, miss Hong Kong Network celebdream是什么意思rity, model NICOLE, Confucius 76 generation granddaughter, nindream图片e-year-old prodigy painter Zhu Jiting, Fotian Disasunshine怎么读bled peoserviceple’s Federation of Calligraphy and Painting Association President Zfootball是什么意思hangdream头像 Bing, national five good family winner,dreaming model of strength, entrepreneurship stagreen是什么意思r Li Min, disabledream我的世界d artists Jianggreen翻译 Lujun, Wu Xiuzhen, Karme Shenzhen operation center deputy generlionelal managerservicebio Zhan Wenjun and other guests attended the ceremony.

Shenzhen lions club President WengHua, former Prservice和serve的区别esident of long welion是什么意思ar with lei, deputy secretary-general zhang jiceremony怎么读an, secretary general Dulove最新版官方下载 Hengkun, desunshine微信名含义an of general affair Liao Ronghui, deputy secretary-general Xu Qiubin, partition shui-jdream图片in Ydream头像ang, li xiaofeng, chairman Wu Jinzhi, CservicemanhiMingHui, dong-mei Chen, the sea, liu as secretary-general Tan Fei of the board of supervisors and supervisors any sasunshine英语lary, deep lion charity football cldream我的世界ub chairman &schwarz,lion的音标 executive chairman of Wang Song, wit andpassion, More than 300 people attended the ceremony, including Chen Shijun,service是什么故障灯 director of the lion Love Football Service Team, chairmservice是什么意思中文翻译enservice是什么故障灯 of specialized organizations, representatives of the lion love football service team, family members of the lion Love football service team, and journalists from major news media.ceremony The ceremony was chaired by Liang Chao, Gao Ling and Xilionelao Ruoqiao.

Mr. Liang Chao, the chairman of the conference, delivered a welcome speech to the lion friends and guests.

Wechat picture _20190930203645.jpg

Zhang Fulong, the last team leader, mdreamboatade the work summary of 2018-2019. Llion怎么读ast year, shiai Football Servicteamproe tlove直直播appegreen怎么读am held 12 captain team meetings, 10 rservice翻译egularfootball是什么意思 meetings, 18 servicteam是什么意思翻译e activities, invested RMB 382,06425 yuan in service funlion的音标ds, plionelledged 5 Huashi awards, succeremony复数形式cessfully completed thfootballse work objectives of the last year. Secretary Pengceremony和celebration的区别 Hui made thfootball英语怎么读e 2018-2019 financial work report on behalf of Zhang Jusunshine翻译nlin,sunshine歌曲英文歌词 and reported the financial expenditure of the last year to the participating Lion Friends in an open and transparent manner.

During the awarding session, Captain Zhang Fulong presented awards and MEDALS to the winners of the 2018-2019 Best Charity Partner Award and the Annual Caring Person Award. In order to thank zhang Fulong for his great love, all the members of tteambitionhe lion Love Football team anlovely什么意思d other service team captains who were present ressunshine英语pectively took the stage to hang their bfootball造句adfootball翻译ges and ribbons on the chest of Zhang Fulong, to pay tribute to him. Tlion是什么意思he scene atmosphere SOB touching, Zhang Fulong last captain eyes moist.

Under the common witness of the leaders lion friendsfootball是橄榄球还是足球, Zhang Fulong will be ribbon and sceptegreensr handteamworked over to Yu Qiushi.

Team Leader Yu Qiushi made the 2019-2020 worklions英语怎么读 plan. He praised the contribution of Captain Zhang Fulong in the last year, and hoped that all lion friends of lion Love Football Service team would continue to practice theteams手机版 steams手机版pirit of “four out”, respond to the slogan of “Harmony with service” of President Wengreen翻译g Hua, contrceremony的名词ibute their own strength to the public welfservicebioare cause, and write a glorious chapter for lion Love football sesunshine怎么读rvice team.

Wechat picture _20190930203827.jpg

Unservice翻译der the lealove is gone英文翻译dership of President Chi Minteambitionghui, the new captain team members of the lions Love Football Service team made the inauguration pledge, aceremony同义词nd captain Yu Qiushi presented the appointment certificate to thdream我的世界e new captain team members. President Chi ming-fai led the new members to read the pledge.

Wechat picture _20190930203833.jpg

Wechat picture _20190930205610.jpg

President Weng Hdream图片ua spoke highceremony怎么读ly of the lion Love Football Service team, which is a padream我的世界大逃杀ssionate and unique service telove直播软件安卓下载am with a group of lion friends who share common ideals, colion翻译mmonfootballs beliefs and common goals. He expressed his affirmation, this novel innovation activity form to service the achievements of thsunshine的情侣名称e previous yservicebioear and the previous captain Zhang Fulong approving, expect the lion love football teams in thisfootball翻译中文 year in autumn stone captaceremony同义词in led, better carry out service activities, strive for to the next level, make contributions to the sustainable development of shenzhen lgreen翻译ions club.

Wechat picture _20190930203850.jpg

After the chalove直播手机版app下载nging of the leadership cteamproeremony, the launch ceremony of the large-scale public welfare football assistance program for students and disabled officially begaservice翻译n.

Vice Director Luo Qiwei, President Weng Hua, former President Dai Tongxin and Captain Yu Qiushi awarded the letter of appsunshine歌曲英文歌词ointment to Project inspirational image Ambassador He Yiyi.dreamboat He Yiyi, a one-legged football boy known as “miracle Boy”, performed a special football performance for lions with two crutches and one leg.servicebio

At the scene of the activity, inspirational image ambassador He Yiyi, Presiddream头像ent Weng Hua and thlovealarme leaders present, famous players in football, social celebritiesceremony复数形式, entertainers and other stars came on stage to mobilize the fundraising for the large-scale public welfare football education and disability assistance project. The mosunshine怎么读ney raised will be used for football education and football assistance to the disabled. In terms of football assistance, the service telovely什么意思am will jointly launch the constrfootballeruction of a professional five-a-side liglion是什么意思htinlion是什么意思g football field — “Zeng Xuelin Lions Club Love Football Field” with the official of Shifan Towlove直播破解版n, Meixian District,service是什么意思 Meizhou city. Football assistive service will support to He Yiyi as the prototype ofteampro a real inspirational filions英语怎么读lm “in the first half of the film, to each big primary and secondargreensy schools in the first half of my He Yiyi special motivational speech, carry out” the collectionceremony的音标 of love “- helping futian disgreen轮胎是什么牌子abled persons’ federation meanlionkkly disabled artists love charity bazaar project, fundedteambition FIfootball翻译中文FA deaf football tournament heservicemanld, Suppolove直播软件安卓下载rt the training and competigreen加速器tion of the Fu Kang Footteamworkball Team of the DISABLED persons’ Federsunshine翻译ation. President Weng Hua and Captain Yu Qiushi donated football equipment and training equipment worth 15,000 yuan to four schools in Shifan Town, Meixian District, Meizhou, which was received by Lu Xiaoming, director of Melove直播破解版izhou Office in Shenzhen.

Through the wonderful preaching and mobiceremony的名词lization of the guesservice翻译ts, lion friends actilove直直播appvely donated moneservice是什么故障灯y, and a total of 199,300 yuan was raised at the scene. Nine-year-ollove直播软件安卓下载d Zhu Jiting’s love is particularly touching. She not only donated a football-themed painting Harmony, which was co-created by her agreenhousend her teacher,greens the famous Thangka mastteamviewerer Sanjeben (the scene was auctioned with a donation of 11,000 yuan), but also donated 300 yuan of her New Year’s money to the project, which movedteampro all the public welfare lovers at the scene.green翻译 Lion love football service team donated 10,000 ylovelyuan to the project undertaking service team adream怎么读nd 5,000 yuan to tsunshine微信名含义he co-organizing serviteamviewerce team representatives presented by tservice是什么故障灯he on-site football famous guests, social celebrities, perteamoforming stars signed the goldegreen翻译n love memorial football.

The event concludelove直播软件安卓下载d with performances by Zhang Bing, Jiang Lujun and Wu Xiuzhen, Please Pave a Path for wheelchairs by Li Min and Your Taverlove最新版官方下载n Closes for Me by Huang Yuxuan.

Mr. Yu Qiushi, the chairman of the project, gave a speech of thanks to the staff onlions stage and behind the scenes for their silent efforts, and to the guests of Lion Friends for theserviceableir generous help andlion复数 donations.


By Zhou Wenguang and Gao Ling

Photo/Zhou Wefootball是橄榄球还是足球nguang

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