Xinxing, Chunfeng and Xianhu Service Team: Held the general meeting and joint meeting of xinjiang Student banks in 2019-2020

On August 31, 2019, shenzhen Lions Club Xinxing, Chunfeng and Fairy Lake Service Team held the 2019-2020 Xinjiang Student bank Concluding meeting and joint meeting in Hua ‘an International Hotel, Luohu District. 60 people attended the meeting, including Zhao Hui, chajointsirman of 9th District, Li Xiaofeng, chairman of 11th District, Huang Xiaoru, chairman of 13tgeneralizationh District, Li Yue-hua, chairman of finajoint造句ncial steering comxianhumittee of service team, Li Xiu-fang, leader of Xinteamworkxing春风得意马蹄疾下一句是什么 Service team, Liao Ziwen, leader of Spr贤惠ing Breeze Service team, Tang Xue-yong, leader of Xianhu Service team. Fang Mansong, deputy head of the teaching group, Mai Wuqingqing, CAI Laishun, Li Qing, and Qi春风十里u Liling, chairman of Shenzhen Huaxiheld怎么读的a Technical School, attended the meeting. The megenerallyeting was chaired by Zhang Dihua春风得意马蹄疾下一句是什么.

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Chen zheng reported in detail thatservice the xinjiang student bank’s service funds were 544,000 yuan. Li Yuehua, the general director of Xinjiang Student Aid Bank, said that xinjiang student aid Bageneral翻译nk has a far-reachheldening significancgenerally翻译e. She has set a new record in the number of funded schools, the number of funded students, the number of friends participating in the service, and tgeneralizehe duration of the activity, which makes her feel a lot and harves新型肺炎实时动态t a lot.

Li Xiuf春风不解风情吹动少年的心是什么歌ang, the chairperson of theteams手机版 event, shared that she joined the Lions Club because of her participation in public welfare activitgeneralizationies, and in the service of the Lions C现货黄金行情lub,meetingtencentcom she strengthened her faith to continue on the roa鲜花d of public welfar新型肺炎预防e. She thanked all th春风得意马蹄疾e lion friendteamos for their cooperation, dedi先婚后爱cation and trust. Captain Liao Ziwen shared his personal feelings of xinjiateamong Student Bank ameetingtencentcomnd the signserviceificance of joint se春风rvice. He thanked the lioteamon friejoint的用法nds for their love and suggested that they take an active part in lioteams手机版n service activities and think about鲜花 how to make their own enterprises go better while serving.

At the meeting, lion friends participating in Xinjiang Student travel were cmeeting怎么读英语ommended and shared their experiences.

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Article/Photo By Xinxing Service Team

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