Future Service Team: Carry out a series of activities of caring lion friends

On September 10, 2019, Shenzhen Lions Club Future Service team organized a series of activities to care for lion friends. The caring team composed of 2019-2020 leader Yang Dehua and other lion friends visited sheng Baihua, the foundcarry是什么意思ing leader ofseries Future Serteam什么意思vseries是什么意思英语ice Team, Cao Meixiu, the second vice leader, and Zou Maosencarry out, the general manager.

In the morningseries是什么意思英语, lion friends came to futian District coast huanqcarry的过去式ing building domestic life company care sheng Baihua team leader. At the forum, Yang Dehua, on behalf of all the lion friends of thecarry怎么读语音 future Service Team, expressed his gratitude to the leader of Shengbaihua Pioneering Team for his hard work in the growth process of the service team. He hoped thateam是什么意思翻译t the lfuturehendrixeader of Shoutlookengbaihua Pioneering team would continue to pay attention to and support the lion work of the service team, play the role of steamproenior lion friends as a mentor, and promote the smooth development of the lion wocarry怎么读rk of the service team. Shengbaihua pioneer toutlineeam leader thanked the care team for their visit. She was pleased with thoutlooke inheritance and healthy development of the service team, and believed that after more thacaring英语n three years of accumulation, the scaring是什么意思中文ervice teaactivities用英语怎么说m was ready tteam什么意思o strive for excellence. She encourageactivities和activity的区别d the new team leaderlion的中文意思 and all lions club members to focus on the annual work of Shenzhen Lions Club, combine the actual situation of the club, be diligent and pragmatic, pcaring是什么意思英语ush the club to a new level, andseries provide help to more people in need.

First love 1.jpg

In the afternoon, the care group visited Zou Macarry onosen and Cao Mecarry怎么读语音ixiu successively, and apprecaring是什么意思ciated the two lion friends for their aseries是什么意思英语ctivefuture糖果 support to the service team whilcarry怎么读e doing their own work well.

Established care this year, the future service team, actively carry out service team “wseries函数用法arm heart, soft” activioutlineties, throuservicebiogh regular door-to-door visits, for all the lion friends care, aims to further strengthen the lion of emotional communication, impservice的名词rove the team’s centripetal force and cohesion, buseries7手表ild more harmonious harmonious team atmosphere, stimulate the lion collaborative efforts for devoutcomeelopment team spirit.

Wen/Lin Dacarry是什么意思y relionelaring

Photo/Contributed by The Future Service Tealion复数m

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