Warm Christmas lion friends enjoy

Warm Christmas lion friends enjoy

            On December 19, 201enjoy什么意思3, when Christmas and New Year’s Day were approaching, the Service team of Lions Club of Swarmhenzhen successfully held the December regular meeting and 2013 Warm Christmas Party atlions英语怎么读 No. 8 Xiangshaenjoyingn Film club, OCT. Shenzhenchristmas的音标 lions in 2013-2014, Lin Tao senjoymentecond deputy director, director of wu xmlionel Zhang Xiaowei secretary-general, ShiJianYong Li Wenqiu deputy secrelionkktary-general, dean ofchristmas怎么读 general affair in the first member of admifriends怎么读英语单词nistrative zone, Wu Zeweifriends翻译 honowarmrary directochristmas翻译成中文r, chairman ofwarm的名词 the shenzhen lions feel lion lion friend as well aschristmas怎么读语音 many friend friendsenjoyable to get-together congratulationschristmas前面用什么介词, shangbu servchristmas dayice a total of 23 lion friends to attend.
  &nbspchristmas犯罪大师;         The venue was decorated with lights and decorations afriendshipnd filled with a warm atmosphere of Chrwarm怎么读语音istmas festivallion怎么读. All lion friends were dressed up and prepared elaborchristmas翻译ate gifts to exchange. The party was held at 7 o ‘clocfriends用英语怎么说k on time. Brother Zou Xi presided over the meeting as the chairman. The meeting reported the progress of the project of Jinan Lion Primary School, the status of the donation of Machristmas怎么读owen Zhongshi Award and Huashi Award by the first step servicechristmas怎么读 team, and summarized the activities in the second half of 2013 and the particchristmas翻译ipation of lion friends. On behalf of Shenjoy什么意思enzhen Lions Club, Director Wu Xiaoming fully affirmed the work of shangbu Service team and expressed warm congratulations on the warm Christmas party.
&nbschristmas dayp;           The regular session passed quickly, and the atmosphere of the party gradualwarm怎么读ly heated up. The lion friends tasted red wine and deliciouslion复数 food and sharelionsd their experience on worwarm的名词k, life and lion affairs in the past year. The gift exchfriends是什么意思ange has been a parchristmas翻译成中文t of our Christmas party for many timfriends用英语怎么说es, but this year we have a new one at your suggchristmas翻译成中文estion. Whenchristmas前面用什么介词 each lion gchristmas什么意思oenjoy翻译es up to pick up their gift, they have to answer a trivia question about who gave it to them. Fchristmas犯罪大师rom the nickname of lion friends, living habits, interests and hobbies, to lion activities hosted by lion friefriends是什么意思nds organization, questions involved in all aspectchristmas怎么读语音s, the rfriendsespondents were interestlion翻译ing, the qchristmas怎么读uestion stakeholders happy, the venue from time to time out of the heart of laughter, fully reflects the & LDquo; Step up family ” The warmth of loving and caring for each other aenjoy用法lso helps new members and friendschristmas怎么读 to know more about the lionlion复数s iwarmern the first step Service team.
      &nbspwarm翻译;   &nfriends怎么读bsp; As the eveninwarm翻译g drew on, the lions gathered in twos and threes to drink and hold monthly meetings, and there was still much to talk about in plionrivate. Lions club ifriendships a peaceful harbor in the bustling city life. It originated from charity and continued from friendship.

Article/contribution by shwarm翻译angbu Service team & NBSP; Figure/Zou Xi


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