Shenzhen Bay Service team visited the zijinshan District to visit the elderly (source: Shenzhen Evening News B11 edition)

The Shenzhen Bay service team visited the lonely elderly in Zijinshan District

            Shenzhen Evening News (reporter Wang Xiaofang) recently, the lion friends of shenzhen Lions Club Shenzhen Bay service team went to zijin County, Heyuan City, Guangdong Province, Haoyi town nursing hvisit的ing形式ome, Jiuhe town nursing home, Yirong town nu深圳天气rsing hovisit翻译me care for the elderly. Rice, mattress with health function, refrelderly是什么意思igerat紫金山天文台or, rice cooker & Hellip八一影院下载安装; … Lion frie拔牙多少钱nds to the old深圳疫情 pvisitoreople to send some daily necessities, and th深圳天气e old people friteamworkendly talk, chat, help to dodistrict是什么意思英语 sanitation, sorting深圳大学 clothes, bedding.

            In this activiservice翻译ty, thdistrict的中文意思e lion friends learned that there was an 80-year-old seriously ill and lonely old man living in the mounta八月长安ins who had participated in the revolvisit的ing形式ution ielderly的中文意思n紫金山图片 Zhaike八月未央ng Village of Yirong town. After walking for mvisited翻译ore than an hour on the rugged mountain road, he finally met the old man and gave him food, daily necessitdistrict的中文意思ies and 1,000 yuan in cash. Wen Jvisited用法ingqing te, a member of the local arts and Culture association, wrote a poem for the lion club and praised the lion clu八一影院下载安装b for its generosity.

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