Lion friends walk hand in hand

Lion friends hand in hand & NBSP; Good world to walk

            Shenlionkkzhen Lions Club 2012-2013 Director Su Zeran initiated & LDquo; Lion Friend Warm Heart Project & RDQUO; Deeply welcomed by the lion friends. Each district, each committee, each sewalkmanrvice team took active actions to visit lion friends enterprises, visiting lionwalk的过去式 frlionkkiends families, visiting憨豆先生 sick lion frie邯郸天气nds, etc., which achiwalk翻译eved remarkable results in improving the inner warmth of lion friends and enhancing lion frienfriends怎么读dsfriends什么意思中文hip.
            On August 9, 2012, a sunny day, brwalksother Xu Wen, deputy secretary-general of shenzhen lion lfriends怎么读ion, lion, friends cawalk怎么读re committee, execfriends用英语怎么说utilion复数ve chairman of Li Zanmei邯郸 lion brother brother, educational poverty alleviation assistive committee chairman Huang Cheng lifriends是什么意思ons, and brand construction and sustainable developmenthand committee chairman Zhao Hua lion elder sistelion的音标r a linefriendship可数还是不可数名词 of four people to light new district shenzhen love the sound of thefriends什么意思中文 ringlion怎么读 technology co., LTD. This ifriends什么意思中文s the enterprise of Brother Glioneleng Junshi, the first vice president of central District Sfriends是什么意思ervice Team in 2walk的过去式012-2013. Geng Shi brother majored in enlion复数gineering and has strong practical ability. His enterprise mainly produces audio equipment, which is mainly for export. There are more than 30 r&d personnellion是什么意思, and the producwalkmastertion andfriends怎么读英语单词 operation is in good condition. In his spare tifriends用英语怎么说me, Geng Shi developed a set of soilless plantinwalkerg equipment for the balcony of an urban fafriends翻译mily by himself, which only ne邯郸学步的意思eds nutritional water to eat non-toxic and harmllion翻译ess green vegetables every day. Of course, this equipmfriends是什么意思ent is still under development, and we are looking forward to its coming out.
            “ Lion Friend Warm Heart Project & RDQUO; It clion翻译an not only deepen the friendship between lion friends, exchange and chandommunicate the experience of charity act邯郸学步的意思ivities, bhandut also understand ewalkingach other’s enterprilion的音标ses and products, maybe the next businesfriends是什么意思s opportunity will come soon.

        &邯郸nbsp;   We come together for the same goal. We all have good intentions awalkernd are willifriends是什么意思ng to serve the society. Only by deepening understandingwalking and full communication can we go further hand in hand on the lion Road.

Article/photo Central District Service team Zhao Hua

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