Recommend the 10th Shenzhen care action love typical notice

On the recommendation of the tenth Shenzhen care action love typical notice

Service tecareams:

    &nnotice的形容词bsp;       In accordance with the notice of Shenzhen Spiritulove直直播appal Civilization Office on Recommending the 10th Shenzhen Love Action Mnotice过去式odel of Love (No.68 [2012] of Shenzhen Culture Office), in order to elect anaction怎么读语音d establish a new batch of Shenzhen Love Action model of love, the 10th Shenzhen Love Action series of selection activities are now launched. The relevant notices are as follows:

            I.love直播破解版 Recommendation categories

    &nbspcareful;   (1) & other; Top 10 Caring Characters & RDquo;

     love is gone英文翻译 &typical的意思nbsp;     He has been enthusia深圳大学stic about public welfare undertakings for a long time, and has made outstanding contributions in disaster relief, helping the elderly, helping thlovelye disabled, helping orphans, helping the poor, helping staction对魔忍udents and helping doctors. Or whose personal deeds are particularly touching, reflecting the traditional virtues of Crecommend怎么读hina or the spirit of The Times, and playing an exemplacareerry role in promoting th深圳疫情最新消息e spirit of caring, building a harmonious society and promoting the development of caring; Or doing voluntary acts of cocareer翻译urage, selflessly helping others, and showing outstanding performance in rescue and disaster relief.

    &nbtypical的用法和搭配sp;   (2) & other; Top 10 Caring Familiescare是什么意思 & RDquo;

           notice的形容词 He is enthusiastic about public welfare and derecommends怎么读dicates more love to others and the society. He is charitable ancareful是什么意思d has helped the poor and the weak for a long time, which has moved and influenced the families around him.

        (3) & other; Top ten Catypically的中文意思ring E桃花源记nterprlove直播破解版ises & RDquo;

        &naction下载bsp; &actiongirls女兵人nbsp; Abide by ncarelessatiolove is gone英文翻译nal policies, laws and regulations, care about the life of employees, gradually improve thnotice翻译e working and liactionving conditions of employees, improve their welfare benefits, protnotice过去式ecaction是什么意思英语t their rights and intlovely什么意思erests, and timely solve problems for employees; Paying atteaction的动词ntio桃花源记n to humanisticaregiverc care,lovely harmonious童话故事 labor relations, and remarkable achievements in spiritual civilizrecommends怎么读ation construction; Actively participate irecommend名词n shenzhen carerecommendation是什么意思 actitypical翻译on and other soc深圳市最新疫情ial welfare undertakings, poverty alleviation, charity, fu陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿lfill social responsibility outstanding achievements of enterprises.

        (4) & other; Top 10 Caring Communities & RDquo;

            Good public security, standardized managrecommendableement, rich community cultural and sports activicareerties; Actively respond to shenzhen care action, respaction是什么意思英语ect the elderly, care for the young, family harmony, neighborhood harmony, take good care of public property, protect the enlovevironment, poverty althleviation, voluntaryaction是什么意思英语 courage is the深圳市最新疫情 trend of the conotice作文mmunity.

            Two, recommendation requirements

        (caregiver1) Typical deeds of love happened in the daily activshenzhenities of the ninth Shenzhen Love Action (April 2012 & Mdash; December), but not limited to this period.桃花源记
        (2) those who have been elected; The Most Caring Person & RDquo; , & other Most Caring families & RDquo; No longer pactiongirls女兵人articipating in thtypical造句is year’s contest. Top 10 Caring Characters & RDquo; , &notice同义词 other Top 10 Caring Families & RDquo; The selection.
        (3) Please fill in the application materials and submit them to thecare Lions Club oactionscriptffice of Shenzhen before No通货膨胀下什么最保值vember 9th.
   action怎么读语音     (4) Shenzhen Lions Club will hold a standing board meeting according to the application situation to select a typical number of each type of love. 5 (home), reported to the municipaction的动词al civilization office.
        (5) Contact Pecarefulrson: Su Zhuangbin


            Notice is hereby given.

    &nblovesp;      Ataction怎么读语音tachment:

     notice同义词 &nbspaction是什么意思英语;     1. Recommenoticeablended declaration form of Shenzhen Ca深圳疫情最新消息ring Action Top ten Caring Figures

      &nblove is gone英文翻译sp;     2. Recommended application form of Shenzhen Caring Action’s Top ten Caring Families

            3. Shenzhen Love Action ten best love enterprises rloveecommended declaration form

      &ncarefreebsp;     4. Recommendation form of Shenzhen Caring Action’s Top ten Caring Communities

Shenzhen Lionsrecommend名词 Club
Octobecareerr 10, 2012

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