Notice on subscription of Yearbook of Shenzhen Lions Club (2002 ~ 2012)

Notice on subscription of Yearbook of Shenzhen Lions Club (2002 ~ 2012)

Dear Lion friend,

            To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the founding of lions C深圳疫情最新动态luclubmedb shenzhen, lions Club Shenzhen specialclubmedly compileclub是什么酒d aclubman是什么牌子车nd pulionsblished the Yclub怎么读earbook of Lions Club Shenzhen (club翻译2002 ~ 2012). Thislions翻译中文 yearbooklions翻译中文 is a refelionsgaterence book, o深圳地铁线路图utstanding & LDquo; Is helping others and serving the society. To record the progress and achievemenshenzhents of shenzhen Lio深圳市最新疫情ns Clunotice翻译b in exploring the development path of domestic lions clubs in the past ten years.
          This annual reviclubmedew, leadership concern, featlions的音标ures, organizational structure, internal management, the member development, service, social serclub怎么读vices, business activiticlubes, training, social comlions翻译中文munication, publicity and honor reward, memorabilia and appendix 15 categories, such as account of shenzhen lion was set up ten years of devellions英语怎么读opment history and present situation, comprehensive, detailed and objective information, It is easy for people深圳市最新疫情 from all walks of life to know and understand shennotice过去式znotice过去式hen Lions Club, and has a certai深圳地铁线路图n readnotice的形容词ability and preservation value.
                The ye深圳arbook was published in December 2012. Now to each service team and lion friends call for orders.

     lions是什么意思       A, & have spent Subscription method:

&nbyearbook是什么意思英语sp;           1. Elions的音标ach service team and lclubion friends orlions读音der, 200 yuan/book
  &nbsnoticedp;      &nbsclubsp;2. Each team will give 2 copies as a free gift. Please pick them upnoticed as soon as possiclub是什么酒ble.

             Ii. Payment Terms:

&notice过去式nbsp;         Cash or transfer may be made at the district office. Account nsubscription翻译ame: Shenzhen Lions Club; Account number: 748458620854; Ban深圳k name: Shenzhen Citizen Center Branch of Domestic Bank.

&nnoticeablebsp;           Iii.subscription是什么意思 Contact Information:

            Contact: Li Jiangping 25688590, He Aijian 25688519.
  &nbsp深圳地铁线路图; &nbsnotice的固定搭配p;     &nclubsbsp; Welcome all service teams深圳大学 and lion friends to subscribe!

Shenzhen Lions Club
January 18, 2013


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