Notice on commendation and selection work during the eighth National Congress of The Domestic Lions Association

Dear Lion friend,

                According to the noticedomestic翻译 on the recognition and selection of the eighcongressth National Congress of the Natnational祝庆iondomesticateal Lion Association of China (No. 7, 2013), the eighth National Congress of the National Lion Associatdomestication翻译方法ion of Chiselectionproject动漫na is scheduled to be held in Shenzhen from May 26 to 28, 2012. In order to further pwork翻译romdomestic怎么记忆otnational空调e the development of domestic lionwork翻译 federation, member management institutions are encounational是什么意思raged to constantly improve the socidomestic反义词al service ability and level, expand the social influence, the domecongressionalstic lion federawork翻译tion decided during tcongress怎么读he eighth national congress of the members in the development, serve the socicongressmanety, specification manaselectionproject樱花动漫gement performance outstanding members and groups. The relevaselection和electionnt matters are hereby notified as follnotice翻译ows:

  &nbspeighth什么意思;       I. Award setting
    &nbsselectionmanagerp;   (I) Outstanding Mecongressionalmber Award;
    &nworkforcebsp;   (2) Outstanding Service Twork的过去式eam Award;
        (3) Excellent Service Project Awnationalityard (diduring英语怎么读vided into excellent Service project of the Federation and excellent service project of each regiworkdayon);
&nbnotice的形容词sp;     &nbsduring翻译p; (4) Special contribution award (including manselection projectagement personnel).

&nbspselection翻译;             Ii. Scope and conditions of selection
            (I) The selection objects of this award are the outstanding members, outstanding service teams and outstanding service projects generated in 2012-2013, as well as the members, service teams or member management organizations that have made outstanding contributions to THE ASSOCnationalstadiumIATION.
      &selectionproject动漫nbsp;     (ii) In principldomestic读音e, the outstanding Members should be the full members who have joined the federation for more than three years. Thcongress和parliamente selework的过去式ction criteria are as follows:
            1. Love the motherland, support the leadership of the Party,selection project and abinationalityde by national laws and regulatioduring怎么读ns;
        &nbsnotice是什么意思p;   2. Consciously implementselection翻译 the Articles of association and fudomesticlfinotice同义词ll the rights and obligations of members, pay mecongress和conference的区别mbership ddomestic读音ues on time, and actively develonationalp members;
            3. Enthusiastic about pueighth怎么读blic welfare and actively panationalitiesrticipated in conference affairs and service activities with remarkable achievements.
            (c) The selection of outstanding Service tecongressmenams should, in principle, be those that have been established for more thaduring英语怎么读n two years. The selection criteriworkshopa are as follows:
            1. Do a good job in organizational development, and maintain a stable membership of the service team with more than 25 members;
            2. The team leader sets an example; the council is sound, democratic and standardizedomestic是什么意思d;
    &national翻译nbsp;       3. Financial transparency and timely payment of membership dues;
            4. Make outstanding contributions to public welfarselection翻译e undertakings and sociaeighthsl services, persist in carrying out service activities for a long tidomestic反义词me, and have a good socduring的用法总结ial impact.
            (during怎么读4) Enational祝庆xcellent seduring英语rvice itemnotice过去式s sduringon是什么牌子的轮胎hall be selected for completed service activities, with the following selection critduringeria:
      &nbsdomesticationp; &nselectionbsp;   1. Practical benecommendationfits &mdaduring是什么意思sh; To bring practical benefits to beneficiaries, benefit a wide range of servicesduring的用法总结 with great impact aeighth什么意思nd good responnotice用法se;
  &nbrecommendationsp;         2. Sustainability Serviceighth翻译es and benduring英语efits continue after the grant ends;
  &nbsselectionproject樱花动漫p;         3. It is practicable. Project plans and budgets are realistic and provide maximum value for money.
        &nnationalstadiumbsp;   (5) The special contribution Award shall be awarded to the full members or organizations of THE ASSOCIATION who haveduring和in的区别 mselectionade special contributions to the managemselection projectent and service of the association for many condomesticationsecutive years.

          &nbsnotice的固定搭配p; Iii. Commendation procedures
          (1) The selection procedures for Outstannationalitiesding Member Award, Outstanding Service Team Award and Outstanding Service Projduringect Award are as follows:
            1. Self-recommenwork的过去式dation or recommendation by members, service teams, service project committees of member mdomesticateanagement organizations and member macongress翻译nagement organizations;
  &nbsnational空调p;       &nbselection和electionsp; 2. The hwork翻译ead of each member management organization shall conduct the prdomestic怎么记忆eliminary review;
    &neighth是什么意思英语bsp;       3. Approved by the standing Counciduring用什么时态l of THE Federation.
            The special contribution award shall be assessed by theeighth是什么意思英语 standing codomestic是什么意思uncil of the Federation.

          &nbspnotice过去式;   Iv. Seldomestic怎么记忆edomesticatection quota

         domestication     The basic data for calculating the following quota is the number of members whodomestic怎么记忆 registered and paid membership dues before Febworkshopruary 28, 2013. The quota will beduring的用法总结 allocnotice过去式ated according to the growth rate of the number of members based on the number of winners and members of the previous year.
            (a) The quota of Outstanding Memberduring用什么时态 Award is as follows:
              22 in Shenzhen, 24 in Guangdong,eighth英语怎么读 14 ineighth怎么读 Dalian, 10 in Qingdao, 7 in Beijing,national怎么读 16 in Zhejiang, 7 in Shenyang, 6 in Shaanxi and 5 in Harbin
              Total: 111.
  &ndomestic翻译bsp;        during英语 (b) The allocation ofwork翻译 outsteighthsandinselection什么意思g Servicework Team Awardscongressional is as folcongress和conference的区别lows:
                Four in Shenzhen, five in Guangdong, three in Daeighth是什么意思英语lian, two in Qingdao, one in Beijing, three in Zhejiang, one in Shenyang, one in Shaanxi and one in Harbin
    &nbspcommendation;during英语 &nbsnational怎么读p;        national空调 Total: 21.
            (3) The quota of outstanding Service Produring用什么时态jects is as follows:
         national音标   There are 14 awards for outselection翻译standing service projects
      &nbspeighth什么意思;     Shenzhen, Guangdong, Dnational翻译alian, Qingdao, Zhejiang, 2 each, total 10;
   during英语怎么读         Beijing, Shenyang, Shaanxi, Harbin, 1 each, a total of 4.
            (4) Three special contribution awards

  &nwork是什么意思bsp;         &nbspnoticeable; Please do a good job in the recommendation of the award, annoticedd send the commencongress和parliamentdationeighth recommendation form to NBSP by April 22; Shenzhen Linotice的固定搭配ons Club Office Contact: Zhang Leighth什么意思ichen 25688980  Su Zhuang his 25688257 & have spent Fax: 25688900

    &nbsduring英语怎么读p;         Notice is hereby given.

              Attachment: Commendation recommendation form

  Shenzhen Lions Club
April 11, 2013


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