Strive to eliminate trachoma eye disease in 2016

Strive to eliminate trachoma eye disease in 2016

Ocean News time: 2011-10-10 source: Guangzhou Daily author: Liu Chastriveng

            &ldqstriveuo; Vidisease怎么读sion Firdisease怎么记忆st &eyes MIDdot; Domestic action & RDquo;eye翻译 The launch ceremony of phase III was held yesterdaeyelidy

Reeyebrowport from our newspaper (reporteeliminate什么意思r Listrive过去式u Chang correspondent Jiang Qian qian) yesterday afternoon, & LDquo; Vision First & MIDdot; Domestic astrive翻译成中文ction & RDquo; The signing ceremony of the third phase was held at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Lions Ieliminated是什么意思nternational has announced that it wdisease怎么读ill donate us $2.67 millionstrive选手 to the eradication of blinding trachoma and the care of amblyopiaeliminated. Participants also visiteeyelidd the training room fodisease的形容词r low vision reheliminate什么意思abilitation in shenzhen Comprehensive Service Center for the Disabled.

According to Tan Wing-gen, the first Chinese international president of lions International, the third issue & LDquo; Vision First & MIDdot; Domestic action & RDquo; Empstrivehasis will be placed on the elimination of blinding trachoma, amblyopia cadisease怎么读英语re and enhancement of eye care.

Lions International will contribute us $2.67 million to support phase III, of which US $1.6 mildisease造句lion will be used to achieve trachoma elimination by 2016. This includtrachomatises surveying the areas where the disease is endemic, identifying the number and range of cases of eye disstrive用法ease, and training medical, surgical, and eye care personnel. To support those who are or will be at risk of infectious trachoma, who will providisease同义词de technical support to the Trachoma programme.

In addition, lions International will provide $426,471 to the Nationeye翻译al Federation of Persons with Disabilitieyesightes to set up a rehabilitation system for amblyopia. — Shenzhen Lions Club amblyopia Rehabilitation Center, and two other amblyopiadisease的形容词 centers ieyelashn Liaoning province and Our protrachomatisvince; Finally, the foundation wdisease和illness区别ill alldiseaseocate $650,000 to establish a demonstration project in Leliminate翻译iaonidisease的复数ng province to connect tertiary eye care centres to the outskirts of cities, providing additional support to remote areas.

According teliminate怎么记o stateliminate怎么记忆istics, since 1999 Vision First & MIDdot; Domestic action & RDquo; Sincdisease的复数e its inception, ttrachomatishe first two phases of the initiative have successfully performed 5 million cataract oeliminate和eradicate的区别perations in China.

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