Shenzhen Lions Club Fairy Lake service team guizhou aid study tour

Shenzhen Lions Club Fairy Lake service team guizhou aid study tour

            On August 18, 2011-22, shenzhen service line President ChanLiYue lion lion fteammateairy lfairyake elder sister, Li Zhou lionfairy怎么读英语s, elder sister, wen-qin ye the lion brother elder sister family, Zheng Jiehui, Fan Jie quasi lioclubsns, elder sister to student in guizhou, to built leishan abundant pond primary and ziyun xinmin primary school donated school su贵州师范大学研究生院pplies, and the demanteamviewerd of the l拉克丝的法术棒ocal school, lay a foundation for the next student services.

            On August 19, lio贵州疫情n friends calionsme tolions英语怎么说 Fengtang Pr深证指数imary school and were warmly received by the secretary of Fengtang village, all the teachers of Fengtang Primary sc贵州疫情最新消息hool, the school finance贵州163 department anteam是什么意思翻译d the principal of Wangfeng Township Gongtong Primarservicebioy School. It is un爱的滴答滴derstood that the primary school waslions翻译中文 built in 2003, by Hong Kong World Vision donated morelions翻译 than 240,000 yuan to build and become, put into use until now. Fung Tong Prim爱的理想生活ary school has only two classes, grade one and two, with a total of 22 students. Shenzhen Lions Club xclubsianhu service team funded a baservice怎么读tch of爱的理想生活 school supplies for 22 studelions怎么读n爱的滴答滴ts in Leishan Fengtang Primary school, including 22 schoolbags, 22 sets of watercolorshenzhen pens, 22 sets of pencil boxes, 22深圳市最新疫情 sets of pencils, 22 sets of erase贵州大学rs, selions翻译veral boxes of chalk for teachers, and advanced signature pens for teachers, worth 3696 yuan.

          &nblions翻译sp; According to the repoaidrt, because fengtang prilionsmary school onlyfairy has first and second grades, the third grade students need to be transferred to the Leishan Wangfeng township public primary school 15 klakers是什么意思ilolions是什么意思meters awclub怎么读ay, the Fengtang深圳大学 primary school is under the jurisdiction of wangfeng Public primary school. Lion friends drove to wang Feng township public primary school to understand the situation. In front of the school is a teaservicemanching building. The desks and chairs in the classroom are dilapidated and uneven. In the back is a dormitory building, wh贵州erlions是什么意思e children from all villages within 20 kilclub翻译ometers go to school. The dormitory building has a simple clinic, Inte拉克丝的法术棒rnet classroom, only a teacher’s computer for teaching, through the connection t深圳o the TV monitor, thfairy怎么读英语is is the so-called Internet classroom; Library (it is rep贵州大学orted that no new books have been added for several years)

      &nbs爱的厘米p;     On the morningshenzhen of August 20, the爱的滴答滴 lion friends drove about tteamshree hours to Ziyun County,serviceman Guizhou Province. It is said that Ziyun is the poorest county in Guizhou, ziyun Minority Middle School is thclubse largest high school in ziyun county, the teaching director and the principal briefly introduced the situlions翻译中文atfairy是什么意思ion of the school. T拉克丝he school has a total of 43 classes this year, including 12 in the second year of high school. Each grade usua爱的单行线lly has 10 to 13 classes. About 80% of t深圳疫情最新消息he students admitted to senior high schools in this area go to school, and 20% of the students cannot go to school (among these studentlions是什么意思s, 28% are funded by the stat贵州e to go to school, 12% are funded by social enthusiasts,fairy英文名 and the rest can not go to school directly into s深圳地铁线路图ociety). Tclub是什么意思he tuition and miscellaneous fee贵州疫情最新消息s of Ziyun National Middle School are 900 yuan ffairytale是什么意思or one semester an深圳风险等级d 1800 yuan for the whole yeteams手机版ar. Brother Zheng Jiehu深圳大学i decided深圳天气 to donate 30,000 yuan to the poor students every year for five years, benefiting 12-15 students every year. Most of the studentsclub用英语怎么说 donated are from families with two disabled parents or one disabled parent or one deceased parent.
            On the afternoon of The 20th, the lions came to xinmin Primteam什么意思ary School, which is not far from Ziyun Middle School for Natiolions翻译nalities. The schoteamprool has 143 students and 18 teachers. Lion friends for Ziyun Xinmin primary school donated a batch of stationery worth爱的单行线 8,410 y贵州师范大学uan, the school principal Qiu, liu and some of the school teachers, educatiolions翻译中文n bureau director Xue attended the stationery donation ceremlake怎么读ony.

&nbs爱的浪漫史p;teamviewer           Special thanks to chu Yi and Yao Yunping, two retired cafairy怎么读英语dre爱的健身房s who have provided help for this study, for assistinglion是什么意思 in the whole process of the study, forlions是什么意思 doing a full on-site inv爱的滴答滴estigation, and for assisting in the purchase of school supplies and stationery supplilions怎么读es, plions怎么读r贵州茅台股票oviding many conveniences for this study trip. Ilakes是什么意思 would also like to express my special thanks to Mr. Hu, director of Guizhou Leishan Industry and Information Technology Bureau, for fully understanding the schools in Leishan area in support of xianhu Service team’s educational trip to Leishan, and personally visiting the poverty-stricken schools in the area. Theifairy英文名r kindness and enthusiasm continue to inspire and inspir爱的健身房e everyone. I believe that the love and enthusiasm of lion friends can influence and infect more social caring pclubeople to pafairy是什么意思rticipate in publ深圳ic welfare undertakings, to help more people in need of help, so that the wind of mutlions英语怎么读ual help blows all over China!

Article by Tuxialakesn Lake Service Team

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