A new batch of Shenzhen Lions club guide lions successfully completed their studies

  A new batch of Shenzhen Lions club guide lions successfully completed their studies

            From October 29 to 30, 2011, 35 core lions of Shenzhnewsen Lions Club successfully completed the training of certified lion guidecomplete的副词形式 of shenzhen Lions Club 2011-2012 held in Shenzhen Pomelo Gamwan Resort.club怎么读 Aftsuccessfully是什么意思英语er completing the certified lion guide work and submitting to Lions Club Inclub是什么意思ternational, these lions guides will be certified as certified lion guicomplete的名词des and will play an important role in the establishment and suppotheir怎么读英语单词rt of shenzhen Liolions音标ns Club in the future.


      &n深圳疫情最新消息bsp; &nbbatchessp;   The training was organized by Lions Club shenzhen and organized by Lions Guide Shenzhen, aiming to train more certified lions to support the growing number of new s深圳风险等级ervice teams. All participants were former or current dissuccessfully是什么意思英语trict chairmen, committebatchsizee chairmen and service team chairmen. After beintheir是什么格式g certified as a lion guide, they will be responsible for mentoring new and irregular service teams for the next two years until the mentees can develop independetheir和they的关系ntly.

            The executive Board of Lions Club of Shenzhcomplete等于什么en attached great importance深圳 to this trabatchat蝙蝠聊天软件ining, not otheir怎么读nly provided financial support, but also Mr. Zheng Degang, director of Lions Club of Shenzhen, Mr. Xiao Xingsuccessfully是什么意思英语ping, dirclubmedector of lions Club of Shenzhen, Mr. Su Zeran, deputy director of Lions Club of Shenzhen, and Mr. Wu Xiaoming, deputy director of Lions Club of Shenzhen alsclub是什么酒o came to the training site to encourage the students and lelions怎么读arn wsuccessfullyith them. The training special invited appointed director of the intersuccessfully怎么读national, domesbatchingtic lion federation vice-chairman Liu Xiaogang lions, enewspaperlder sistetheir和they的关系r, appointed international directors and the far east and southeast Asia GLT, chairman obatchingf GMT Fan Zuohao lions, bro深证指数ther, dom鬼灯的冷彻estic lion federation vinewspaperce-chairman Liu Guopu lions, brother, brother Zhang Guojun lion, lion famous Taiwan speak the libatchsizeon brothelionsr guorong, domestic XiaoXingPing lion lion lion fedtheir 翻译eration directors, shenzhen the last director elder sister, Mr深圳地铁线路图. Lei Jianwei, formbatch怎么读ernews可数吗 director of Guangdong Lions Club, Mr. Yi Dongsheng, former director of Shenzhen Lions Club, and Mr. Huang Xilions怎么读aoling, deputy深圳天气 director obatch翻译成中文f Shenzhen瑰的拼音 Lions Club, have been s贵的拼音peaking lions respectively. Annual theme of international General Presidents and the core values of National Lions Association & RDQUO; , & other How to Guide the New Service Team constructibatchsizeon & RDquo; , & othlions音标er History of China Lions Association and Shenzhen Lions Club & RDquo; , & other Introduction totheir怎么读 Cerbatchestified Guide Lion Training & RDquo; , & other Respon深圳市最新疫情sibilities and Key Points of Service Team Cadres andcompleted Development Strlions翻译中文ategy of Ne贵的拼音w Members & RDQUO; , & other Social Service F深圳风险等级undraising & RDQUO; , & other Tips on fundraising for char深圳ity gala & RDquo; , & other Membership Retention ” , & other Organize neshenzhenw service team & RDquo; , & other Service team development ” And other topics to share experiecompletednce and experience. The incisive, unnewlyique, specific and practical explanation of the lionewsns and the exchange of students collision out of the spark of thought.

     深圳地铁线路图       Through participating in this training, the students have benefited a lot, not only understand the lion guide responsibilities and work skills, but also harvest the frielion是什么意思ndship between lion friends. Interactive games and evenibatches是什么意思ng activities let students share the j深圳地铁线路图oy of Shiyi in the learninbatch怎么读g process. The only two days spent iclub是什么意思n the beautiful pomelo Bay Resort has become a happy memory of the trainees.

Article/Photo by Chen Luoyi


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