Set up “love station” to care for special children

Shenzhen Lions Club Oct Service Team:
Set up & other; Love station
Caring for chispecialistldren with Special needs

  &specializenbsp;       Shenzhen Businecareerss Daily news (Reporter Wan Hocareerngjin) On the afternoon of Novemspecial翻译ber 22nd, the Shenzhen Lstationery什么意思ionssetup是什么意思 Club overseas Chinese Town Service teastation的音标m & LDquo; Lolove直播破解版ve station &set翻译rdquo; The unveiling and donation ceremony was held in the Longwei Cup主ommunity Welfare Home for Special Children isetup是什么意思n Futian Dislovetrict.

          Wu Jianing, prlove直播手机版app下载esident of overseas Chinese Town Servicset是什么意思e Team, said inlove直播手机版app下载 his speech: When we care about special children, we cspecial翻译are about the families behindupgrade them. Giving love, spreading love is our aim. I hope everyone can take action and plant a tree oup是什么意思呢f hope together. Iupset believe that love will become aspecial的名词 forest! ”

          Wu told reporters that the team learned that there were about 60 children with spesetbackcial needs in minai Welfare Home, all of whom were unable to study and live normally because of autism, cerestation怎么读bral palsy and intellectupdateual disability. They were in great need of care and care. Except for a small part of the funds funded by the government, welfare homessetup是什么意思 mainly rely on donationupons from the society, and there is a gap at present. After invlove is gone英文翻译estigation, the oct secarervice team decided to pair up withlove最新版官方下载 the welfare home. This time, Chen Weiyang donated four setsettles of brain health careuplay equipment, and will also hold a lchildren的名词所有格ectset是什么按键ure on brain health flove直直播appor children’s parents.

    &nbsupsetp;care什么意思中文意思     It is reported that octlove直播手机版app下载 service team will provide a series of care services for special children for a long time in the future, and care for special children in various ways.

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