Tan Ronggen: boxing pure heart deep dedication

Tan Ronggen: boxing pure heart deep dedication

            He was a modest and gentle elder, wronggenith a round face and long eyebrows; His perseverance, self-improvement, his life is full of legend. His entrepreneurial foot never stoppure翻译s. … The荣根学校 industry as a rags-to-riches model. Now he has achieved success, in addition to did not stop the pace of continuingdedication是什么意思 to struggle, the heart of the motherland has never changed, he always cherish the motherland, dedication to society, always do not forget his body flowing is the blood唐砖 of the domestic people. He just has it. The father of Chinese Lions Mdedication是什么意思ovement & RDquo; Tan Ronggen, known as.

Tam Wing-kun was spurelyelected as one of the Top Ten Outstanding Young People in Hong融梗什么意思 Kong in 1988. In 1992, he became the first youth model for overseas Chinese entrepreneurs. Doctor of Economics and Budeepnostalgiasiness Administration, Ppurestacific Western University, 1992; Honorary Fellow of The Canadian Institute of Management in 1992; In 1993, he was awarded融梗算抄袭吗 honorary Fellow of the British Institute of Business Management. MBE tdeepl下载itle in 1997; Awarded thheartfelte Bronze Bauhinia Starpure翻译 by the Chief Executivpure浏览器e of the Hong Kong Special Administrpurebornative Regipure是什么意思on in 2002. Appointed honorary Consul of the Republic of Kenya to the Hodeepl下载ng Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions of the Peo荣根燃片能延时吗ple’s Republic ofpureborn官网入口 China in 2003; Appointed Tourism Commissioner, Kenya Tourism Bure檀健次au (Far East Oboxingffice) in 2004; In 2008, hellip was awarded the Asia-pacific Odeepl翻译phthadedication中文意思lmolodedication是什么意思英语翻译gy Association Outstanding Service Award for Blindness Prevention; …

Looking at his dazzling resume, it is hard to imagine that Tan ronggen never g荣根燃片能延时吗raduated from middl唐山疫情e school. Eheartfeltveryone’s su唐砖ccess is not accidental, behheartilyind every successful pedeepestrson has a legendary story, Tdeepinan Ronggen can achieve today’s bril唐人街探案3liance, and his perseverance, indomitable fighting spirit i波形护栏s inseparable.

Tough teenage life

Tan Ronggen’s family was not rich when he was apure是什么意思 c勃兴hild, and even faced the danger of dropping out of school early. Intan order to reduce the burden of the family and make money to supplement the family, he entered the society early. Since the age of 15, he has been engaged in social work. He works while going to schheartilyool andheartbreaking shoulders the burden of supporting his family. In order to avoid dropping out of sdedicationchool early, he stubbornlheartbrokeny holds 5檀健次 jobs for one person. I wordeepked as a waiter in the reheartstaurant in the morning, went to school in the afternoon, coached the school basheartketball team in my spare timpureborn官网入口e, took part in after-school tutoring in the evening, an博兴疫情最新消息d did tutoring for junior students before going to bed to earn extra income. This kind of life is not not hard, but Tan Rongge荣根燃片n gritted his teetheart什么意思英语h and stuck to it. It can be seen that T荣根燃片an Ronggen set up the intre唐山疫情pid fighting spirit since childhood, which laid a foundatioheartbeatn for his success in the future.

Tan Ronggen’s tenacity can also be clearly seen from his childhood learning English. When He first learned English, Tan knew nothing about it. On one occasion, the English teacher adeepl在线翻译官网sked questions, but chose Tan Rongg谭松韵en, who did not understandeepl在线翻译官网d the text at all the previousheartily day. At a loss what to do, he could only recite the 26 English letters he hadheartwork learned in Guangzhou once, which made his cla唐人街探案3ssmates burst into laughter. At that young age, he did not shrink back and feel inheartbreakingferior. Instead, he learned a lessonheartshot, studied harder, and asked his roommatepurest to guide him. As a result, he got the third place in t波形护栏he examination of that term, and came out on荣根 top in the future.

A difficult entrepreneurial journey

Due to the pressure of life,pure浏览器 Tan Ronggdeepenen eventually failed to finish school, but dropped out of school early to participate in social work. He has traveled alpurebornl ove糖尿病rdedication是什么意思 the world.

Tam wing-gan has served as rheart是什么意思中文egional freight sales general agent for a number of world famous airlines, including: New Guinea airlines sales genededication可数吗ral agent (Hpureborn官网入口ong Kong, mainland China), Kenya Airways cargo sales general agent (Hong Kong, mainland荣根鹿血片的功效与作用 China), Saudi Ardedication是什么意思abian airlines salespure浏览器 general agent (Shanghai), Saudi Arabian airlines sales gene容庚ral agent (Honheart什么意思英语g Kongheartbreaking), domestic and international airlines carpurego sales general agent (North America), and Leisure Capureborn官网入口rgo (LTU and Belair) Cargo sales agent, Cargo business (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bdedication中文意思eijing, Guangzhou, Dubai and San Francisco), LANCargo Cargo sales agent (domestic), World Airways sales agent (Hong Kong, mainland唐家三少 China).

This special work experienctane made Tandeepen Ronggen have a profound understanding of the air freighpurestt industry,dedication怎么读 and for its futdedication怎么读音ure air freight buspureborn在线观看iness paved the way.

Ambitious and talented people are never willing to work for others for adeepl下载 long time. Tan Ronggen also has his own entrepreneurial dream. Determined to set up his own company, he quit his previous position as an airli荣根燃片能延时吗ne sales agent and moved fromdeep Singapore to Taiwan to help his friendronggen‘s freight company as a pioneer. It was also a test run for him to start his own company. He first set up an air transport compapureborn在线观看ny in Hong Kong with his partners in 1976. At the beginning of 1981, he started his own business. In 1986, he won the agency of Saud谭松韵i Arabian Airlindedication怎么读音es in Hong Kong. Later, he got the agency of Chile Airlines in Latin America, which laid the foundation of today’s business. Later, after running arounddedication the world, through a long time of hard struggle, the face of one business battle after another, gradually developed their博兴疫情最新消息 own company into today’s scale.

Ta荣根m Wing-gan’s journey from part-time freight f檀健次orwarder sales荣根燃片 to the high唐山疫情ly successful ai唐诗三百首r cargo giant is legendadeeplry and a moder博兴疫情最新消息n example of a self-made man. And in this process expdeepinerienced difficulties and obstacles only Tan Ronggen himself is tboxinghe most clear.

Unchanging pure heart

Footprints all over the world Tan Ronggen荣根燃片 never forgeboxingt their identity, always with a spure浏览器incere heart荣根燃片 to the mothdeepl在线翻译官网erland. He said: & other; Nowadays, Chin谭松韵ese people are getting more and more attention in both ironggennterna融梗算抄袭吗tional official and non-official organizations. The development of domestic economy and the prosperity of our counhearteningtry are of great help todedication是什么意思英语翻译 my work. I am truly proud to be Chinese. ” He hopes to spread Chi博兴疫情最新消息今天nese ideas to the world from a Chinese background.

Although long-term overseas, Tan Ronggen has always been concerned with the development of the motherland. “ 5.12 thrdeepl在线翻译官网oughout the &; After the wen荣根燃片能延时吗chuan earthquake, Tan Ronggen has been deeply involved in the disaster rheartfelteli博兴ef work in sichuan. As for the most unforgettable experience af融梗ter the Lions,博兴疫情最新通报 Tan Ronggen said that he initiated ironggent in the 1990s in China. Vision First & MIDdot; Do博兴疫情最新通报mestic action & RDquo; (it is a program that provides treatment for cataractdedication怎么读音发音 patients). Tam wing-kan had a wish that if the projectpure翻译 could be carried out on the mainland, it would not only give blind people a chance to see again, but also be a gift to him as a Chinese citizen when Hong Kong returned to the motherland in 1pure997.

On August 27, 1997, with the efforts of Tan Ron唐人街探案3ggen, lions Intpure是什么意思ernational signed the first contract with the Chinese government in the Great Hall of th荣根e Peopleheart是什么意思中文 in Beijing. Vision First & MIDdot; Domestic action & RDquo; The agreement. Through the joint efforts of local authorities at all levels, CDPF, health authorities and experts, Vision First & MIDdot; Domestic action & RDquo; A good step forward.

Later, Tan Ronggen recalled the incident is still difficult to hide its happy feeling, he said that this is the most happy and unforgettable thing in his life experience in tdedication中文意思he past ten years. &nbs檀健次p;  

Tan Ronggen plays games with children in Qingdao

Mr. Tan Ronggen poses with children during the vi唐诗三百首sion screening activity in Beijing

Mr. Tan Ronggen visitededication是什么意思d the children in the disaster area & NBSP;    


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