Notice on the general election of the service team and the election of representatives for the 10th District Convention of Shenzhen Lions Club

Notice on the general election of the service team and the election of representatives for the 10th District Convention of Shenzhen Lions Club

Service teams:

      &nbspnotice作文;     According to the regulations of Lions Club International and Liodistrict的中文意思ns Club Shenzhen, the 10th Districgeneralistt conventionservice翻译 of 2011-2012 is scheduled to be held on April 21, andth the election of each service team must be completed before the convention. In order to make good preparations for the 10th District Annual Conference, the follownotice是什么意思ingservice是什么故障灯 matters cogeneralize是什么意思ncerning the general edistrict什么意思lection of the Service team and the elecrepresentatives怎么读tion of representatives for the district Annual Conference are hrepresentatives翻译erebygeneral notified:

           I. Election of the service Corps

          1.3 During the period from 5th April to 6th April, each seconventional什么意思中文rvice team shall hold regular meetings and hold general meetinelectiongs for electigenerallyon.

          2. The president should attach great importance to this election, and as the incumbent president, he is duty-bound to steams手机版houlder tteamprohe responsibility of the election of the nconventionalew board of Directors: First, telectionhe election committee should be established to examine the qualificanotice用法tions of the candidates such anoticeds the new president; The second is to be responsible for organizing the genenotice用法ral assembly to elect a new council.

&notice用法nbsp;         3.teamviewer Each distrrepresentatives怎么读ict chairman, annual chairman and executive Chairman should actively guide andrepresentatives翻译 assist the service team to complete the work ofconventions the general election. All general elections should be completed before 6 April and the results should be reported to the district office.

  &nnotice的形容词bsp;       Eleservice的名词ction of district annual meeting representatives

    &褪黑素nbsp;     1. Each service team shall comply with the “Resolution on the election and qualificaelectiontion of representatives for the 10th Distrconvention什么意思ict Annual Conference of Shenzhen Lions clserviceubgeneralize是什么意思“, that is, one ofreelectionficial representative shall be elected for evthoughery ten members according to the nconventional读音发音umber of menotice翻译mbers whnoticeo hadistrict缩写是什么ve act桃花源记ually paid the membership fee, and one official representative shall be rounded for thegeneral remaining ten members. If a service team with lgeneral轮胎什么牌子ess than 10 membeservice是什么意思rs does not have a delegate, one delegate can be sent to attend the district annual meeting. This delegate does not have a votedistrict. Former governors and current district councrepresentatives怎么读il members are ex officgeneralistio represenservice怎么读tatives and dogeneralize是什么意思 not occupy thenotice过去式 quota of representatives of each service team.

          2. In order to ensu童话故事re full attendance at theconventional读音发音 district annual conference, each officiateamprol representative mayelection是什么意思 eleconventionct a deputy representative. If the official representative is unable toteams attend the district annual meeting for some rreelectioneasteammateon, he/she may be replaced by a ddistricteputy representative.

          3. The list onotice过去式f elconvention什么意思ected full and Depreelectionuty representatives must be submitservice翻译tedconventional to the regional asservice的名词sembly of褪黑素fices by 6 April.

          Iii. Arrangements for the annual Meeting

    &nbspteam;     1. Meeting time: April 21, 2012 (Saconventionsturday) 2pm & MDash; 5:00

          2. Mgeneralizeeeting place: Second Lecture Hall, Xueyuanrepresentative是什么意思 Hotelnotice翻译, Shenzhen (next to Shenznotice的固定搭配hen Party School, No. 3008 xiangmihu North Road, Futian District)

          3. Paservice是什么意思中文翻译rticipants: ex officio districnoticet annual conference delegates and annual coteambitionnference delegates elected by each servdistrict的中文意思ice team

&nbsteamsp;     &notice用法nbsp;   4. Main contents:generalist Review and approve the annual work report, financial work repoconventional读音发音rt, election of district governor, first deputy Governor, second deputy Governor and secretary Geteam是什么意思翻译neral of 2012-district词根2013; Pass relevant billsnotice翻译 for the year, etc.

        &nteam什么意思bsp; 5. Dress: Reelection是什么意思d dress

     thin     Iv. About the Annual Conference & LDquo; Lion night ” Dinner party

          1. Tservicemanime: 19:00 PM, April 21, 2012 (Saturday); 22:00 (Wait at 18:00, start at 19:00)
          2. Venue: Auditorium of Xueyuan Hotel, Shenzhen (next to Shenzhen Party School, No. 3008 xiangeneralizegmihu North Road, Futian District)

          3. Participants: Annoticenual conference representatives and some lion friends

          Contents: Dinner party; Party (specific matterelections wigeneralize翻译ll be notif通货膨胀下什么最保值ied later);

  &nbspthought;       5. Age: 45

&nb褪黑素sp;           6. Cost: to be determined

      &representative是什么意思nbsp;     If you have any questions above, please contact the office directly, tel: 25688990, 256885though67, fax: 25688900, contact: Chen Laoyi.




           Noconvention翻译tice isdistrict是什么意思英语 hereby given.

          Wish the lion luck changlong!
          &nelection是什么意思bsp; &nbteambitionsp;                                      conventional什么意思中文   &nbsrepresentatives翻译p; &service翻译nbsp; &nconventionalbsp;                               &nbsconventional读音发音p;        convention的用法

              &nnotice怎么读英语bsp;       Shenzhen Lionselection怎么读 Club
    &nbsteamworkp;                     &election翻译nbsp;           &nbspelection怎么读;                     Zheng Degang, director of 2011-201conventional翻译2
            &nbdistrict的中文意思sp;             March 3, 2012election中文


            Appendix 1: Shenzhen Lions Club 2012& MDash; The year in 2013    &n桃花图片bsp;             List of Serviservicece Corps Council (blank)

            Attachment 2:          &elections是什么意思nbsp; &nbsgeneralize翻译p;     List of service Team representativerepresentatives翻译s to the 10th District Conve同花顺ntion of Lions Club sdistrict缩写是什么henzhen (blank)

    &nservice是什么故障灯bsp;     &nbspteamwork; Annex III: Resolutithoughton on the election and qualification of representatives for the 10th Distrigenerallyct Convention of Shenzhen Lions Club

Resolution on the election and qualification ofnotice的形容词 representatives for thegeneralbutch 10th District Ann桃花源记ual conference of Shenzhen Lions Club

    &nbspreelection;       Accordiconventionsng to the rules of Lions Club International and Lions Club Shenzhen, the third district council meeticonventional翻译ng decided:

            &nbspdistrict怎么读; 1. Each service team shall elect one official representative for every 10 members according to the numteamviewerber of members who have actually paid the membelection中文ership dues by April 6, 2012. The remaining 10 memreelectionbers shall be rounded to one official representative. If a service team with less than 10 members does not have a delegate, one delegate can be sent to attend the district annual meeting. This delegate does not have a vote.

            2. In order to ensure the full numberelection of delegates attending the district annual meeting, each principal delegate may elegeneral翻译ct one depteams手机版uty delegate. If a priconventionsncidistrict怎么读pal delegate is unable torepresentative是什么意思 attend the annual conference for any reason, his alternate deputreelectiony shall attend the district annual Conference. The list of elected principalconventional读音发音 and deputy represen桃花图片tatives must be submiservice翻译tted to the preparatory Cnoticeommittee 15 days before thedistrict是什么意思英语 district annualgeneralization meeting (i.e., before April 6).

            3. The former governorgeneralbutch and the current district council meconvention的用法mber are the ex officio representaservice是什么故障灯tives and dgeneral什么意思中文o not occupy the quota of representatives of each service team.


                                              &nbdistrict缩写是什么sp;                                           Shenzhen Lions Club
        &nbservice是什么故障灯sp;                                      election翻译                generalbutch                     March 3, 2012

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