Do you know the attention points in the process of lanyard customization?

No matter in ancient times or now, lanyard is a popular folk craft, loved by consumers. especiallyHang rope manufacprocessing编程语言turerThen do you know what details should be paid attention蓝牙rda to inlanyard 翻译 the lanyard customization?

(1) Use occasions

Wheattention怎么读n designing, please fully consider the use of the occasion. Be careful not to damage the main product, as with digital products, plepoints是什么意思英语ase try not to use metal accessorieattention中文谐音s, because metal accessories can scratch the outecustomizations文件夹r ring, which is a big problem. Still have alanyard photo翻译 lot of, be like color, material qualitapointstive etc. should consider on the design. Must not affect the main parts, thus damaging the whole.

(2) Sele斗破苍穹ction of accessories

Lanyard accessories should be selected according to the use of lanyard. When matching accepoint是什么意思ssories to consider the use of comfort, such as the choicepoints翻译 of hanging a lot of accessories on the rope even if the ornamepoint是什么意思中文翻译怎么读nta蓝牙rdkl strocustomizationtoolng, but it will make people use is not very convenient. And itcustomization什么意思中文 will cost more, which is wasteful. Hardprocess什么意思中文wknow怎么读are and plastic are very different in the choice of material. Hardware fittings weight is higher, do not hang gram weight too big as far as possible. Bdoecause it’s very difficult to usknowinge.

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(3) Selection of printing methods

The cost of printing valanyard photo翻译ries somewhat depending on the print斗破苍穹ing process. Which printing meprocess什么意思中文thod is suitable for you depencustomizations文件夹ds on th斗破苍穹之无上之境epoints是什么意思英语 effect you want tolanyard photo翻译 achieve in the lanypoint是可数名词吗ard design. The cost of prodknow怎么读英语语音uction does not determinattention什么意思中文e the effect. Like simple text print抖音极速版ing in order to highlight the LOGO of the obvious choice of simple screen printingpoints是什么意思英语 will be better. And if your patteprocession是什么意思rn color complex, in order to highlight the whole harmony, choose thermal transfer printing will be more bealanyardutiful.

(4) Pay attecustomization是什么意思中文翻译ntion to the use斗罗大陆终极斗罗 of materials东方财富网

There are many kinds of materials commonly used for lattention舞蹈a斗罗大陆漫画nyard production,pointsprizes which aattention舞蹈re also very large. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Therattention的动词e is no such thing as good or bad. Like heat transfer printing will generaprocessionlly use plain polyester ribbon to achieve good results. And it is not suitable for screen printing and nylo东京复仇者n belt is suitable for screen printing, and the thermal transfer effect is repointslatively poor. These should be paid attention toprocessing when designing the lanyard. If you are not familiar with the matecustomization是什么意思rial of the lanyarpoint是什么意思d, try to ask the manufacturer.

(5attention的动词) A clear design draft

If the lanyard propointsprizesductknowledgeable needs to be ppoint是什么意思中文翻译怎么读rinted, try to make a vector drawing. So斗罗大陆终极斗罗me users do not pay much attention to this aspect oftpointsen use some very fuzzy JPG file, so it is easy to create a product printing quality is not high. Or very different frprocession翻译om the originalknow是什么意思. Thus affecting the overcustomization翻译all effect and lengthen the production time and difficulty. And in the heat transfer LOGO if the drawing is too vague, it will greatly affect the appearance of the printing.

(6) Many buyers will think that expensive goods are good, while cheap goods arpoints是什么意思英语e definitely nlanyard 翻译ot good, this mentality is very wrong, y东方财富网ou must choose the rattention什么意思中文ightprocess什么意思中文 product for yourself. Sometimes a simple hanging rope, hanging on the product may be more harmonious. Also, if yo东京复仇者u want to use it for advertising, sometimes simple products stand out, so we have to be specific.

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