Dream Corps: Inaugurating the 2019-2020 annual change of leadership

  On August 25, 2019, the inaugural ceremony of shenzhen Lions Club Dream Service team 2019-2020 waannuals held at The Qingtian Huating Cultuleadership怎么读re and Art Trading Center in Futian District. The ceremony was attended by liu Qihcorps翻译ai, chairman of the 20th Districdream我的世界t of Sleadership需要具备哪些能力henzhen Lions Club, Tan Fei, secretary general of the Board of Supervisors, and moreleadership英文解释 than 40 members ofdream是什么意思 the dream Service Tedream图片am, their families and social caring pcorp是什么意思eople.dream The ceremony was chaired by Liu Weijun and Lin Xiaohong.


Liu Weijun, chairman odreamboat什么意思f the conference, introduced the leaders and guestsdream attending the inauguration ceremony and extended a warm welcominauguratinge to all of them.

Over the past year, the dream of service under the guidance of the previous captain Lai Jinhua, strengthen the lion service management, actively participatannual造句e in service activities,leadership to develop assistive anannuallyd student service activiticorpse翻译es such as 10 times, 15 times for a service, in the area of project and othedreamboatr service jointannuals services nine times, in 47 area or other service buinauguratingsiness activities, service funds nearly 490000 yuan, total spending Awarded “Outstanding Service Team” of Shenzhen Lions Club. The last team ledreamboatader with their own love to pay, won the “changednew kinetic energy, the new lion genercorpsation” outstanding captain award.

Ladream是什么意思i Jinhua the previous captain speech, thanks for your accompanycorp是什么的缩写 anleadershipd support, Thanksgiving their harvinauguratingest in the past year many touched and joy, the hope can in gan Lin of the New Year captain ldreamingechanged the lion fannual翻译riends can continue to inheriting the spirileadership需要具备哪些能力t ofannual造句 the lioannualn, attentively complete each field service activities, to improve and grow in the ordinary service, On the road to public welfare, work together to open up a new chapter.


Ileadership是什么意思英语n order to promote the lion spirit, the last team leader to 2018-corpse是什么意思2019 lion friends brave enoughcorpse是什么意思 to take responsibility and pay awarded the outstandinannual是什么意思g companion award, outstanding public welfare partner, outstanding lion work award, outstanding contribution award, special supporannual是什么意思t award, excellent member award and other awards.corps是什么意思 Award-winning lion friends came on stage one by one to receive thiannuallys honor, the heavy medal embodies the love and sweat of every lion friends.

The healthy develop嫦娥五号ment of the service team is inseparable fleadership的中文意思rom thannual翻译e open and transparent finannual同义词ance. Wen Lirong made the annual financial reportcorp是什么意思 for 2018-2019, detailing the financial eleadership翻译xpenditure of the dreachangesm Service team in the previous year.

Under the leadersdreaminghip of lion friends witness, the regalia will be sash and scepter handed over嫦娥古诗 to Ganneng Lin.


Captain Ganerglin expressed his gratitude to all the lion friends and guests, and to the dredreamboat什么意思am Team members who have always given him support, encouragement and help. He said in his work report, the New Year, will follow domdream怎么读estic lion federation “don’t forget to beginner’s mind, strong domestic featleadership是什么意思ures a new path of development of social organizations” guidelines, with the power of the “harmonious” asleadership需要具备哪些能力 the theme, actively carry oudream我的世界t respect, assistive, student activities, such as tleadership的四种类型he practice of “out” spirit, strengthen the team centripetal force and cohesiveleadership的定义 force. He hoped tdream图片hat the lion friendsdreamweaver of the dream Service team would actively participate ileadershipncorps是什么意思 the lion work, contribcorps怎么读ute to the development of public welfare, and create a better tomorrow for the dream Service team.

With the witness of the lion friends, members of the 2019-2020 Team leader of the Dream Service Team came on stage to deliver their inaugural commitment.

Chairman Liu Qihai made a speech, expressing aannual是什么意思ppreciation to the contributions and achievem嫦娥奔月的读音ents of the previous team leader in the past yeannual是什么意思ar, and warm congratulations to The honorable inauguration of Team leader Gan Nenglin. In the coming year, he hopes that the dream Service team lion friends will continue to support The work of Captain Gan Nenglin, and sleadershiphow the value of lion lov嫦娥古诗e in the seinauguration翻译rvice, so as to go further and furthchangeer on the road of lion love and create more glory.

Wechat picture _20190829180657.jpg

Liu Weijun, execorpsecutive Chairman of the conference, delivered a speech of appreciation, thanking everyone for their support to the election, for the hard work of the staff on stage and behind the scenes, and for the generous sponsorship of lion friends and caring enterprises. Inleadership英文解释 the laughter, in the countless blessings and expectations, the dream service team set foot on the new lion road journey……


By Li Huiyi

Photo/Zeng Dejun, Liu Shuru

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