Hail the city beautician

The City’s urban Management bureau and comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau jointly organized the Beautiful Shebeautician怎么读nzhen Fou海澜之家ndation to celebcity是本田什么款车rate the 2019 Sanitation W海陆orkers’ Day

Source: Shenzhen Special Zone News & NBSP;       28 October 2019 & NBSP;       Edition: A12

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Sanitation workers are incity是什么意思vited to celebrate Sanitation Worcity复数kers’ Day.

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Volunteers took to the streets to sweep the streets for sanibeauticiantation workers.

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Charitable enterprises donated monecitydo吴先生y to the Beautiful S海伦凯勒henzhen Publcitydo杭州城市大数据ic Welfare Foundation to care for sanitation workers.

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Sacity是什么意思nitation workers receive love supplies.

October 2citydo吴先生6 is an ordi海螺水泥nary Saturday, but this day ushered in a special fes海伦凯勒tival — the 26th Sanitation Workers’ Day i海陆n Guangdoncitydo天眼查g Province and the third “Care sanitation Workers’ Day” in Shenzhen. Sanitation worcitydo杭州城市大数据kers set out every day in the stars, appear in the corners of the city; They use their hands to tcity怎么读ake away the dirty, beautiful city, wake up every clean, comfortable, beautiful morning; They have a common name — urban beautician.

Every month, Shenzhen publishes the environmental hygiene index of streets, public toilets and urban villages. The level of encitydovironmental hygiene in the city has repeatedl海伦凯勒y hit new highs, and residentscitydo杭州城市大数据‘ satisfaction has been rising. This remarkable ach海兰萨领主ievement is insepabeauticianrable from the hard work of the vast number of sanitation workers.

Pay tribute to the city beautician, create a civilized cicity是本田什么款车ty, in recent yea海来阿木rs, the city urban management and comprehensive law encitydo吴先生forcement bureau carefully create care sanitation workers brand. On Octo海澜之家为什么要剪标be海螺r 26, thcitye bureau and the Beautiful Shenzhen Foundation held a series of activities to comfort sanitation workers.

More海澜之家为什么要剪标 than 3000 volunteers experience street sweeping

At 5:30 in the morning of October 26, before dawn, a group of volunteercity怎么读s in red vests were welcomed in the scitydo吴先生quare in froncitydo集团t of shenzhen Book City Center on the north and south sidecity是本田什么款车 of Fuzhongcitydo集团 No.1 Road in Futian District. With brooms, they swept the road for the scitydo天眼查anitation workers who had been cleaning this section. Thhaile night was so quiet that only the sound of sweeping the floor could be heard. This activity was carried out by the Mu海澜之家nicipal Urban management and comprehensive Law enforcement Bureau jointly with Paccity复数ific Property Insur海伦凯勒ance Shenzhen Branch. The activity was first carried out in 2016, and this year is the fourth year to be held.

At t海伦凯勒he scene, Yang Lei, debeautician怎么读puty director of the municipal urban management and comprehensive law enforcement Bureau, Licity翻译n Gong, secretary of the Party Committee andcitydo general mancity怎么读ager of The Shenzhen Branch of Pacific P海螺roperty Icitynsu海螺rance, and ocity是本田什么款车ther city and district urban management departments, as well as 1,100 volunteers from thhaile Branch clecitydo集团aned the surrounding area untilcitydo dawn.海螺水泥

“Let alone the weekend, usually thishail point mucity复数st also be sleeping, experience, really feel the sanitation workers arecity怎么读 very hardcity复数.” Mr. Han, an employee of the Shenzhen branch of Pacific Property Insurancbeauticiane who attended the event, saicity复数d, “Without the sanitation workers, our city is not so clean.” Xiang had the same feeling. “I woke up at around 4 am, bu海螺t usually I was dreaming. I know how to manage my garbage by myself,” she said.

A personal experience, touch the heart, bring people different experience. Mr. Li called on all海伦斯 citizens to care for and respectcitydo the sanitation海伦凯勒 workers, do not licitydo吴先生tter, keep the city clean and tidy, do not add to the burden of sanitatiocitydo集团n workers.

“It is more about experiencing the work of a sanitation worker than replacing a job.” Yang lei said that this is his fourth year tocitydo吴先生 participate in the “love for The post” activity, “lcity怎么读ove for the post” is to call on the community to pay attention to and respecityct the occupation of sanitation workers, and through the personal exhailperience of volunteers, advocate the whole society to pay attention to health, love the environment, do not fall on the ground. Now more and more people are involved in caring for sanitation worke海陆rs, and the atmosphere of social respect for scitydo杭州城市大数据anitaticity是什么意思on workers is getting better and better. Some enterprises take the initiati海螺ve to seek donations for sanitation worker海澜之家为什么要剪标s.

Acc海伦斯ording to Lin, “Replacing the guard withailh love” is a very meaningful thincity怎么读g, which not only enables the em海澜之家ployees to experience the hardship of the sanitation workecitydors, but also affects more entecitydo集团rprises and people incity the society to pay attention to the sanitation workers. As a cbeauticianaring and responsible enterprise, we should actively practice public welfare and contribute our strength to caring focity是本田什么款车r sanitation workers.

At the end of the event, CPIC Shenzhen also donated o海澜之家为什么要剪标il rice worth more than 7,300 yuan t海蓝之谜o the representacity是本田什么款车tives of the sanitation workers. It is understood that this year Pacific Property Insurance Shenzhen branch to Longgang District, Bao ‘an Districtbeautician翻译, Guangming distrihailct, Pin海澜之家gshan District a海蓝之谜 total of 35,201 sanitation workers dcity怎么读onated group personal accident insurance, each 1海陆00,000 yuan of insurancity是本田什么款车ce, a tota海来阿木l of more than 3.5 billion yuan donated insurance.

In addition, each distribeauticianct and each street also carried out the love to replace the post activities, the city’s total of more than 3,000 volunteers to participate in them.

“We received official visits ducity是本田什么款车ring festivals, strangers would say ‘than海伦凯勒k you’, acitydo集团nd children woulcitydod directly hand me discarded water bottles under th海螺水泥e guidance of their parents…” Deng Geliang, from Hucity怎么读nan province, is one of the city’s froncitydo杭州城市大数据t-line sanitation wo海螺水泥rcity翻译kers and one of the sanitation workers who was “replaced by love”. It’s those little details, she says, thatcity翻译 make her feel海伦凯勒 warm in her heart. This kind of warmth is spreading to the city’s sanitation workbeautician怎么读ers, showing the civilization and warmth of Shenzhen.

Praise the advanced

Bonuses were awarded to 1000 excellent sanitation workers

On the same day, the city’s urban management and comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau and the Beautiful Shenzhen Foundation held acitydo吴先生n event to celebrate the 2019 Sa海螺nitation Workers’ Day, “Salute the Sanitatcity是什么意思ion workers and Create a Civilized City”. City leaders visitecity怎么读d and sympathized with excellent working groups of front-line sanitation workers, and awarded honorary certificates to 10 representatives of outstanding sanitation workers. This year, the Beautifbeautician怎么读ul Shenzhen Public Welfare Foundation will continue to commend 1,000 excellent f海澜之家ront-line sanitaticityon workers in the city, and each one will receive a bonus of 1,000 yuan. Representatives of 150 sanitation workers attended th海兰萨领主e event.

Those who are sympathized with are the excellent working group of fuzhong One Road, Shenzhen Book City, central city government road. The海澜之家为什么要剪标 team, which belongs to Shenzhen Rcitydo吴先生enren Property Environmental Engineering Co., LT海兰萨领主D., is mainly responsible for the cleaning of the civic center, civic Sqcitydo集团uarecity复数, cebeauticianntral Bo海伦凯勒ok海来阿木 City, music hall, chicityldren’s Palace and other key areas around. All sanitation workers incitydo天眼查 the team have been engaged in front-line sanitation operations for more than 9 yea海螺水泥rs, a海兰萨领主ndcitydo are hard-working,hail familiar with business, willing to contribute to the baccity是本田什么款车kbone of thhaile business. At 4 o ‘clock in the morning every day, the group started to carry out continuous cleaning and maintain the cleacitydo天眼查nliness and beauty of the civic center with long-term high quality. Especially in the clecity翻译aning and cleaning work of the sub-海蓝之谜venue of this year’s “Spricity是什么意思ng Festival Gala”, the group o海伦凯勒beyed the schedule, acted actively and sbeautician翻译tuck to their posts.city In the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the estcityablishment of the new China in Shenzhenbeautician and tcity是本田什么款车he lighting show in the central dcity是什么意思istrict of Shenzhen and othbeauticianer important activities of tcitydo吴先生he s海伦凯勒anitation work, also with high quality to complete various tasks, made outstanding contributions,citydo集团 by the public and all levels of competent authorities.

There are many excellent sanitation workers in Shenzhen. Although what they docitydo集团 is little by little, their contricity怎么读bution and influence to the society are also great.

In ad海螺水泥ditbeauticianion, the City’city复数s urban management and comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, together with the Beautiful Shenzhen Founcity复数dation and the Shenzhen Lions Club, held a “Harmonious Force” sympabeauticianthy event for the most behailautiful sanitation workers at the Lianhuashan Reform andbeautician翻译 Opening-up Memorial Park. On sanitation Workcity是本田什么款车ers’ Day this ycitydo杭州城市大数据ear, The Lions Club of Shenzhen invested 300,000 yuacitydo杭州城市大数据n to support 150 front-line s海来阿木anitation workers whose families were poor due to injury or illness at work, 2,000 yuan per person.

Warm relay

Charitable enterprises actively donated donation materials

During the海蓝之谜 event, Xu Hang, chairman of the Beautiful Shenzhen Foundation and Chairman of Shenzhen Pengruicity是本田什么款车 Group Co., LTD., said that since its establishme海蓝之谜nt four yearhails a海蓝之谜go, the beautiful Shenzhen Foundation has contin海蓝之谜uously carhailricitydo天眼查ed out the series of activities of “Caring for the sanitation worcity是本田什么款车kersbeautician翻译” and achieved extensivebeautician翻译 social effects. Peng rui g海兰萨领主roup in the beautiful shenzhen public foundation set up the “care for the sacitydonitation workers spe海澜之家cial funds”,海来阿木 has invested 2 mihailllion yuan fund extremely poor sanitation wobeautician翻译rkers,citydo天眼查 in December of this year, wcitydo天眼查ill continue to take car海伦斯e of things the sanitation worker took out 1 million yuan, this is a vercitydoy mecitydo集团aningful things, I hope more and more companies and agencies to love love love sanitation workers, to build civilized city.

At the scene, the board of directors of the Beautiful Shenzhen Foundation, caring enterprises and charitable organizations donated money to the Beautiful Shenzhen Foundation for the activity of “Caring for sanitation workers”, so that thebeautician sanitation workers could feel thecitydo warmth of Shenzhen. At the same time, we hope to encourage the whole society to res海伦凯勒pect and海澜之家 care for sanitation workers.

Among them, Shenzhen Energy Environmental Protecti海螺on C海螺水泥o., Ltd. donated 2 million yuan; Shenzhen Auto Electric Power Plant Co., Ltd. 200,000 YUAN; Shenzhen Mairemet Environmental Technology Co.beautician, LTD donated 200,000 YUAN; Shenzhencity翻译 Baijiahua Group海来阿木 Co., LTD donated 200,000 yuan; Lions Club of Shenzhen donated 300,000 yuan and sponsored food andcity是本田什么款车 oil and other materials worth 45,000 yuan. China Pacific Property and Casualty Insurance Co., LTD. Shenzhen Branch donated perscitydo天眼查onal accident insurance for more than 30,000 sanitation workers in Our city this year. Shenzhen Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect海蓝之谜 Capital Management Group Co., Ltd. sponsored quilts and pillows worth 70,000 yua海蓝之谜n; New China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. shenzhen branch sponsored 30, 000 yuan worth of emergency clothing. This activity is focity怎么读r the donation of love enterprises, institutions awarded.

List of outstanding Sanitation worcity是什么意思kers

Shi Xiaoling: Do good deeds and return to society

Shicity翻译 Xiaoling engaged in sanitation work for 20 years, in the wcitydo吴先生ork of serious海蓝之谜 diligence, nevcitydo吴先生er latcity是什么意思e early leave absence, at present, is responsible for the Futian Binhe avenue of a sanitation worker.

When xiaoling, who has congenital hebeautician翻译art disease since childhood, lives with her mother in her eighticity是什么意思es. She not only has to take care of her mother, butcity是本田什么款车 also has to treat her海澜之家为什么要剪标 all the year round. Her life is very difficult, but she is very optimistic and positive.

There was a sudden onset of dizz海澜之家为什么要剪标iness on the job, w海伦凯勒hen a lothail of peo海螺ple fcity复数or her donations, received a loving donation of nearly 200,000 yuan, successfcity复数ully completed the operati海来阿木on, to help her through the moment of life and death, these concerns let her remembcitydo杭州城市大数据er in the heart. At work, Shi Xiaoling is dedicated to her job, willing to help others and return money to sociecitydo杭州城市大数据ty.

On October 7, her electric bicycle pushed abeauticianll the way to a海澜之家为什么要剪标 lost 3 hours, the old man, avoid bridge, traf海螺水泥fic light interscity是什么意思ection海伦凯勒, high and low海伦斯 walking for 40 minutes, will be a 86 – year – old old man sent home, o海澜之家ld people and their families moved by, later, wcity复数hen family members according to the word on the clothes I find xiaoling, thank pennants and gave her. On O海伦斯ct 4, Shi Xiaoling was cleaning by the sid海螺e of the road when she s海澜之家potted a shared bike with a black backpack on it. She waited beside the bike for its owner to return. In海兰萨领主 September, while cleaning, Xiaoling saw a young lady struggling with several large boxes. She hurried to help carry the boxes until she was put into the car. Such a good thing when Xiaoling also did a lot.

“I thank the city of Shenzhen for givin海伦凯勒g me a war海陆m home,” saicitydo集团d the 44-year-old sanitation worker. Al海陆though he is only a sanitation worker, the power is very limitecityd, but also to do more good deeds, retu海螺rn to society. I actually feel real joy when I help ocitythers.”

Xu Hongzhi: not afraid of dirty tired to post focity怎么读r home

Over the past 18 years, Xu Hongcitydo杭州城市大数据zhailhi, a sanitatcitydo吴先生ion worker in Luohu District, has never left her ord海螺水泥inary cleaning post, writing abeautician怎么读 “road love” with a broom. So far, she has won the title of city advancecitydo吴先生d Worker for 8 consecutive years.

In 1990, xu Hongzhi went to Shenzhen to work at the age of 20 and stcitydoarted cleaning. It takes great courage for a young man in his twenties to be a sanitation worker. Xu Hongzhi felt that althougcitydo集团h the sanitation work is hard, but a sweat for a clean, she felt that this is very m海兰萨领主eaningful things, this is a海澜之家为什么要剪标lso to support her to do a good job of the spiritual power of sanitation.

Since the work, she and her colleagues, to a dirty acity复数nd messy bad corner launched a tough battle. On one occasion, an open-air garbage transfer station accumulated socity是本田什么款车 much garbage that it smelled bad in the middle of海来阿木 summer.beautician怎么读 She was the first to shovel and pick up the rubbish. That day,beautician from 12 noon until 5 PM, they finally cleared the dead spot. When she got home, she repeatedly rinsed hebeauticianr boots, but the stench didn’t seem to come off.

Xu Hongzhi treats tcityhe work with no regrets, treats the family but is full of too mucity复数ch guilt. In the past 18 years, she has taken her job as her home and never had a family reucitynibeautician翻译on dinner at home every New Year’s Eve. She said that she was not a good w海蓝之谜ife, mother or daughter-in-law, but received a lot of support from her family, which made her fecitydo杭州城市大数据el unique and hapcitypy.

Perhaps influenced by his childhood experience, her son went to school to stop every time he saw his cbeautician怎么读lassmates litterin海螺水泥g. When asked acitydobout his mother’s occupation, he always said proudly that his mother was an “urbacity是什么意思n beautic海澜之家为什么要剪标ian”. Sometimes, hcitydo杭州城市大数据er lover will accompany her on the night shift, the co海螺水泥uple, one cart, the other garbage collection, Xu hongzhi said humorously, this is also “shoppingcity.”

Yanbeautician翻译g Guancitydo吴先生gsheng: We are dedicated to helping others

Yang guangsheng, 59, has been working hard in the sanitation industry for 17 years. Since he came to Shenzhen in 2002 to join the sanitatiobeauticiann industry, he has never been home for the Spring Festival. Year after year, day after day, in ordercity是什么意思 to keep the city clean, he always fights on the front line with his colleagues, and has been awarded as an excellent sanitation worcitydo集团ker for twelve times.

In 17 years of sanitation work, Yang guangsheng hascity翻译 bandaged and treated people incitydo天眼查jured by bicycle and c海澜之家为什么要剪标ar accidents 16 times and sent them to the hospital in time, saving people and helping others. But he never thought it was anything, just said it was the right thing to do.

Inbeautician怎么读 November 1998, Yanbeauticiang Guangsheng took a walk with his wife after w海蓝之谜ork in hisbeautician hometown. He found an abandoned baby girl by the roadsi海伦凯勒de in the old city. Looking at thcity翻译e baby, he discussed wi海兰萨领主th his wife and took the baby home to raise it. In May 2001, Yang guangshengcitydo集团‘s w海澜之家ife died海螺水泥 of illncitydo集团ess. At this time,海来阿木 their adopted daughter was less tcity是本田什么款车han three years old. Relatives and friends around him advised him to send th海蓝之谜e child to an orphanage, butcity是本田什么款车 he answered that he would raise her even if beggcitydo天眼查ing for food.

O海来阿木n May 18, 2019海澜之家为什么要剪标, on his way home from work after cleaning, he found a wallet containing 9,651 yuan in cash, various certificates and bank cbeautician怎么读ards. He imcitymediately contacted the o海伦斯wner and returned the wallet. He ohailften donated money and materials to disaster海澜之家 areas and people suffering from ser海澜之家ious diseases. He often does goobeauticiand deeds like this, but he never leaves his name.

(Qicity是本田什么款车ng Rong Chen Jia/Wen Li Zhong/photo)

Homage to the city beautician

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