Two east village heart warm poor households

Two east village heart warm poor households

On January 29, 2019, shenzhen lions joint shenzhen municipal party committwooteeheartfelt united front work department to shanwei cities reheartbeatd bay development zone, east village to carry out precision Spring Festival symvillager造句pathy for pvillage什么意思怎么读音overty alleviation activities, to the local poor familieasteres 54 every donated 500 yuapoorn solaeast数据tium and grain and oil, such as New Year gift batwofoldg suwarm怎么读pplies, seat to donate 50000 yuan solatium, donatevillaged 5000 yuan per person to two poor college stheartworkudents grants, The serpoor音标vice funds were 87,000 yuan. Among them, the Shenzhen Lions Club contributed 10,800 yuan.

The event was organized by Lions Club of Shenzhen and Unihousehold是什么意思英语ted Front Work Departmeneaster什么意思t ovillagef Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee. More than 20 people attended the event, including Executiheartbrokenve Vice Mipoor怎么读nihousehold是什么意思英语ster of United Fronheartbreakingt Work Department and Peaster什么意思arty Secretary of The Party Committee Fan Kuheartilyn, 2018-2019 President of Lions Club Shenzhen Ma Min, Secretary General Du Hengkun, Chairman li Zhou of The sixth District, Chen Qupoor反义词nhousehold什么意思中文hao of the ninth District, leaders of relevant departments of United Front Work Departmeheartbrokennt of the Municipal Party Committee and rpoor名词eprpooreresentatives of lionspoor翻译 Friends of various service teams of Lions Club Shenzhen.

At the cerhousehold什么意思中文emony, Executive Vice Minister Fan Kun aheartbreakingnd President Ma Min, on behalf of the United Front Work Deaster英语怎么读epartment of the CPC Municipal Committee and The Lions Club of Shenzhen respectively, extended warm New Year greetings to the villagers of Donger Village, encouraging them to strengthen their confidence, overcome difficultieeaster英语怎么读s and strive for poverty allpoor名词eviation at an early date. At the same time, encourage the two students to take the pride of their hometown — the father ofheartwork nhouseholdsuclear submarivillage什么意思怎么读音ne Huang Xuhua as an example, self-improvement, learning ability, in their own professional fields to make contributions to the society.east数据

The scene of the event, the fragrance of ink floating. Yang Fuliang, executive chairman of shenzhen Lions Club Lion Friends Cultural and Sports Center, wrote couplets fhouseholdsor local residevillage翻译nts with great passion for creation and best wishes for the New Year.

Later, Executive Vice Meast翻译inister Fan Kun, President Ma Min, relheartevant leaders of the United Front Work Department and shenzhen Shiyou visited the targeted poverty alleviation and new rural construction projects of Donpoor音标gzhou Middle School, road greenwarm怎么读语音ing at the entrance of the village, transformation of xiangzi ditcvillage什么意思怎么读音h, culturaheart什么意思英语l site for Party construction in North Gvillage怎么读英语ate, industrial assistance project base and so on.

During the visit to the poor families in Donger Village, the sympathy group listened to the demands of the poor famieastmoney东方财富网股lies seriously, understood their actual difficulties, kindly sent them couplets, condolence money aheartnheartworkd condolence materials, and encouraged them to keep an optimistic attiheartbeattuwarmingde and face life ptwo是什么意思英语ositively. On behalf of Shenzhenvillage翻译 Lions Club, Presidentpoor音标 Ma Min sent holiday blesswarm反义词ings and care to the poor families, wishvillage怎么读ing them good health, a happy family and a happy life.

A leaf is always love, little dropseast are love. Over the years, The Lions Club has taken various measures thearto carry out targeted poverty alleviation activities, doing practical work, good deeds and solving difficultivillage什么意思怎么读音es for the people in need, and timelhouseholdsy bringing warmth to the hearts of the people in need. The care and sympathy of the Shvillager造句ewarm反义词nzhen Liopoorestns Club made the poor families in Donger village feel warm and enjoy a hvillage游戏appy and peaceful Spring Festival.

By Yang Xin & NBSP; Figure/Li Zhou

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