Lions Club of Shenzhen to visit the disaster and post-disaster recovery and reconstruction work

10month24day.A delegation from Shenzhen Lions Club visited our county to investigate the disaster a深圳nd post-disaster rerecovery是什么文件夹covery and recworkplaceonstruction work. Shan Hlions的音标engwei, vice president olionsf the Provworkerincial Charity Federation, Huang Shujun, deputy Secrposteretary of the county Pareconstruction是什么意思rty Committee, Zhang Yunqiang, deputy head of the county, and responsible comradesvisitor of relevant dworksepartmentsdisaster翻译 attended.

In the standing conference room of thereconstruction courecovery下载nty official,disaster的最高级 Huang Shujun, deputwork翻译y Secretary of the County Party Committee, on behalf of the County Party Covisit的ing形式mmitdisaster怎么读tee and the county oworkdayfficial, extendevisit翻译d a warm welcome to the delegation of The Shenzhen Lions Club, thanked them for therecovery电脑怎么解决ir concern and supporvisit怎么读t for the post-disaster reconstructirecovery电脑上出现这个怎么办on work of The county, and introduced the situation of the dlion是什么意思isaster and post-disaster reconstruction of the county. At the same time, I hope that they will visworkshopit and see the county more, provide more valuposterable advice, continue to pay attention to, help and support the recovery, reconstruction and development of the county, aclubmannd guide the county to do more outstanding work.

Nie Xiangdong, vice president of Shenzhen Lions Club, said that Shenzhen Lions Clubdisaster造句 was officially established with the approval of The State Cvisit什么意思ouncil and has the legal personality of an independent non深圳地铁线路图-governmental organization. Since itsvisit的过去式 inceptiorecovery是什么意思n, strictly abide by state laws and regulations and in health, a student of assistive, poverty alleviation, disaster relpostageief, reconstruction and community service in various fields to carry out a series of social service activities of charity, make positive contribution for the construction of a harmonious society, this time to xun county is to field xun county disaster situation, back home, as the largest can help xun county posclubmed官网预订t-disaster rvisit是什么意思英语econstreconstruction是什么意思ruction.

Later, the Lions club of Shenzhen watched the documentarylion是什么意思 about the disaster in our county, and went to laoyongding line, Juxin Line, Xinzhen Qimen Primary Schoolpostcard, Xinzreconstruction翻译hen Shendian Primary school and other places to investigate the disaster sitpostuation in our county.

[Source: Lingnan 24 Hours]

Lions Club of Shenzhen to visit the disaster and post-disaster recovery and reconstruction work

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