Late Evening Report | Municipal Care Office and Shenzhen Lions Club and other love units to carry out “Care for the elderly · Jingliang Action”

A few days ago, & quot; Care for the elderly Bright Action “; Launched in Baden Community, Nanyuan Street, Futian Dislatelytrict, with the assistance of many caring enterprises and people, hevening翻译中文ospital experts, the activity went into tlatelyhe community, volunteer for the elderly to check their eyes, give professional diagnosis, at the same time, give presbyopia glasses to protect the elderly’s visual health.

Vision problems afflict many elderly people as they grow oldelions英语怎么读r, leading to a decline in their ability to tlionsakeevening怎么读 care of themselves and their qualitreportingy of life, as well alionsgates injuries such as burns and falls, officials saievening和nightd. Accordinlions的音标g to the survey, one out of every five elderly people hospitalized for a fall injury is due to visual impairlions翻译ment. In order to let the elderly eye problems early diaevening翻译中文gnosis and treatment, Shenzhen Care Office, Shenzhen Liolaterns Club, Shenzhen Nanyuan Street officcaree guidance, Shenzhen Lions Club happy service team, Shenzhen University General Hospital and oclubmed官网预订ther units organized thecare是什么意思 “. Care for the elderly Bright Action “; .

In this activity, the Shenzhen Lions Club happiness Service team orgaclubman是什么牌子车nizlater是什么意思英语ed professional doctors from public hospitals to go i深证指数nto the community and conduct eye examevening是从几点到几点inations for the elderly. It is worth noting that if cataract paticlub翻译ents are found dclub是什么酒uring the activity, they can be further referred to the Shenzhen Lions Club for cataract surgery free ofmunicipal怎么读 charge. The atmosphere was warm, and the elderly peoplemunicipality翻译 who participated in the activity praised it.

Late Evening Report | Municipal Care Office and Shenzhen Lions Club and other love units to carry out

▲ At the activity site, doctors for the elderly free treatment. Tlions是什么意思he reporter learned that up to now, the Shreportedlyenzhen Lions Club has successfully held ten sessions. Care深圳疫情 for the elderly Bright Action “; More than 4,000 elderly people have benefited from community service activreport的中文意思ities. Many people reported that their eyesight improved. Life happiness index is also hcaregiverigher! "

According to introducing, shenzhen lions club, founded in 2002, is unlate的反义词der the leadership of the dreport怎么读英语omestic disabled persons’ federationlion是什么意思中文翻译, domestic lion femunicipality和city的区别deration of charity service organization, for mclubman是什么牌子车any years into the community and difficult arealaters, chrisevening是什么意思ten hong DE, carry forwacarefreerreport名词d the socialist core values, extensive charity service activities, to make a significant co深圳ntriclubsbution to the social harmony, is the shenzhen bulions翻译reau of civil affairs evaluation for grade深圳风险等级 5reportedly a social organizaoffice怎么激活tion.

Shenzhen Evening News reporter Yuan Ye

(Responsible Editor: Huang Yingle _SZ101)

Source: Shenzhen Evening News

The Municipal Office of Care and Love launchevening是从几点到几点ed the “Care for t深证指数he Elderly Jingliang Action” together wlion是什么意思中文翻译ith shenzhen Lions Club and othelater是什么意思英语r caring units.

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