Blooming life and enjoying sunshine — The 8th Provincial Blind Beach Fun Games and blind board Bell Ball Exchange Games were held smoothly

On November 3, 2021, the 8th Provincial Blind Beach Fun Games and Blind board Bell ball exchange games wesunshine翻译中文re held in the Rose Cogamestoday官网网址ast outdoor venue, Dapeng New District, Shenzbeach和bitch发音区别hebloomingdales官网n city. The event was sponsored by Guangdong Disabled Persons’ Federation, jointly undertaken by Guangdong Blind Association and Shenzhen Lions Club, with a funding of 30,000 yuan from Shenzhen Lions Club for supportsunshine翻译ing services.

  Disabled persons’ federation陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿 part-time vice chairman of the rich Chinese in gubeach和seaside的区别angdong province, gublindlyangdong province disabled persons’ federation team ministry researcherblind怎么读 xiang-donbeach翻译g xieblindness, shenzheblindfoldn xuan (right), deputy directorbloomingdales官网 of the disabled persons’ federatioblind是啥意思n group Chen joined, blind Huang Jianfei, chairman of the association of guangdong provincsunshinee, vice chairman Chen, Li Huimei, shenzhen Ma褪黑素 Jingyang, chairman of the association for the blind, and the province more tsunshine歌曲英文歌词han 130 vigamestopsually impaired people to join in your activitiegamestoday下载游戏s. The event was hosted by Qiu Linglsunshineing.games怎么读音英语

Rostrum group photo. JPG

Chairman Hubloomingdalesang jianfei delivered a speech, thanking shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen Creative Energy Construction Co., LTD and other caring organizations and enterprises for their stbloomingdales官网rongbeach和bitch发音区别 supporblooming翻译t to this event. He called on all sectors of society to join hands in caring for visuallgamestopy impaired friends, makienjoying怎么读ng contributions to enriching the spiritual lifelife的复数 of visually impaired friends,life是什么意思 and making the road of disability and health integratblinders翻译ion widbeach怎么读语音er and farthesunshine组合r.

Chairman. JPG

Xiang-dong xie director made a speech, he hopprovincial什么意思e that through such activities, enrich blind friends life, show visually impaired friends sblooming翻译elf-renewal spirit, lead the blind friend party words, feelinsunshine的情侣名称g Dasunshine的情侣名称ngEn, go with the party, build the wbloominghole society to understand, respect,beach复数 care and help the visually impaired friend thick atmosphere, make the visually impaired to better fit into society and enjoy the achievement of social civilization.

Director. JPG

Fu Minghui, vice Chairman, Huang Jianfei, Chen Yasunshine什么意思ng,blindingly Lprovincialisti Weimei, vice chairmanlife是什么意思, presented a certificate of appblooming是什么意思reciation to thsunshine英语e units supporting this activity.

At the opening ceremony, the contestants expressed their expectation and confidence in the competition with warm cheers. With the collective cblindinglyounting sound, the leaders and guests sounded their hornenjoyingthemselvess to announcsunshinee the official opening of the competition!

The sports ground rang out one after another shouts, cheering, a blind fun gameprovincial翻译s is in hot. Thprovincialiste team of blind athletes from 17 cities in Guangdong pblindrovince took part in the competitionprovincialist with high spisunshine歌曲英文歌词rits and a smile on their faces. Under the guidance of on-site staff and voluntgamestoday手机版安卓版eers, blind friends participated in such competitions as beach caterpillsunshine英语ar, bridge crossing, hula passing and rope skipping. The atmosphere was warm, and the volunte童话故事ers cheerbloomingdaleed for the contestants together. Everyone’s face was filled with happy smilsunshine歌曲英文歌词es.

It is the fsunshine英语irst time for Wang Shu, a member of shengamestoday安装包zhen team, to participate in the b陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿each fun games. He and three other members of the team sit on the beach caterpillars and move forward witbeach什么意思h concerted efforts. With tgames怎么读音英语he cheers of the audience, they finally reached the finish lbeach是什么意思中文翻译骂人ine. Wangshu shared, “This kind of sports meeting is very interesting and joyful. Through various events, our teamblind members can enhance cohesion and friendship, and we can feel the power of unity during the competition.”

This activity enables visually impaired friends to percenjoying翻译eive the world through tbeach怎么读ouch and hearing, argames怎么读音英语ouses tblinders翻译heir enthlifestyleusiasm to integrate into social life, strengthens their confidence and csunshineouragegames怎么读 to pursue a better life, and creates more value for the society.

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【 Tsunshine歌词ext 】 Yaenjoying什么意思中文ng & NBSP; hin Qiublind-ling zhang

[Photo] Wu Shaoyi, Lai Longsheng, Zeenjoying是什么意思ng Lingliang, Publicsunshine英语ity Committee

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuablindnessn Hu & NBSP; grey

Ke Wuyue

[Issued] Shengamestoday下载游戏zhen Lions Club Office

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