Empower new lions to walk with you – Shenzhen Lions club held two training sessions for new members

In accordance with the requirements of the Notice on Improving the Quality of Members and Strengthtraining是什么意思英语enheld是hold的什么形式ing the Examination aheld的中文意思nd approval of New Members issued by the Domestic Lion Assotraining翻译中文ciation, the Lion Guide Group of Shenzhen Lion Club will hold two lion service ttworaining sessioshenzhenns fortraining怎么读 new members in 2021-2022 on November 6, 2021 at the 4th floor, Building A, Space Building, Futian District. There were two sessions in the morning and afternoon, and nearly 200 lions learned about lions club culture, organization structure and responsibilities. The scene was full of seatsheld的原型, the atmosphere was active and interactive, lion friends said tnewgroundshat the harvest was full.

Shenzhen lions club President of 2021-2022, Guo Yongyong, seconempoweredd deputy chairman NieXiatrainingngDong, dean of general affair Tan Fei, deputy secretary-general kevempoweringinbales, deputy secretary-geempower软件neral Li Chunchang, linlin, chairman of the plions翻译artition, Lin Xiaoyi, Wen Zhiyong, wu with Joan, gunew是什么意思英语i-qin Cai Min, a special assistant minister, President of dolion是什么意思中文翻译mestic lion federation organization cons深圳疫情最新动态truction coclub怎么读mmittee, guide the lion group general cnew的反义词ounsel Li Feng, Ouyang Fan, head of guide lion Group, Kuang Hong, Zhu Daoying, Yang Rong, Tang Qing, Zhang Haiteng, chairman of community Service Committee wei Xiclub怎么读nxin, Chairman of Philatelic Club Qi Kelwalkerin, head of art troupe Qi Ying, Secretary of guide Lion Group Zuo Ditwoqun attended theclubman training. The training was chaired by Ouyang Fan, kuang Hong, Zhu Daoying, Yang Rong, Tang Qing, Zhang Haiteng, Wei Xinxin, Zuo Diqun and Qi Ying, and presided over by Wei Xinxitrainingn.

Host. JPG

Oulionsyang Fan, the leader of the lions club, delivered a spclubmedeech ttraining翻译o empower every lion club member, which is owalksne of the most ishenzhenmportant work of lions Clions读音lub. Lions club not only hempower软件as a wide range of training courses, btwoziut also has an action-owalkriented service approach, learnin深证指数g as well aslions翻译中文 doitwong. To guide the service with the theory, with action to verify the theory, in the continuous learning, practice to lwalkset lion friends understand and grow up. Elionsvery member of lioempower的用法ns club can improve and change through learning. Let the people who come to lions become more valuable to society and contribute to others.


Guo Yongyong President spoke to the new liempower什么意思on friends expreslion是什么意思sed warm welcome to join, to convey the lions “empower的用法out” of the spirlions的音标it, to share深证指数 the “beginner’s mind, total servic深圳风险等级e” concept, hope you keep yourself to join the liowalk怎么读ns of beginner’s mind, to partitwo的序数词cipate in the service of service activitiesclub翻译, lions cwalk翻译lub together to improve service, expand the social influence of lions.

Chairman Kwak speaks

Nitwo怎么读eXiangDongtwo怎么读 second deputy President of sharing yourself in just nine years ago to join the lions, become a netraining怎么读w member of the state of mind, he says, totraining是什么牌子 join the liclubmedons have more opportunity to llions是什么意思earn, and this lion friendly communication, and other service of lion frlions翻译中文iendly exchanges, consider your servheld中文ice, as the lion, for the country to do this is the most important.

Nie Xiangdong speaks

At thheld怎么读的e beginning of the training, Li Fempoweringeng shared the origin of lions Club, liwalkmanonempower软件s club culture and the reason for sticking to it.

Lecturer Li Feng 3. JPG

Why did you join the Lions Club? New lion friends responded enthusiastically: some joined because of trust; Some join because they are moved by the heart and efforts of lion friends.training是什么意思英语 Some are “forced” to join; Some from the lion sister-in-law into a lion friend; Some see the social value of lions clubs and join… More lions join the Lions club because of the reconew balancegniwalk翻译tion, and join the lions club to contribute to the love and social responsibility.

Lecture panorama. JPG

Lecturer Lwalk是什么意思i feng also shared the v深证指数ision, mission and values of Lions Club. Lions clheld怎么读的ub is a group of people with great love. Lion culture is a fusiontraining怎么读 of diverse cultures, including divelions是什么意思rsity and tolertraining造句简单ance, democracy and rotation, resheld的原型pect and recognition, inheritance and companionship, cclubmanommuwalkmannication and etiquette. The gempowerment翻译reatest power in the world. It is not political power, knowledge or money. But lonew怎么读ve.

Li Chclubsunchang, deputy secretary general, shared the organizational structure and cadre responsibilities of Lions Club. By explaining thenew怎么读 organizatlion是什么意思中文翻译ion structure of lions Club and the responsibilities of each position, let new lions friends know more about Lempoweringions Club, join hands with public welfarheld的中文意思e, happyempowered service.

Li Chunchang JPG.

The training came to a successful end. Thanks to all the leaders, guests and new lion friends of shenzhen Lions Club. I hope everyclub是什么酒 lion club member can further understand ttraining怎么读he Lions Clunew是什么意思英语b through trainewgroundsnin深圳疫情g, participate in more service activiti深证指数es, participate in the construction of the service team, participate itwofoldn the organizatiempoweringon work, and taketwo翻译 the initiative to take on certain job responsibilities, so as to better understand the Lions Club, and lay a foundation for taking on more respempowermentonsibilities and grtwo的序数词owing up!

A person can gotwoo fast, but a group owalkmasterf people can go far. Lion friends, lion lovempowere road, we walk together!


[Text] Journ深圳地铁线路图alist of publicity Committee & NBSP; Li Yanftraining怎么读eng & have spent Intern journalist & NBSP; he

Wu Shaoyi, Publicity Committee & NBSP; XiaoZiLi

[Edit] Office Ma Huijuan &walks NBSP; Hu & have spent   grey

Ke Wuyue

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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