Love is boundless, spreading positive energy — Shenzhen Lions Club “Spring Breeze warming” sand field trip

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“Summer sun, lotus pond fragrance; Sand little students, beaming. On the morning of June 19th, 27 members of the Spring Breeze service tspringbooteam of Shenzhen Lions Clenergy组合ubpositively came toclub是什么酒 shatian Central Primary School in Fengshun county to carry out the “spring breeze to warm up” educational ac深圳地铁线路图tivities. To participate in this acti深圳疫情vity have sand tian town party committee, vice secretary of comrade liaopositive和optimistic seawaenergy名词lls, sand in the official in charge of the education oenergy组合f hao-miao li, vice mayor, sand tamura comrade chin-chiang Yang, secretary of palove直直播apprty branch, sand field center elementary school administratispringbootve staff members andpositive和active的区别 the principal of elemeenergy期刊ntary s深圳chboundless什么意思ool on 53 left-behind children on behalf of the aid-recelovealarmiving students and 10 parents, sand field center kinlove直播软件安卓下载dergarten all the young and some pta members, More than two hundred in all.

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Activities in the maboundlessgnificent passionate national antheboundless翻译m kicked off the culions英语怎么读rtain. On behalf of the “Caring Family”energyring呼吸灯下载 of Shatian Central Primary School, Vice Principal Li Leqiong extended a warm welclub是什么酒come to all the carinlions怎么读g members of the “Shenzhen Lienergy-savingons Spring Breeze Service Team”. To his (her) selfless dedication of the great spirit of love to express the most sincere thenergyring呼吸灯下载anspringmvc的工作原理ks! She saidpositive和active的区别 that the launch ofclub是什么意思 this activity, the development of education ienergy形容词n our mountainous area plays a great role in promoting, is very significanenergy怎么读t. This is not onlions怎么读ly a great help to the poor children in mountainous areaboundlessnesss, but more importanenergy怎么读tly, they have been nurtured by the spirit of “selfless dedication and willingenergy名词ness to help others” in their young minds. I hope that children will learn to be grateful, learn to return, and pass on the torch of love.

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In his speecpositive和optimistich, Pspring框架resident Liao Ziwen introduced that “L深圳地铁线路图ions Club” is an internapositive怎么读tional public welfare anlionsgated charitabspringle organipositive是什么意思zation covering more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Their mission is to “sespring翻译rve the society by helping others.” As a member of the “Lions Club”, I am very excspringmvc的工作原理ited to send a love to the left-lion是什么意思behind childrenshenzhen in my hometown. I hope the children will turn this love into learning motivation, study hard, make achievements, and give back to the society and serve the motherland inspring漏洞 the futurelions翻译中文.

In the speech, the representatives of the assisted students expressedlove直播手机版app下载 their h深圳eartfelt thanks to the “selfless dedication and hspringelpfulness” of the “Lions Club” uncles and aunts. I will remember this love and care, study hard and grow up healthily. Be a loving and grateful person.

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In his speech, Liao Hclubman是什么牌子车aidi, deputy secretary of shatian Tow深圳风险等级n Party Committee, expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the caring pboundlesseople of Shenzhen Lions Cllove直直播appub who came to our remote mountainous areas to carry out this activity. They gave rich gifts to the children in the mopositive和optimisticuntainous areas and helped the children with family difficulties selflessly. I hope the assisted studelion是什么意思nts live up to the love and hope of their uncles and aunts, study hard and grow up strong.springboot面试题

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In this activity, the Spring Breeze Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club donated 504 sets of winterclub是什么酒 and summer school uniforms to all students. One bag per person, 260 in total; 100 lunch boxes, 53 left-behind children from poopositive是什么意思r families, a quilt for each person; We will subpositivesidilions翻译ze深圳 10 left-behind children frenergy-savingom extremely poor families withspring an annual grant of 1,000 yuan eclub翻译ach until they graduate from junior high school. The total value is 150,000 yuan. Vice Princclubman是什么牌子车ipal Liang Jianhui apositivelyccepted their donation on behalflion是什么意思中文翻译 of thenergy是什么意思英语e school.

In order to express our sincere gratitude to “Shenzhen Lionspringboots Spring Breeze Servienergyring官方下载ce Team”, Principal Xie Zaohua of Sha深圳大学tian Centraenergy形容词l Primary School sent them the banner of “Love passlion是什么意思中文翻译ing, spring breeze sending warlove直播破解版mth”.

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Then, all the members of the Lions Club Sprienergy名词ng Breeze Servienergy组合ce team sang深圳疫情最新动态 “Me and my Motherland”, the loud song resouclub是什么意思nded through the whole activity site, and the deep patriotic passion rippled.

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Finally, the children of Shatian Central Kindergarten performed wonderful dance, piano painting and calligraphy, which won the applause of the audience. “Golden lion Xianrui, good deeenergyring官方下载ds together xiangxiang; Spring breeze sends warmspreading什么意思th, ignites hope “. The generous spolions英语怎么读nsorship of the Shenzhen Lions Club spring Breeze Service not only brings material help to the children, but also ignites their hope. I believe that with th深圳大学e love of all wclub怎么读alks of life watch, we mountain ealions翻译中文gle wispring翻译ll “keep in mind the entrust, go forward”.

Photo: Peng Maoling & NBSP; Liu Caiying & NBSPboundless; Yang Sidan

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