Exchange and Sharing to create Good Achievements — The second District Affairs meeting of shenzhen Lions Club 2020-2021 was successfully held

On November 28, 2020, the second District business meeting of lions Club shenzhen for 2020-2021 was held in the Lions Club office in Shenzsharing是什么意思英语hen in the form of “online + offline”. The participants listened to the recent worcreate翻译k and the next work arragoodluckngement, thmeeting是什么意思中文翻译e New Year charity party preparatiosecond的基数词ns, the annual stage awards and commensharing是什么意思英语dation scheme and selection methods, texchange短语he implementation of admingoodnotesistrative funds and service funds from July to October, as welgoodnightl as the wordistrict的中文意思k of eight committees.


Lu Zhiqiang, presaffairs是什么意思ident of Sachievements什么意思henzhen Lions Club, briefed on the recent work situation around the standard operation and service activities of The club. From July to November 2020, Lions Club shenzhen cmeetingtencentcomarried out 367 service activities such as assistin52sharingg thaffairs是什么意思e disabled, caffair是什么意思英语ommunity service, educationdistrict翻译,affairs翻译 medical and health care, and poverty alleviation,second的基数词 with a service fund of 19.8103 million yuexchange造句an. Its members participated in 4,832 timesmeeting的音标 of services, benefitingsecondlove日剧 34,0005 people. He said that ssecondlyhenzhen Lions Club will conexchange翻译tinue to focus on the theme of “responsibility and good deeds”, strengthen the guidance of party construction, and actively carry out themed service month activities, lecturer training, lion guide training asharing是什么手机卡nd internal trainingsecond, and prepadistrict翻译re for the 2021 New Year charityachievements怎么读 gala.


Guo Yongyocreate的名词ng, First Vice President of CCPIT Xiamen, introducedmeetingyou是什么意思 the preparations for the 2021 New Year Charity Gala. Up to now, mingjia Shanpin, Yitian, Hcreatewindowappi52sharingnesssecond and other service teams have algoodnotes软件下载l pledged to huashi Award. He introdexchange账户密码不正确uced the proportion of returning the Wah Lion Awexchange邮箱ard and called on all service teams to mobilize their lion friends to donate the Wahcreate的各种形式 Lion Award to raise morexchange短语e service funds for the next year.


Deng Yi, Director general of Lions Club shenzhen, briefed the awards and commendation plan and selection method fdistrict的中文意思or the year 2020-2021. He introduced that the award evaluation was divided into two times, and tcreatehe data capture time of the first award evaluation was from July 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020. He hoped that members of the council, the chairman of specialized working institutioncreate怎么读音s and the captain of the service team would actively declare and participate in the selection.


Nie Xiangdong, Chief Finagoodnightncial Officer, reported the implementation of adminidistrict是什么意思英语strative funds and service funds from July to October.


Ren Guihua, executive chairman of finance and Construction Committee,districting introduced the importance, standardization and urgency of the financial work of Shenzhen Lions Club, and detailed the matters for attention of the reimbursement of the two expencreate翻译ses.


Mr. Yeung Bo-yuen, chairmancreate的各种形式 of the Committee,exchanged shared the work plan of the Commisharing是什么意思ttee this year. From July to November 2020,districting Shenzhen Lions Club has carried out 110 educational activities and invested 10 million yuan in services.


Yu Xiaopisecondscreen下载ng, chairman of the Environmental Protection Service Committee, introduced in detail the shenzhen Lions Club’s “One million Chopsticks” program for community welfare activities. Based on the theme and background of the event and the current smeetingtencentcomituation of epidemic prevention and control, she shared the theme form, budget and beneficiaries of the projeccreate的各种形式t. At the same tcreateprocessime, she hopes lion friends will actively paachievement什么时候加srticipate in the special training organigoodnightzed by the Environmental Services Committee.


Ssecondlove日剧u Bing, chairman of the Cultural and Sports Association Commmeeting是什么中文意思ittee, introduced the organizational structure and annual work plaachievements的中文意思n of the committeesecondly. It is estimated that the annual fgoodleundraising of 100,000 yuan will be used for various cultural and sports activaffairs是什么意思ities.


The chairperson of the Committee onmeeting是什么中文意思 Women and Family Growth, Emily Wansecond的基数词, shared the cgoodleplay商店olorful activities of the Committee since its inception and introduced the work plan for thiexchange翻译s year.meeting


Zhang Shijun, chairman of the Public Welfare Culture Research Center, introduced the plan of esmeetingyou是什么意思tablishing the brand public welfare service project libraryachievements的中文意思 of Shenzhen Lions Club, and detailed the requirements and operatexchange的名词ing guidelines for the brand promeetingject librarycreate是什么意思.


Tian Gang, exedistrict的中文意思cutive chairman of the Medical and Health Committee, made a report on the work of the committee, and introduced in dexchange造句etail the three theme activitiesexchanged ogoodlef Lion Love Station, shell plan and healthsecondhand lecture.


Zhang Zhinsecond怎么读ing, chairman ofdistrict the Red Action Committee, shared the hisecondarystory of the past Red acsharing英语作文tion. According to statisticsharing中文谐音怎么读s, during the 1st to 10th sessions of Shenzhen Lions Club red Action, 503 service teams participated in 605 blood donation acmeetingstivities, 68,633 people donated blood successfully, theachievement是什么意思 total ameeting是什么意思中文翻译mount of blood donated reached 24.23 million ml, raised more thmeetingyou是什么意思an 1.61 million yuan, and donated 4 “Lion” blood donation carts and blood delivery carts. He introduced the 11th Red Actimeeting是什么中文意思on Plan andaffairs called for the active particmeeting怎么读英语ipation of lion friends and lion enterprises.


In the free spcreate和invent的区别eech session, Li Zhou, captaaffairs是什么意思in of Fmeetingairy Laachievement什么时候加ske Service Team, Huang Weiqiang, captain of mile Serviachievements什么意思ce team and Lin Xiaoyi, captain of happiness service team made speeches on liachievement是可数还是不可数on affairs respectively.sharing怎么读的 Presisecondlydent Lu Zhiqiang exchanged views wiexchange邮箱th lion friends.

On behalf oachievement是可数还是不可数f the Board of Supervisors, Tan Fei, vice Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, expressed his opinions on supervisioachievement是什么意思英语n, affirming thsecondlyat the district affairs meeting was saffairstandardiexchange邮箱zed and orderly, and tgoodleplay商店hat the lion friends were united, harmonious and friendly. He said that the board of Supervisors will, as alwadistrict词根ys, peexchange造句rform their supervisory duties to ensure the orderly developmentsecond的基数词 of vaachievement什么时候加srious lion affairs andmeeting是什么意思中文翻译 escort the steady developmensecondlove日剧t of Shenzhen Lions Club.


Shenzhen Lions club party branch secretary Tian Wmeetingyou是什么意思angxing message lion friends, cherish the identity of lion friends, liexchange什么意思on friends to clean up the team, maintain the anti-epidemic results.district是什么意思英语 As the leader of the auction grsecond翻译oup for the 2021 New Year charity gala, he also called on lion friends to actively dodistrict的中文意思nate auction items to raise more funds for services during the special period of epidemic preventiongood and control, and jointly contribute to public welfare.


In his closing speech, President Lu zhiqiang thanked all the lion friends for their great support for tsharing是什么手机卡he work of this year, especially for the technical support provided by Lion Clcreate和invent的区别ub. He introduced that this yesecondar, shenzhen Lions Club will invite more specialized organizations and service tgoodnotes软件下载eams to share and exchangachievements怎么读e topics, and create more opportunities for lion friends to leadistrict缩写是什么rn, exercise and show.

Shenzhen lions club President zhi-create怎么读音qiang lu, first vice President Guo Yongyong, second deputy chairman Peng Daojian, foexchange什么意思rmdistrict的中文意思er President of lions party branch secretary, shenzhen tian wang, deputy secresecond缩写tary-geneachievement是可数还是不可数ral Tan Fei, secretary-general Lai Zhuoni, finance long NieXiangDong, dean of general affexchange造句air Deng Yi, long pcreatewindowicket zhang jian, deputy ssecond的基数词ecretary-general Cai Min and other directors and supervisors, as well as specdistrict造句ialized work, the service on behalf of a total of more than 90 people were present at the meeting. The online broadcast attracted nearly 340 viewers. The meeting was presided over by Wei Xin, chairman of Zone 2, Chen Xusheng, chairman of Zone 7 and Yu Hui, chairman of Zone 8 as executive chairmen.


[Text] Hu Lei

[Photo] Liu Zengygoodnotese

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhgoodleplay商店en Lions Club Office

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