Shenzhen Lions Club held its second board meeting for 2020-2021

On November 28, 2020, the second lions Club Board meeting of the year 2020-2021 was held at the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. The council members deliberated and apclubman是什么牌子车proved the Award scheme of shenzhen Lions Club 2020-2021; Discussboarded the replies to the two proposals of the Board of Supervisors and the issues concerning the establishment of shenzhen Lions Club Volunteer Service Team; We listened to the development and retention of members, the preparat深证指数ions for the 2021 New Year charity gala, and the implementation of funds from July to October 2020.


Lu Zhiqiang,club怎么读 president of Shenzhuphelden Lions Club flionsgateor 2020-2021, Guo Yongyomeeting翻译ng, First Vice President, Peng Daojian, second Vilionsce President, Secretlions怎么读ary General Lai Zhuoni, Chief Financial Officer Nie Xiangdong, Chief Financial Officer Deheld的意思是什么ng Yi, Chief Inspector Zhang Jian, Executive Deheld中文putupheldy Secretary General CAI Min and other 36 directors attended the meetisecondng. Tian Xingwang, secretary of themeeting的音标 Party Branch of Shenzhenclub怎么读 Lions Club,lion是什么意思中文翻译 Tan Feilions翻译中文, Deputy supervisor, Wang Daoming, Zhu Feng, Hboardse Xinru, Huang Shaofang, Lin Yanju, Ye Wenqin, Peng Ke, Tang Xishulionsgaten, and Ma Huijuan, executive director of Shenzhen Lions Club attended the meeting as a nonsecondscreen下载-voting member.

Tan Fei, deputy Director of Supervisor, informed the Boitsashou微博ard of Supe深圳疫情最新动态rvisors of “Suggestions on setting up the” Club twboardso Mechanism “in Shenzhen Lions Club” and “Suggestions on investigating and dealing with the codes of conduct of sheclub翻译nzhen Lionclubmans Club members”. Secretary General Lai Zhuoni introduced that the Board of Directors attached great importance to the feedback from the Board of Supervisors. On Nheld的中文意思ovember 20, 2020, the officiaheld过去式和过去分词l website ameeting腾讯会议ndsecond缩写 official account of the bitsoard of Directors issued the Notice on Regulatitstimefor和to区别ing business Behavior among Shenzhen Lions Club members and the Code of Conduct for Shenzhen Lions Club Members, reiterating thsecond的基数词e ritsashou微博elevant regulations of Shenzhen Lions Club. Sheboardgame introduced that as ameeting的音标 non-profit social organization, Shenzhen Lions Club does not advocate, encourage, endorse or intervene in the business behavior between members. The busineheld的中文意思ss belions翻译中文havior between members and its consequences have nothing to do with the citsmlub. As a member of Shenzhen Lions Club, you should consciously regulate your words and deeds, maintain the image of lions club members, and maintain the collective honor of the club. The meeting directors discussed the necessity and feasibilclubity of tsecond的基数词he “one-two mechanism”, and how to regulate member behavior and maintain the positive image of lions Club.

Tan Fei JPG.

Deng Yi, director general of lions Club, saiboard和broad怎么区分d that iitsn order to do a good job in lion affairs this year, to successfully complete the annual plan and target, to encourage the advancement and to promote the lion spirit, Shenzhen Lions Club will maboard什么意思翻译ke the stage award method. He introduced that the stage award method includes 8 awards, including distboard和broad怎么区分rict Chairman award, District Chairman Award, Public Service Committee Award, Liitstimefor和to区别ons Committee Award, Lionsitsm Com深圳疫情最新动态mittee Award, Lions Committee Chairman Award, Lions Committee Chairman Award, Outstanding Service Team Award, outstanding Service Team captain Award. He focusedlionsgate on the selection quota anmeetingsd scope of relevant awards, selectiolions读音n principles, selection procedures, selection criteria, award methods and so on.

Deng Yi JPG.

Guo Y深圳风险等级ongyong, first Vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club, introduced that as of November 27, 2020, 3,861 people had paid fees. Among them, 3449 old members paid fee深圳s, 226 new members in the first group, 209 new members in the second group, 15 new members in thclube third group, 13 new members in the fourth group, and 38 new members quit the club. At the same time, he iboard什么意思翻译ntroduced that the preparatory work of thlions翻译e shenzhen Lioitsyou是什么意思ns Club 2021 New Year charity gmeeting翻译ala isboard advancing in an orderly manner under the active mobilization of Nie Xiangdong. He sincerely thanked lion friendsboarding and caring enterprises for their donations and hoped that everyone would continue to contribute wisdom and strength to the successful holdinlion是什么意思g of the party.

Guo Yongyong JPG.

Nclubman是什么牌子车ie Xiangdong, chief Financial officer, briefed the implementation of fundheldbacks from July toheld过去式和过去分词 October, calling for more public welfare services to highlight the responsibility of social organizations.

NieXiangDong JPG.

Secretary General Of Lions Club shenzhen introduced the establishmesecond怎么读nt of the Volunteer Sboardgameervice Team. Lion lion statistilions读音cs combined with shenzhen friend service, she said, “whheld过去式和过去分词en long demand and city volunteer league can provide service, shenzhen, shenzhboardsen lions plan was registered in shenzhen union lisecondlyon volunteer service tea深圳市最新疫情m, the lions club members in service time into shenzhen union statistics, the member of the maximization of the value of service foritsyou是什么意思 the society. The participants analyzed and discusshelded the necessity of establishhelding the Volunteer Corps and the operation mode ansecondd organizational structure of the Shenzhen Lions Club Volunteer Corps.

Secretary general. JPG

Tan Fei, deputy Director of the Board of Supervisors, briefed the board of Supervisors on the recent related work and gave supervision opinions. He commented thatsecond the council was efficient, orderly and stsecond怎么读andardized, and fully recognized the active participalionstion and discussion of thseconde agenda of the meeting. He hoped that all membclubmed官网预订ers would continue to do their work well and make greater contributlions翻译中文ions to the development of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Secretary Tian Waboardingngxing put forward her own views onlions是什么意思 the two suggestions of the Board of Supervisors: First, straighten oumeeting是什么意思中文翻译t the rules of procedure and operclubsatboardgameion mode of the “One-minute and two-minute mechanism” and make it playclubs its due role; Second, to investigate and deal seriously with member behaviors that affect the positive image ofboard什么意思翻译 lions club, and actively respond to the requirements ofclub翻译 cleaning up the club. He hoped thatitsashou微博 theclub是什么意思 lions would stitstimefor和to区别rengthen their learning of the rules and regulations of the Lions Club, clariheldfy their own positioning, and stick to their resheld的意思是什么ponsibilities ansecondscreen下载d missions. At the same time, he mobilized everyone to actively pledge to donate the Huashi Award to raise more service funds for the next year’s public welfare activities of The Shenzhen Lions Club at the special stage of the normalization of emeeting怎么读英语pidemic prevention and control.

Tian wang. JPG

Lu Zhiqiang, Chairmanitsashou微博 of ccPIT Xiamen, made a concluding speech aboard的中文意思nd sincerely thanked all membeitsashou微博rs of the council for taking time out of their busy schedule to attend this council meeting. Thanks to every member of the board for their positive suggestions and suggestions and for the sp深证指数irit of “beingclub happy, responsible and doing good”. He urged people to remain vigilanmeetingyou是什么意思t and strengthen eheld的中文意思pidemic prevention and control in winter. He hopes that you will fulfill your duties and contribsecondaryute to the steady development of Shenzhen Lions Club.

 Zhi-qiang lu. JPG

[Text] Lin Yanfen

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

[Edit] Ma Huijuan

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

Shenzhen Lions Club


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