Learning excellent and good example policy subsidies to send warmth — Lion Enterprise Service Committee organized and held the Learning exchange meeting of Hoon Group

On November 29, 2020, the 2020-2021 Lions Club Service Committee of Shenzhen organized a total of 50 lexample邮箱怎么注册ions friends to visit Hoon Group for learning and exchange.

Shenzhenexcellent中文翻译 lions club President zhi-qiang lu, first vice President Guo Yonwarmth的形容词gyong, former President of tian wang xing, vice supervisor long Tan Fei, dean of general affsubsidiesair Deng Yi zhu feng, deputy secretary-general Wang Danya, supervisors, and senior minister Chen Qingfensubsidies什么意思g, Zhang Zheqin, li li, chairman of the zone, &schwarz, zhi-jian wu, chairmgood的比较级an of the partition, lion enterprise services committee chairman xue-gang li, executive chairman li, A totalsubsidiaries of 50 people, inlearning和studying的区别cluding Sheng Bailion怎么读hua, chairman of the Lion Friends Care Committee, particwarmthyipated in twarmth怎么读he activitylearning是什么意思. The activity was chasubsidiary什么意思ired by Li Jian and pexample怎么读英语resided over by Li Xuegang.

Luo Jun, first vice captain of Bright Pupil Service team, introduced the guests.warmth的形容词


Lionlearningenglishwithgrammar翻译 friendwarmth翻译s enjoy the publicity video of Hoon Group togesubsidiesther. Founded in 1995, Hoon Group has five listed companies. It is leading the world in automobile autonomous driving technology and has won many world no.1 in intelliexample复数gent connection applpolicyholderication. Hoon Group has successfsubsidiaryully cultivated a batch of outstanding talents, and has given employees a multi-directional promotion space, which has been praised by lion friends.goodnight

Chen Qingfeng, chairman of Hoon Group, sharepolicy是什么意思中文翻译d his hard journey from an ordinawarmth的形容词ry employee in manufacturing to continuous learning. Through practice and study, hewarmth怎么读音 realized the importance of research and developexcellent怎么读ment, quality, innovation and uniqueness for good products. He said that excellence is the standard of Hoen people, hoen peogoodnightple will always be grateful, striveexample怎么读英语 for progress, and cooperasubsidieste with the world’s outstanding enterprises for development, sharing and win-win.


Lwarmth词性u Zhiqiang, Chairman of ccPIT Xiamen expressed his high respect for Chen Qingfeng’s arduous entrepreneurial pgoodnightrocess. He said that a successful excellent entsubsidiary什么意思erprise must have experienced a lot of hone, success is difficult to replicate, but often repeated failures. He hopedlions英语怎么读 that you could learn and exchange questions with us during the visit and hoped that you could continue to support the exchange activities of Lion Engoodsterprigood的比较级se.


Niexample读音na Yan shared the topic of “conventisendingonal policies of science and technology enterprises”. She introduced in detail the oexample复数fficial support for enterpriseslearningenglishwithgrammar翻译 and the requirements and threshlearning chocolateolds of each district for enterprises, including the policy subsidies for talent introduction in Shenzhen.learning chocolate President Li Xuegang presented the medal ofexcellent英语 hopolicyholdernor to Nina Yan.

Guo Yongyong, first Vice President of CCPIT Xiamen, presented the medal to Hoon Group and made a speech. He praised the outstanding deveexcellent什么意思lopment of Hoon Group and the great love of Brother Chen Qingfeng. He fully affirmed thelionel visit activities of kingdee, Dazu Laserexample复数 and oexcellent最高级thexcellenter excellent enterprises organized by lion Enterprise Service Committee, and affirmed the wonderful live broadcast of Lion Entertainment. He hoped that evwarmth的形容词eryone would unite as one and work together to overcome difficulties during the epidemic.


On the third floor of the Horne Group, there was a room with “Lions club” written over the door in three bold letters. Push thesendyourname door a look, everyone instant eyes a bgoodleright! A room full of trophies, MEDALS, MEDALS and banners recogoodsrded the owner’s vivid stories one after another, which is also a satisfactory answer sheet for the public welfare submittepolicyd by Brother Chen Qingfeng over the palion是什么意思st ten years. Great love is boundless, and I hope thlearning词性is kind ofsubsidiary翻译 charity will bsubsidiariese passed on.

At 16:30 PM, we came to the inner sports field of Hoon to participate in the badminton and basketball matches between Shenzhen Lions Club and Hoon Group. Li Xuegang, Kong Weiming anlion翻译d other lion friends have played, showilearning翻译ng the spirit of unyielding sportsmwarmth怎么读音anship. The basketball game began, scramble, cover, defense, assist… Very intenpolicy是什么意思se. Less than 10 minutes, the score was 23:19. The lions cheer for tgoodnotes软件下载he players in unison. In the end, the Shwarmth怎么读enzhen Lions won 83-71. Tian Xingwang, Chen Qingfeng, Wu Zhijpolicymakersian, Zhu Fpolicy是什么意思eng, Li Xueganpolicyg, Li Jian and other leaders prepolicy翻译sented prizes for the baexample复数dminton and basketball competitions.


After the event, we went to the unique hanging garden on the 5th floor of Tgoodhe Hoon Grouexample邮箱登录入口p for dinner. There are special vegetablesexample怎么读英语 grown by ourselves, a quiet and elegant study, and the pasta area specially set up by Hoon Groulearning怎么读p to mwarmth怎么读音eet the needs of different employees, making people felion的音标el particularly comfortable.

After dinner, President Li Xuegang prepared three communication links for lwarmth词性ion friends:policymaker lion enterprise docking face to facgood翻译e,example邮箱登录入口 policy subsidwarmth是什么意思y face to face, and Hoon exchange face to face. Lion friends intergood的比较级act with each other at a closesend distancgoodnotese, exchanging ideas and benefiting a lot. Thank you for your enthusiastigood的比较级c participation and look forward to meeting again at BYD Learninpolicymakersg and Exchange activity on December 21!



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[Photo] Li Xingyi, Yitian Service Tsubsidiarieseam

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