Consumption helps the disabled, entrepreneurship helps the disabled by helping the disabled — Shenshi held the contract of helping the disabled, increasing income and generating income, and the material transport activity of baise River Poverty Alleviation “Fishing” project

The year 2020 is a decisive year in the fight against poverty and a final year in building a moderately prdisabled造句简单osperous society in all respects. Generhelpingourparents课文翻译al Secretary Xi Jinping once said, “In building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, no disabled person should be left behind.” It is particularly important to provide diversified services for the disabled froheldbackm a fundamental and practical point of view to help them become self-rconsumption翻译成中文eliant, realize their value in life and integrate into society.


On December 1, 2020, the sheld的中文意思igningincome可数吗 ceremony of “Consumption for the Disabled” by Shenzhen Lions Club to increase income for the Disabled and the materiahelping翻译l transpincome翻译ort ceremony ocontractf baise River Poverty Alleviation “Fishing” project was held at IC Ichuheld的中文意思aconsumption翻译ng Space, Minzhi Street, Longhua District, Shenzhendisabled造句简单, with a service fund of 170,000 yuan.

Activity guided by disabled persons’ federation of shenzhen, shenzhen lions, lions club in shenzhen yitian service launched, shajing, red li, yi lu, dacontractortong service jointly undertake, ganten, checcontractingkpoiconsumption翻译nt, hua han, right, h申时apphelps意思iness, ping shan, NSW, nameplates, good taste, nature, bagua mountain ridge, pen rack, jiangshan service in collaborconsumption翻译ation with the joint. Cao Tingguo, first-levelhelpsbtodosth造句 researcher of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Docontractor是什么职位nentrepreneurship翻译g Fei, director of Health Department, Li Weihua, reincomespresentative申世景 of Domestic Lions Associationcontract翻译中文 in Shenzhen and first Secretary of Party Branch of Shenzhen Lions Club, Zhang Yingying, director of Shenzhen Swift Disabled Pconsumption翻译ersons Care And Development沈石溪 Center, More thdisabled是什么意思an 20 people, including Xiao Xingping, director of Supervisor, Lai Zhuoni, Secretary General, Nie Xiaincomesngdong, Director of Finance, Fang Shilei, Deputy Secretary general and Peng Dingkuan, chairman of the fifth District, attended the event. The ceremony was prcontractileesided over by Deputy Secretary-General Fang Shilei. Captain Sun Ying oincome statementf Yiti申世景an Service Team introduchelpsbwithsthed the guests.



At the ceremony, Secretary General Lai Zhuoni signed a 3D printer procurement conheld是hold的什么形式tract with Shenzhedisabled造句简单带翻译n Yan Disabled Care And Development Center on behalf of Shenzhen Lionsdisabled电脑 Club, agreeing that Shenzhen Lions Club will invest 120,000 yuan to purchase 60 3D printershelpsbwithsth造句, and pay for accommodation and round-trip transportatiohelpsbwithsth造句n during the training of 3D printer instructors. Provided by Yan Deveincomes是什么意思lopment Center, professional course teachers were selected to hold one-month 3D printer skills training for disabled people in Heshelping.是什么意思hi Baise, helping disabled people in heshi Baise to master skills and stahelpsbwithsthrt a business atentrepreneurship翻译 home.consumption是什么意思英语 Shenzhen Lions Club will also help more disabled people to stheld过去式和过去分词art theincome可数吗ir own businesses at home through the first batch of students. Meanwhile, Shenzhen Lions Clentrepreneurship怎么读的ub will donate 3D printer consumables accodisabled造句简单rding theldo the needs of disabled people in bhelping.是什么意思oth places.

Zhang Yingying expresseconsumptiond her heartfeltincome可数吗 gratitude to Shenzhen Lions club for supporting the disabled 3disabled造句D printer project. She introduces, shenzhen swifts care career development centercontract at the municipal disabled persincome statementons’ federation of disacontraction的中文意思bled persons and loving people from all walks of life, under the concern and support of all staff, with an unheld的中文意思yieldiheld的意思是什么ng, actively explore the 3 d pri审时度势nter project for the disabled, 24 hours of pig-r审时度势aising plan, such ashelpingothersmakesmehappy new model, not only achieve staff own development, also help and support of many realize entrepreneurial employhelps翻译mententrepreneurship for the disabled.


Xiao Xingping, supervisor, said that the project shows that Shenzhehelpingothersmakesmehappyn Lions club follows the footsteps of the Party and the gohelps翻译vernment. The project runs through the maihelpsb后面跟什么形式n line ofdisabled assisting the disabled. In terms of procurement, Shenzhen Yuyan Disabled Care and Development Center was selecteconsumption是什么意思d. In terms of receivihelpsbtodosth造句ng assistance, hechi andincome翻译 Baihe disabled people were selected. In her opinion, the project is extensible and can be cooperated with the purchaser for a long time, and the recipient can continue to help.


Cao Tingguo, a first-level researcher, spoke highly of fodisabled怎么读D’s spirit of sdisabled电脑elf-improvemdisabled是开启还是关闭ent and self-reliance. The National Professional Ehelping.是什么意思lite Compehelps翻译tition for disabled persons will be held in Pingshan, Shenzhen in November this year. 3D printing, as an important competitioincomes是什么意思n item of the competition, shows that it isheld的原型 a vane for the improvement of the skills of disabled people and is worth promoting. He lions club in shenzhen for many years engaged in the service of charity show sense of social responsibility said sure, especially in recent years, shenzhen lions positive response hechi city offentrepreneurship翻译icial counterpart aid, baise, hechi, baise as an important serheldvice to the public welfare charity, nearly 30 game绅士冒险s to carry oudisabled是什么意思t service activities, service spending more than $2 million. This activity has far-reaching significance. Through consumption, entrepreneurship and the way of helping the disabled, a good cycle has bhelpsbwithsth造句een formed, which not only helps the disabled in Shedisabled是什么意思nzhen increase their income and incodisabled是什么意思me, but also enables them tdisabled造句简单带翻译o give full play to their strengcontractorths and realize their value in life. At the sconsumption可数吗ame time, we will help more people with didisabled造句简单带翻译sabilities learn skills and master the abicontractilelity to surviveincome是什么意思. He hoped that more caring people and socialhelpsbtodo还是doing organizations could care for the disableddisabled翻译 like the Lions Cluheldbackb in Shenzhen, so that all disabled people can share the fruitcontracteds of social progress and readisabledlize the integratiodisabled是开启还是关闭n of disability and health.


After the event, Deputy Secretary-General Fang Shilei rdisabled造句eceivedhelpsbtodo还是doing an exclusive interview from the news media. “Resolutelyentrepreneurship fight poverty” is the nheldenew era of an uphill battle, shenzhen lions with era pace, the offientrepreneurshipce will thought andisabled的形容词d action unity to xi jinping, general secretary of poverty alleviation and development, the crucincomes是什么意思ial strategic thinking to come up out of poverty, fuentrepreneurship是什么意思lly mobilize the participation and support of poverty crcontractileucial work, embody “salute PengCheng charity 40 years unit” mission and responsibility.


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