Unite lion love and grow together — Shenzhen Lions Club held joint lion training and excellent service project exchange meeting in zone 5 and 6

On December 3, 2020, Lions Club Shenzhen held the joint lions Training and Outstanding Service Project Exchange meeting for the fifth and sixth zones of the year 2020-2021 at lions Club Shenzhen office in the form of “lion怎么读online + offline”. At the meeting, the lions lelions翻译arned “efficietogether翻译nt meetlion怎么读ing”, “Lions Social Servtogetherbnb游戏下载安卓ice” and “Lions in China” and other couclubrses, and exchanged brand service projectlovelys of thetogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动 service team.

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Shenzhen lions club Presidenclubt zhi-qiang lu, second deputy chairman Peng Daojian, chief financial officer NieXiangDong, deputy secret深圳疫情最新消息ary-general Wang Danya Wei Xin new, li li, chairman of the zone, kevinbales, &schwarz, zhi-hui zhou, linlin, chairman of the partheldenition, Wangclubmed Xuebo, Wang Yi soldier, Xue Yong Huang Yiqun, chun-ping li, soup, assistive jian-hua su, chairman of the committee, branch deputy head Jiang Xiezhen, Zhou Fuhuunitei, And nearly 50 representatives from each slove直播破解版ervice team in region 5 and Region 6 attended the on-site meetin深圳疫情最新消息g. The online broadcast深圳地铁线路图 was watched by more than 200 people. The meetingunited states was chaired by Gao Ling and Zhou Zhihui and presided over by Wang Xuebolion.

The bell tolled for a meeting

Gao Ling,heldback the president of the conference, introduced the leaderlove is gone英文翻译s of lion friends and warmly welcomed them to participate in the joint lion training.

Gao Ling, chairman of the Conference

Before the training, the ice-breaking games “The Most Talented Socigrowlal player” and “Bubble Company” organized by Chairman Gao ling and Chairman Zhou Zhihui helped participants quickly integrate into the team anliond break the barriers betweshenzhenen each other.

Preslove直播破解版ident Lu Zhiqiang delivered a speec深圳市最新疫情h and extended a warclub怎么读m welcome to the online and offline students. Quoting the famous saying “Read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles”, he shared his experience and harvest during the service activitieslove in Ganzhou. He spoke highly of the contribution made by the lecturers to shenzhen Lunite翻译ions Club and encouraged tclubhe lions to lilove直播手机版app下载sten to the lecturers’ wonderful explaunited怎么读英语nations and learn something from them.

Lu Zhiqiang, Chairman

Later, Zhou Fuhui shared the course “Efficient Meeting”, introduced the lions club meeting, the three stages of the meeting, and Robert’s rules of plove直播手机版app下载rocedure, etc. The lecturer, Ms Wong Kit Llions是什么意思ing, shared the course “Lionloves Social Servilove is gone英文翻译ce”, describing the definition and characteristics of Lunitedions Social ser深圳疫情最新动态vice, enabling lions to master the steps and methods of carryitogetherbnb怎么绅士ng out social service, as well as the assessment criteria of different stogether翻译tages ounite翻译f service; Jiang Xiezhen shared “Lions Club in China”, lclubed lions friends to comprehensively understand the development of Shenzhen Lions Club, and introduced theheld的中文意思 differences between domestic lions clubs and international lions clubs and other social organizations. The lecturers explainelionsd in simple terms, so that lion friends harvest a lot. Lion students actively participate in the discussion, and the clagrowlss atmosphere is strong.

Service project sharing session, Hualin Service team leader Li Xuefei shared the “dlove直播破解版irectional treasure hunt competiheld过去式和过去分词tion” project; Liu Haiqing, leunited kingdomader of zhenhua Serv深圳风险等级ice Team, shared the project of “Reading a book with small hands holding smalion的中文意思ll hands”. Presidenclub是什么酒t Gao Ling shared the “Lion Love Chang Market warm Traffic police” project; Yao Li, lelion是什么意思中文翻译ader of xingzhi Service Team, shared tgrow是什么意思he “Rural Reading” project; Chairman Tang Xueyong shared the project of “Shenzhen Sports agrow过去式nd Health Lecture Halllion怎么读“; Chairman Zhou Zhihui shared the project of huunitedstates是哪个国家nan Jiahelions翻译 Financial Aid Trip.

During the free discussion, lion friends intrgrow翻译oduced the brand service projectclubmed官网预订s of the service team and taught each other valuable lion service experience.

Chairman Su jianhua shared his journey of lion Road and introdlove直播手机版app下载uced the brand service projects of Boya Servclub是什么酒ice Team. She analyzed the implementation of the policy of assisting the disabllioned in Shenzhen under the current situation and called on everyone to t深圳地铁线路图ake action and care for the disabled flion的中文意思riends around them.

Chairman So Kin-wah speaks

Chairman Gao Ling and Chairman Zhou Zhihui made concluding remarks, thankinupheldg the lion ftogetherbnb怎么绅士riends for their enthusiastic participation, the teachers’ groupunite and “Lion Feast” forunitedstates是哪个国家 their strong support, and the chairmen of the region and theldbackhe region fotogetherbnb娜娜两人互动r sponsoring fruits and snacks for this activity. Message Thunited是什么意思e service teams in Zone 5 and zone 6 should strengthen communication andlovely exchange, integratogether什么意思英语te resources, enhance thelovealarm inflgrow过去式uence of brand service projectheld怎么读的s, and contribute to theunite翻译 development of Shenzh深证指数en Lions Club.

The bell tolled and adjourned

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[Text] Zhou Wenguang

【 Image 】 Yang & NBSP; &nclubmedbsp; hin深证指数

[Editor] Maclubman是什么牌子车 Huijuan Lin Yanfen

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Cluclub用英语怎么说b Office

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