Notice on further standardizing service team meeting management

Dear fellow lions,

Regular service team meetings and team leader meetings are important ways to realize effective management of members and promoteteam internal communication and cooperation of the service team. They play an importmeetingtencentcomant role in imprnoticeableoving the work efficiency of each prmanagement的动词形式oject team, fulfilling post responsibilities and payinmanagement专业g attention to themanagement是什么意思英语 progress of service activities. According to thefurther和farther区别 Management System of The Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club, the service team should adherenotice过去式 to the system of regular meeting ateambitionnd regular meeting of the service team leader, and inform the recent meeting, service anotice过去式nd tmanagement专业raining and other matters througfurthermore的意思h the regular mefurthermoreeting, so as to enhance the undemeetingyou是什么意思rstanding and communication between memservice翻译bers and make members have a sensfurthermore翻译e of belonging tmanagement中文o the service team.

Recently, some members gave feedback that thereteamviewer were behaviorteampros of over-promoting member enterprises and products in the regular meetings of the service team, which violated the original intention of the service team and indirectly affected the effective communication of lion serviteam什么意思ce information and the development of lion service work. In order to plmanagement是什么意思中文翻译ay a positive role in the service team meeting and improve the efficiency of the meeting, the Disnotice作文trict Counteambitioncil makes the following specifications for the servicteam是什么意思翻译e team meeting management (refer to the regular meeting process of the semeeting翻译rvice tefurther是谁的比较级am for details) :

1. Service teateamworkm meetings should follow Robert’s rules of procedure and focus on issues related to lion work;

2. Participants’ speeches sservice是什么意思hould foservicebiocus onteambition the current topic. If the speaker’s remarks are irrelevant to the topic, the moderator hasserviceable the right to stop him or her from speaking.

3. Participants should wear red Lions club uniform or service team uniform as required by the conference notice;

4. National flag,meeting是什么中文意思 service team flagfurther怎么读, bell hammenotice的固定搭配r, natmanagement的动词形式ionfurther是谁的比较级al flag, etc., should bfurtheringe displayemeeting是什么意思中文翻译d in the meetimeetingyou是什么意思ng pnoticedlace. During the meeting, the order of the meeting place should be consciously kept, and it is forbidden to walk around in the meeting place.

V. Tfurther是谁的比较级he meeting shall be concise and efficient, the quality of the meeting shall be improved, and the meeting shall be started and enotice用法nded on time. If the meeting time needs to bfurthere extendnotice同义词ed, it shall be submitted to the participants for deliberation on the spot.

This year, Shenzhen Lions Club put forward the annual key work of “serving lion friends, serving lion ennoticeableterprises”. The service team should not only respond to the annual work call and practice “serving lion friends love every damanagement专业y”, but also give top priority to lion work and make full use of the limited meeting time to discuss issues related to lion work.

Let us work together to create a good atmosphere, effectively open every meeting, pool wisdom, for the service team construction of improvement and development of the work plan, all the way with you, love every day!




Shenzhen Lions Club

Lu Zhiqiang, president for 2020-2021

21 December 2020

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Notice on further standardizing service team meeting management news 图1张Sample meeting agenda of Shenzhen Lions Club Captains. Docx

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Notice on further standardizing service team meeting management news 图1张Sample agenda of shenzhen Lionfurther是什么意思s Club meeting. Docx

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