Notice | about verification statistics and information service for lion friends party members working group set up notification

Zones, districts and service teams:

To strengthen the management of party members of shenzhen lion lion, fully understand the lion friend base number of party members, the party member’s cutting edge exemplarynotice的形容词 role into full play, promote the lions party building in shenzhen, according to the central, proviserviceablenciallion的音标, municipal relevant instruction spirit, to strengthen the construction of the party’s social organization according to the dostatistics的单复数区别mestic lion federation, the arralion的音标ngement of the party committee and the deploymenabout翻译t of mechanism oparty是我家f shenzhenabout是什么意思 city disabledparty是什么意思 persons’ federation, Based on the actual work of the Party Branch of Shenzhen Llion复数ions Club in 2020-2021, we hereby notify the following matters concerning the veparty是什么意思rification and statistics of pabout后面动词什么形式arty member information of Shenzhen Lions Club and the estabpartylishment of parlions英语怎么读ty groups of eainformationchfriends美剧 service team: & NBSP;

1. Information verification and statistics of Shiyou Party members: according toaboutcg网站 the requirements of “should be on board” at all levels, all sinformation是可数名词吗hiyou party membersstatistics翻译 of each serlion翻译vice team, regardless of whether the party organizaverification下载tion relationship is in Shenzhen or not, should be comprehensively registered to enslionelure that no one is missed. For the timing of the registrinformation和message区别ation, shiyou party members shall fill in the “Information Form of Registereinformation是可数名词吗d Shiyou Party Members of Shenzhen Lions Cinformation的形容词lub Functional Party Branch” (Attachment I) annoticedd present their party member identification: ① Screenshots of the personal informationnotice是什么意思 page of the “Sfriendship可数还是不可数名词henzhen Smart Pservice是什么意思中文翻译arty Building” public account; ② Proof of party fee payment for nearly half a year; The party branch issued by the party member identity certifiverification是什么软件cate or I join the Party application approval column copy (aninformation和message区别y one of them can be). Complefriends美剧tion date:notice February 28, 2021.

2. Establish the Party group of the Service Team: in accordance with the principle oflion复数 “building as much as possible”, establish the Party Group of xx Service Team of tstatistics是什么意思英语he X Functional Party Branch of Shenzhen Lions Cparty英文意思lub in the service team with more than 3 party members (inparty是我家cludinformation什么时候加sing 3), and elect the leader of the Party group. If the number of party members is less than 3, the service team shall, in principle, fofriendsrm a joint “X Functional Partystatistics是什么意思英语 Branch Joint Party Group of Shenzhen Lions Club” with neighbinformation是什么意思中文oring seraboutvice teams basefriends翻译d on districts. Theparty英文意思 name shall be given to the service team wlion翻译ith more members, and the leader of the Party group shall be elected at the same timabout后面动词什么形式e. Deadline for completion: March 3lions英语怎么读1, 2021.

Iii. Responsibility division and Task impleabouttime免费观看mentation:

1. The secretary oparty模式f each service team shall be responsible for informing and summarizing the statistics of linformation的形容词ion friends of party members, and the team leader shall be responsible for reviewingnoticeable and checking the statistics, and shall repaboutcg网站ort the statisticabout怎么读语音s to the contact pefriends是什么意思rson of the district council;

2. Tverificationhe establishment of each servicenotice是什么意思 team party group takes the service telionsam as the unit, and tlion怎么读he service team leader is responsible for the orglionelanization, which shall be approved bstatistics的单复数区别y the secretary of the functionstatistics的单复数区别al Party branch in the renotice是什么意思gion and completed under the guidance of theinformation是什么意思中文 functional Party branch iabout后面动词什么形式n the refriends翻译gion. The formation of the Leading Party group may be completed whstatistics的单复数区别en the service team holds rfriends什么意思中文egular meetings, or when the service team holds speciservice的名词al meetings. The establishment of a joint Partstatistics谓语动词用单数还是复数y group shall be the specifverification中文ic responsibilityverification是什么意思 of the chairman of each district, and shall be completed by the cinformation可数吗hairman of the district afteverificationr being apprfriends是什么意思oved by the party branch secretary of tinformation可数吗he diparty是我家下载mp3strict.

3. In order to inspect and urge the statistics ofstatistics是复数还是单数 Party members andabout是介词吗 the establishment of party groups of the Service team, thnotice过去式e district Council will conduct a “Notice on the Statistics of Party members oparty是什么意思f tabouthe Shenzhen Lioparty复数ns Club and the Establishment of Party groups of the Service Team” (see Appendix II) for the members of the district Council and the leaders of the service team respectfriends美剧ively every half month from late January 2021. The implementation of the red light system for the overdunotice翻译e service teams, districts and special apartyreas is also an important data for the annual commendation and reward.

4. Contact Person of each zone:

Zone 1: Ke Wuyue 25688195;

The second zone: Du Shaoheng 25servicebio688980;

Third zone:lion的音标 Liinformation翻译jiangping 25688576;

Zone 4: Zhang Chenxi 25689752;

The fifth zone: Zhou Wenguang 25688930;

Zonservice是什么意思中文翻译e 6: Yang Xin 25688590


Shlions英语怎么读enzhen Lions Club Party Branch

January 15, 2021 & NBSP;




Appendix I: List of registered members of functional Party Brannotice翻译ch of Shenzhenstatistics翻译 Lions Club

Appendix 2: Statistics of pfriends什么意思中文arty members of Shenzhen Lions Clubserviceable and notification form of establishment of the Party group of The Service Team

Attachment III: Party Member Iliondentification Certificate (Templatestatistics的单复数区别)

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