Regarding notice | service transition nominate and elect members on behalf of the lions club in shenzhen the 19th the member representative assembly

Service teams:

According to the constitution and working rules of Lions Club Shenzhen, the relevant reguservice的名词lations of Lions Club China anlions是什么意思d Lions Club International, the 19th Congress of members is schedservice怎么读uled to be held on May 15, 2021 in combination with the schedule of this year’s activities. The election of each service team must be completetransitiond before the congress is held. In order toelect make good preparations for the 19thbehalf和benefit的区别 General Assembly, the following notices are hereby issued concerning the election of new members of the Service Team annotice用法d the election of member representatives of the General Assebe halfway to doing sth中文mbly:

I. On the election of the service Corps

During the perinotice用法od from January 23 to March 22, each service team wiregarding后面加什么ll hold regular meetings and other forms to elect new members.

2. The former team leader should assume the responsibinoticelity of the selection of the new team leader: Firstransition-durationt, a selinnominateection combehalf和benefit的区别mittee should be set up to review the qualifications of the new team leaelectrifiedder and other candidates; The second is to be responlion是什么意思中文翻译sible for organizing and holding a meetibehalf的用法ng to elect a new team of service team leaders.

3. Diselectronics是什么意思trict offices, district chairmen, district annual confetransitionalrence committees and relevant departments should actively cooperate and guide the semembers的中文意思rvice team to do a good job in the election of the new term. All nominations should be completed by March 22, and the secretaries of each servitransition的用法ce team shnominated怎么读ould report the nominations to the district council office for approval by the standing Council of the Districttransition英语解释 Council.

The workelectrified of elbehalf短语ecting relions读音presentatives to the general Assembly of the Members
    1. Each service team shall comply with the rbehalf怎么记忆esolution on thelecte Election and Qualificservice是什么故障灯atbe halfway to doing sth中文ion of mlions英语怎么读ember Representatives of the 19nominated翻译th Shenzhen Lions Club Member Congress, that is, one official representative shall be elected for every 15 members of the service tenoticeam according to the number of menominated是什么意思mbers who have actually paid the membership dues and submiservicetted the membertransitionalship information by March 22, 2021. If amembers service team with less than 15 members does not have a delegate, one delegate may be sentmembership翻译 to attend the general meetintransitiong of the members abe halfway to doing sth中文s a non-voting delegate. The former president, the current district board of directors and the currenttransition-duration members of thtransition是什么意思e boarelectronicallyd of Supervisors are emembershipx oservice的名词fficio representatives and do not occupy the quota of representatives of each service team.
    2. In order to ensure full attendance of representatives at the General Assembly, each official representative may elect anominate翻译 deputy represenelectrifiedtative. Whennotice用法 the official representative is unable to attend the general assembly due to busineselectricity怎么读s, he may be replaced by a deputy representative.
    3. The list of elected full and Deputy representatives must be submitted toservice是什么意思中文翻译 ttransition造句he district officesnotice过去式 by the team secretaries by 22 March.

Iii. Arrangements for the General Assembly of members

1. Meeting Time: May 23, 2021 (Sunday)

2. Venue: Kylin Villa, Shenzhen

If offline meetings are not allowed, both online and offline meetingmembers怎么读s will be held. 2.5 dmembers的中文意思ays from 23rd to 25th are tentatively scheduled.lion是什么意思中文翻译 Detailed arrangement will blionsgatee announced later.

3. Participants: the general assembly elects the preparalions是什么意思tory comnominate是什么意思mittee, the ex officimembers翻译o represenotice的固定搭配ntatives of the general Assembly and the annual conference delegates recommended by each service team

4. Mainnominated contents: Review and approve the annuaservice和serve的区别l work rregarding和abouteport and financial wmembership翻译ork report, and elect the president of 2021-2022, the last president, the first vice president, the second vice president, thetransition-duration directors and the head of the supervisor, the deputy head of the supervisor and the supervisor; Review this year’s related bills and so on.

5. Dress: Redservice怎么读 clubbehalf dress

Iv. Contact Information:

If you have anregarding的用法y questions, please contact the regional officer of the Office directly;

Ke Wuyue, Liaison officer of Zone 1 25688195

To Siu-hannoticeableg, Regional Liaison Officer, 25688980

Li Jiangping, Liaison officer of the Third Zone 2568857nominated怎么读6

Zhang Chenelectricity怎么读xi, Liaison officer of the Fourth Zone 25689752

Zhotransition-durationu Wenguang, Liaison officeelectronicr of The Fifth Zone 25688930

Yang & NBSP, Liaison officertransition英语解释 oelectrifiedf Zone 6; We have pleasuremembership什么意思啊 in 25688590


Email: szllions的音标


Notice is hereby given.


Wish the lion luck changlongbehalf的用法!


Appendix I: Shenzhen Lions Club 2021-2022 & NBelectrifiedSP;       Name list of service team leadbehalfer

Annex 2:noticed Lmembers是什么意思ibehalf是什么意思st of service tbehalf短语eam representatives to the 19th Lions Club congress of Shenzhen

Appendix 3: Tnotice翻译he snominate翻译election of member representregarding什么意思atives for the 19th Shenzhen Lions Club Member Congress


              &regardingnbsp;           Shenzhen Lions Clnotice翻译ub & NBSP;            

                    &nbelectronics是什么意思sp;     &nmembers怎么读bsp;                                 &nbnotice用法sp; Lu Zhiqiang, president for 2020-2021

    &behalf短语nbsp; &nbmembership翻译sp; &nnominated怎么读bsp;     &transitionnbsp;         &servicemannbsp;             January 9, 2021 & NBSP;          

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