Shenzhen Lions Club donated money to rebuild jianchi wolfberry poverty alleviation industry

Jianshi Network news (rong media reporter & NBSP; Liu Bo) On January 19, the reporter learned frompoverty怎么读 theclubs Jianshi County Yingshanhong Wolfberrpoverty-stricken翻译ies professional cooperativpoverty怎么读e, the professional cooperative has received donatclubsions from the Shenzhen Lions Club for post-disaster reconstruction of 353,400 yuan.

Shenzhen lion i坚持下去的励志句子s domestic authorities to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, help further into the international community,clubmed enlarge mobile space, establirebuildingsh a good image, expand the public welfare charity, upon the深圳风险等级 approval of the central, with reference to the prpoverty的形容词actice of the international lions club, founded on April 2, 2002 social folk charity service organization, witpoverty和poor区别h independent corporatelionsgate qualification.

It is understood that medlar as the beginning of poverty alleviation i深圳大学ndustry, covering 28 villages in 9 towns深圳疫情最新动态 throughout the county, planting 4,387 households, including 1,137 registered poor households, poor population 3,400 people, 2020 affected by the epidemic and floods, seriously affected. The professional cooperative in the organization of positive self-help while seeking support fr坚持党的领导om social forcesrebuild翻译. With the help of jidonate的名词anshi Charity Federation, we obtained donation support from Shenzhen Lions Club.

This donation will maindonate读音ly be used for the post-disaster reconstruction of the jianchi wolfberry povmoney怎么读英语erty alleviation industry, especially to help the poor houserebuild翻译holds to buy the southern wolfberry seedlings and fertilizers, to speed up the recovery development of jianchi w深圳风险等级olfberry poverty alleviation industry. (edit & have spent Li mining)

Shenzhen Lions Club donated money to rebuild the jianchi wolfberrrebuildingy poverty alleviation industry

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