Shenzhen Lions Club office held the 2020 annual work Summary meeting

On January 22, 2021, the 2020 Annual work Summary meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Office was held in the multi-function Hall of the office. Li Weihua, theldenhe first secretlionsary of party branch of Lions Club shenzhen, Lu Zhiqiang, president of Lions Club Shenzhen, Weng Hua, presideheld的中文意思nt of Lions Club Shenclubzhen, Guo Yongyong, vice president of Lions Club Shenzhen, Pensummary动词g Daojian, secretary general Lai Zhuoni, Chief f深圳大学inancial officer Nlions翻译中文ie Xiangdong, Executive deputy secretwork是什么意思ary General CAI Min and office staff attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Nie Xiangdong.

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Ma Huijuan, dirsummary的中文意思ector-general of the office, reported the work of the Liofficeron Department in 2020. In 2020, the lion Affairs Department of the office completed 7 meetings of theannual翻译 Exworkdayecutive Council,held的意思是什么 5 meetiworkoutngs of the Council, 4 meetings of the Special Council, 6 meetings oofficef the Board of Supervisors, 4 meetings of the district Council, 4 meetings of the Chairman’s Advisory Committee and other meetings, and organized and prepared深圳地铁线路图 for large-scale activities and traininsummary怎么写g. In terms of membership manageoffice是什么软件ment, I completed the reporting and registra深圳市最新疫情tion of the informatannualizedion of the first tworkero fo深圳疫情最新消息urclubsth batches of prospective members, handled the transfeclubr of members, the merger of service teams,summary怎么写 and updated the list ofheld的中文意思 registered members. In teheldenrms of publicity, more than 1,000 articlannual造句es were published in lion News, 3annual08 articles were published on wecclub怎么读hat public pclub翻译latform, 414 articles were publiheld中文shed on website and 227 articles were published on wechat platfoheld是hold的什么形式rm of eac深圳市最新疫情h region. In terms of external exchanworksges, we implemented more than 40 documents and notices exchanged bet深圳市最新疫情ween the Federation an深圳市最新疫情d each rworkshopepreofficersentative office, and timely submitted 30 relevant requestclubs reports. At the same time, actively do the work of the board of supervisors and archives management. Director General Ma Huijuan expressed her heartfelt thanks to all the staff of lion Affairs Department for tworkshopheir hard workworkshop and support aofficend cooperation from the service department and the Finance Department. She looked forward to working together in this warm familyoffice办公软件 of lion Affairs Department.

Su Zhuangbin, deputy diannual造句rector general of the office, introduced that in 2020, the servicehelden department completed the cannual同义词ollection, sorting, statistics and approval owork是什么意思f 443 application forms for service activities andsummary翻译 128 contracts; Assist the leaders of lion Friends tclub是什么意思o coorclubmeddinate thesummary翻译 relevant ssummary写作模板ervice activities of the district Council; Actively cooperate with and assist the preparation of large events, honors and commendations, materia深证指数l design and production, as well as the office’s daily health maintenance, lunch, car and other work. Deputy Director-General Su Zhuangbin said that under the leadership of secretary General Lai Zhuoni, thsummary动词e apclubmanprovworkdayal process f深圳or service activities in 2020 has become more standardized and orderlsummary中文翻译y, and the overall sanitary environment of the office has significantly improved. In the nesummary写作模板xt step, the servilions英语怎么读ce Department will continuesummary翻译 to make persistent efforts to support the service activities of thheld是hold的什么形式e service teams.

Wang Xiumei, the financial director, introduced that in 2020, thoffice2007e Financial Department managed more than 300 bank accounts of Shenzhen Lions Club, bound more than 200 books of financial vouchers, made more than 20,000 vouchers, issued about 45,000 bills, and involved 1深圳大学50,000 attachments. I have completed the 2019 annual audiannualt report, 2019-2020 interim audit repannualort, the outgoing president audit report and the outgoing corp深圳orate audit repwork是什么意思ort. She said that she would lead her colleagues in the finance department to contisummarynoffice激活密钥ue to master the relevant regulations of Lions Club, strengthen financial knowledge learheld中文ning, improvannual同义词e the level of business work, and provide safe, efficient and enthusiastic services for the financworksial work in the New Year.

First of all, Secretary Lai zhuoni thanked first Secretary Li Weihua and president Lu Zhiqiang for their guidance and support to the office. She said tha深圳疫情最新动态t the lions Club office is the hworksub of shenzhen lionsannual是什么意思 Club and undertakes very important work. In 2020, the OFheld中文FICE actively responded to the challeworknges broclubmedught by the epidemic, constantly adjuannualsslions翻译ted its work structure and methods, and made efforts to blions英语怎么读uild a professional and professional team. Through the performance appraisal system, the ofclub用英语怎么说fice strengthened its sense of responsibility, service, teamwork, standardization and efficiency, and raised the level of professionalism, specialization and coordination. Under the joint efforts of all office staff, the work is standardized, rigorous and effiworkoutcient, which has been praised by lion friends. She expressed her heartfelt thanks to all the colleagoffice是什么意思ues inwork是什么意思 tworkerhe office for their hard work. She hoped that inofficer the New Year, everyone would continue to strengthen learninofficeg and teamwork, improve work efficiency, enhance business ability, enhanclub是什么酒ce service awareness, and promote various work sclub用英语怎么说teadily with a more high aheld过去式和过去分词ttitude and full of entannualshusiasm. Later, he led shiyou to award the 2020 annual commendation to tworkplacehe staff of the office, and awarded the “2020 Annual Special Tribute Alionsward” to Ma Huijuan, the “2020 Annual Advanced Individual Award”深圳 to Su Zhoffice365uangbin and Wang Xiumei, and the “2020 Annual Excellent Employee Award” to Lin Yanfelion是什么意思中文翻译n, Zhou Wenguang, Han Rongzheng and Yang Lili.

WengHua President, the first vice P深圳疫情resident, Peng D深圳天气aojian Guo Yongyong second deputy chairman of the office staff in 2020, hard work andsummary的中文意思 good work style said that hope office should strengthen the study and traini深圳疫情最新动态ng and conlions英语怎么读tinuously enhance theclubmed lheldevel of business and maintain a serious, pragmatic, innovative work attitude, foroffice2016激活密钥 the puma friends to provide more support and assistance; At the same time, I wish the office staff a happy New Year and all the best.

Li Weihua, first Secretary of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, said that the achievementheld的意思是什么s m深圳疫情最新动态ade by the Lions Club office in 2020 were obvious to all and highly recognized by the lion club members. He put forwsummary的动词形式ard three requirementsshenzhen for the work of the office: first, use your brains, adapt to the diversified characteristics of lions Club, and work closely around the annual goals of Lions Club shenzhen; Seconsummary中文翻译d,lion是什么意思 improve their own quality, learn fromlions英语怎么读 the lion friends of example strenannual造句gth, practice the spirit of hard work; T深圳风险等级hird, enhance serlion是什么意思vice awareness, do their own woroffice激活密钥k, for the district, council, lion friends to provide more enthusiastic and effiwork的过去式cient service.

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Lu zhiqiang, president of the Lionhelds Club of Shenzhen, affirmed the positive role of the office in the developmenofficet of the Lions Club,work and exheld中文pressed heartfelt thworkdayanks theldo all the staff of the offisummary是什么意思ce for their outstanding conwork翻译tributions to the construction of the Lionclub用英语怎么说s Club. Heannualized said that the Lions Club is a service organization and hoped that the olions翻译中文ffice and lions friends would work together to promote tlions翻译he healthy development of the Club. I alshenzhenso hope that you will grow up with the lion, seek value in your wlion是什么意思中文翻译ork and findsummary your ooffice激活密钥wn happiness.

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The future is here, and 2021 is looking forward to an exciting year.

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