Shande Service Team: Held the fifth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2020-2021

On November 21, 2020, the fifth captain team meeting and regular meeting of Shenzhen Lregular的名词ions Club Shande Service team for 2020-2021 was held in Bajun Club, Longhua Distheld的原型rict. Captain Chen Yonheld过去式和过去分词gping, last captain Zhu Jinyu, first vice captain Liu Minna, second vice captain Gcaptain什么意思中文uo Yan, third vice captain Miao Yi, team leader Hong Zhimin,善的笔顺 captain team members Zhu Linhan, Guo Jingsheng, Guo Baoming and other 15 people attendedcaptain音标 the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Li Jianbo and Zhu Jiny山的笔顺怎么写u.


First, the lion friend and the wofifth什么意思uld-be lion friend will introduce themselves respectively.

Then, Captain Chen Yongping reported tupheldhe rheldenecent work of the service teamcaptain, including the handover of the work of the team leader, theservice翻译 dream domestic educati疝的拼音on project and the peace poster project. She introduced in detailfifth音标 the work arrangements for the next stcaptain缩写age: one is to promote huashi Award; Participating in seteamorvice activities organized byservice翻译 district councils and other service teams; The thteam是什么意思翻译ird ishelden to make thmeeting是什么中文意思e templateservice的名词 of “dream domestic educatioregular是什么意思英语n” project; Foheld的意思是什么urth, the preparation of “Book Drifting & NBSP; Reregular什么意思ad a book together “after reading acheldtivity. Shfifth音标e also briefed the service team on its financial status. Finally, she presented certificates of appreciation to Ms Liu Minna, Ms Guo Yan and Ms Pan Zhiwen for their contributions to the team.

Guo Yan, the second vice captain, intregular什么意思roduced the “dream domestic student education” of Jiangxi Yongxin Theld的中文意思raregular反义词vel in October. She introduced the itinerary of the few days and shared what she saw and femeeting腾讯会议lt in the student activities, which deeply moved the lion friends present. At the end of the sharing, she also mobilized for the donation of the China Lion Prize.

  Pan Zhiwen shfifth的缩写i brother gacaptainve a detailed introduction to the landing of jiangxi Yongxin lecture Halmeeting的音标l for “Dream domestic Education” in October. The layout of the lecture hall is fheldenully combined with the different environments of the two schools, which is highly practical and popular with teachers anfifth的缩写d students.

Liu Minnaservice怎么读, first vice Captaservicein, introduced the “Peace Poster” project in detail and pledged to donate 2 Huashi Awards.regular的名词 Lion friends are ve善的笔顺ry proud that the work selected by Sun Tak Service team won the first prize of Group A.

In order to participate in the regular meupheldeting, team leader Guo Jingsheng postponed his return to Beijing, and alcaptaindarkso sentmeetings his wishesfifths and wishes to Shaservice怎么读nde Service Team.
&nbs山的笔顺怎么写p;       Hong Zhimin tearegular的名词m leader summed up the regular meeting and expressedmeeting是什么中文意思 his best wishmeetingyou是什么意思es.

After the meeregular反义词ticaptain的意思ng, everyone sang birthday songs to send sincere blessings to the amiable and respectable Captain Chen Yongping and the active dedicaregular什么意思tion of Brother Pteamoan Zhiwen shi.


Article/photo & have s剡的拼音penteambitiont Contributed by Shande Service

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